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Visa Sponsorship Jobs 2024 in USA | Unskilled Jobs


Visa Sponsorship Jobs 2024 in USA | Unskilled Jobs are available for all international candidates that wish to work in the United States. The United States government recently announced numerous positions for international applicants. Aspirants looking for work in the United States are encouraged to apply through this post. Also, take a look at Seasonal Employment Portugal Visa 2024

America has long been a popular destination for people looking for better job possibilities from all around the world. Unskilled jobs, which frequently require little formal education and training, employ a substantial portion of the labour force. For people living overseas, the appeal of this job is increased when it is combined with visa sponsorship, which is a lifeline to working and living in the United States.


Many people residing overseas are encouraged by the prospect of unskilled work in the United States through visa sponsorship. Despite the challenges, with the right approach and resources, this path can lead to a lucrative and happy career. Visit: UAE Standard Work Visa 2024 Changes


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Visa sponsorship is a practice in which the employer, not the employee, is responsible for the visa application. Many international workers seeking employment in the United States use it as a stepping stone. Other types of visas, such as the H-2B and J-1 visas, are required for unskilled work. Examine the information below and apply for Visa sponsorship Jobs in the United States in 2024.

Details of Visa Sponsorship Jobs 2024 in USA

Job LocationUSA
EligibilityInternational Aspirants
Required EducationMinimal Formal Education
Program TypeUSA Seasonal Worker Visa
No of VacanciesVarious

Lists of Jobs

A variety of businesses offer a profusion of unskilled labor opportunities, many of which include visa sponsorship. The following are some of the most common:

  • Agriculture: Agricultural jobs range from agricultural workers to equipment operators.
    • Crop farmworker (Visa type: H-2A) is an example of a job.
  • Hospitality jobs include those in hotels, restaurants, and travel.
    • Job example: hotel housekeeper (visa type: H-2B).
  • Construction occupations include everything from helpers and laborers to equipment operators.
    • A construction laborer (visa type: H-2B) is an example of a job.
  • Retail jobs range from sales associates to warehouse staff.
    • A supermarket cashier (Visa type: J-1) is an example of a job.
  • Healthcare: Certain entry-level healthcare vocations are classified as unskilled.
    • Home health assistant (Visa type: H-2B) is an example of a job.
  1. Farmworkers are people who cultivate, produce, and harvest agricultural products. This involves driving farm machinery.
  2. Housekeeper/Cleaner: Housekeepers and cleaners clean in a number of settings, such as hotels, private residences, and office buildings.
  3. Food Preparation Worker: Individuals in this occupation assist chefs and cooks with a variety of kitchen tasks, such as preparing materials and cleaning kitchen areas.
  4. Dishwashers are in charge of ensuring that dishes, cutlery, and other kitchen tools are clean and ready for use.
  5. Home Health Aide: Home health aides give personal care to patients in their homes. This could include assisting with daily living tasks such as bathing, dressing, and meal preparation.
  6. Retail Salesperson: Retail salespeople help clients find desired products and make payments.
  7. Janitor: Janitors clean and maintain a variety of buildings, including schools, hospitals, and commercial spaces.
  8. Labourer (Construction, Landscaping, etc.): These individuals frequently perform physical labor tasks such as loading and unloading materials or digging trenches on construction sites or in landscaping.
  9. Warehouse workers may select and pack items for transportation, receive inventory, or maintain inventories.
  10. Amusement Park Attendant: These employees are in charge of amusement park guest safety, as well as operating rides and providing customer service.

People Also Ask

  • How to get a job in the USA with sponsorship?

    The employer must file Form I-129, Petition for Nonimmigrant Worker, in order to sponsor a nonimmigrant worker. Form I-140, Immigration Petition for Alien Worker is submitted by the employer for immigration visas. These petitions and guidelines are available on the USCIS website.

  • What companies are willing to sponsor in USA?

    Tata Consultancy Services
    Cognizant Technology Solutions US

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