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Administrative Intern Jobs US at Nicklaus Children’s Health System


Administrative Intern Jobs US at Nicklaus Children’s Health System: The Nicklaus Children’s Health System Administrative Internship is a 10- to 12-week opportunity for graduate students enrolled in health management programmers to gain unique and valuable experience for professional growth. The intern will form working relationships with their preceptor and NCHS leaders throughout the programmer. The intern will be involved in a variety of special projects, mentor ship, and exposure to patricide healthcare operations.


Healthcare is an area that is always changing, and internships are a big part of how the future workforce will look. Nicklaus Children’s Health System is a well-known hospital in the United States that gives administrative interns good opportunities. In this piece, we’ll look at the administrative internships at Nicklaus Children’s Health System and talk about how they can help you get a job and learn new skills.


What is Nicklaus Children’s Health System?

Nicklaus Children’s Health System, which used to be called Miami Children’s Health System, is the largest network of pediatric hospitals in the US. It has a long past that goes back many decades, and it has a great reputation for giving children world-class medical care. The system includes Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, a network of pediatric experts, and a number of outpatient centers.


Job Specific Responsibilities

  • Contributes to various organizational goals through meaningful projects and internship preceptor assignments as needed.
  • Attends all NCHS Leadership Team meetings as directed.
  • Complies with all safety, risk management, and infection control standards mandated by law enforcement.
  • Responsible for personal and professional growth and expertise through participation in community activities and staying current with state/federal associations and professional trends.
  • Keeps track of goals and accomplishments, which are reported to the preceptor on a weekly basis.
  • Participates on teams, committees, and special projects both inside and outside the organization as needed.
  • Serves as a resource to the organization by introducing current academic theories and management techniques, as well as challenging existing philosophies.

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Minimum Job Requirements Qualifications

Enrolled in a Master’s degree programmer in health care administration, business administration, nursing, public health, health informatics, or a related field that is accredited.
Knowledge, abilities, and skills

  • Experience in the healthcare field is advantageous.
  • Exhibits critical thinking abilities and initiative.
  • Capable of working independently, as well as being flexible and adaptable to change.
  • Capable of working full-time (Monday-Friday, 8 hours per day during business hours) during the summer.
  • Demonstrates the ability to manage a heavy workload while also absorbing and assimilate new information in a short period of time.
  • Capable of cooperating and constructively with clients and coworkers.
  • Reading, writing, and speaking English fluently.
  • Excellent communication abilities (verbally and in writing).
  • Capable of keeping sensitive information confidential.
  • Strong computer literacy and analytical skills are required.
  • Ability to interpret technical data and solve a wide range of problems using logical and scientific reasoning.

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Professional Position

Florida-Miami-Nicklaus Children’s Hospital – Main Hospital Campus is the primary location.


Job Type: Pool

Nicklaus Children’s Health System Information

Nicklaus Children’s Health System is the region’s only pediatric-only healthcare system. The health system includes, in addition to Nicklaus Children’s Hospital and a growing number of outpatient centers located throughout the tri-county area, the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital Foundation, the organization’s fundraising arm; Nicklaus Children’s Pediatric Specialists, a nonprofit physician practice subsidiary; a management services organization, and an ambulatory surgery center. Our goal is to be where the kids are. Finally, this entails being present at all stages of one’s health and life, both physically and emotionally. To be a reliable partner to children and their families not only during illness, but throughout their lives.


Starting a healthcare management internship at Nicklaus Children’s Health System is a big step toward a successful career. Aspiring healthcare administrators can learn a lot from the hands-on training, mentorship, and networking opportunities that the school provides.

People Also Ask

  • Are these internships paid?

    Yes, Nicklaus Children’s Health System offers paid internships with competitive stipends.

  • How long is the administrative internship at Nicklaus Children’s Health System?

    The duration of the internship varies, but it typically ranges from three to six months.

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