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As a Product Designer, you will work on a Product Delivery Team with a diverse group of UX, tech, product, and data specialists. You will work with the team to create visually appealing tools that will aid our clients in the resolution of business difficulties. We collaborate with several Tier 1 financial institutions to create web-based tools for AML, KYC, and Sanctions List maintenance. This role is perfect for those who want to work in the Big Data or FinTech industries.

Most important Jobs:

Participate in all stages of the product design cycle, from the conception of the initial idea to the handover of project responsibilities to developers and the testing phase with end users.

  • To steer product design, and collaborate with other business analysts, product managers, and technical teams.
  • Maintain a high degree of quality throughout the design process, and ensure that the final designs, once coded, precisely mirror the design standards.
  • During the planning meetings, ensure that an accurate estimate of design tickets is established.
  • Attend and engage in sketching meetings with people who aren’t designers. Sketch files, style guides, micro-interaction specifications, high-fidelity prototypes, and pattern libraries are examples of user interface deliverables that must be created, modified, and maintained.
  • You may ensure that design decisions are based on data by developing hypotheses that can be tested during each sprint and collaborating with your team’s analysts to conduct moderated usability test meetings.
  • Make sure your user interfaces are both responsive and pixel-perfect, and remember that it is better for the user experience to adopt traditional interface patterns rather than trying to reinvent the wheel.
  • Employees can present their work to the rest of the company at Show and Tell meetings.

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Benefits of Junior Graphic Designer Jobs in New York:

  • Skill Enhancement: Junior Graphic Designers are afforded the chance to cultivate and augment their graphic design proficiencies, encompassing but not limited to design software operation, typography, layout, and color theory.
  • Practical Experience: These positions afford practical experience within a professional design setting, enabling individuals to implement theoretical understandings acquired through academic pursuits on tangible undertakings.
  • Forms of Creative Expression: Junior graphic designers are afforded the autonomy to manifest their ingenuity and offer groundbreaking concepts for design undertakings, thereby facilitating the development of an anthology of varied and captivating portfolios.
  • Collaborative Workplace Setting: Collaboration with other creative professionals, including art directors, copywriters, and marketing teams, is a common aspect of graphic design. This cooperative setting promotes the development of teams and the exchange of diverse viewpoints.
  • Portfolio Construction: It is essential for junior graphic designers to compile a portfolio of their work in order to advance their professions and attract prospective employers or clients.
  • Availability of Mentorship Opportunities: Junior graphic designers are often afforded mentorship programs or opportunities to gain knowledge from seasoned professionals, which aids in their professional development.
  • Utilization of Industry Tools: Junior graphic designers gain proficiency in the tools and software that are widely utilized in the industry through their exposure to the tools and environments of the professional realm.
  • Project Diversification: Junior graphic designers gain a wide range of experience through their involvement in projects encompassing branding and marketing materials, digital media, and web design.
  • Evaluations and Criticisms: Consistent evaluation and criticism from more experienced designers or fellow team members aid junior graphic designers in honing their abilities and gaining knowledge from constructive input.
  • Networking in a Professional Setting: By working in a design agency or studio, junior graphic designers have the opportunity to network with industry professionals, which may lead to future opportunities.

Skill & Experience

  • You have at least three years of experience in the Product Design industry.
  • You have experience with the design software Sketch, InVision, or Framer X.
  • You’ve previously worked in an agile setting. Consider the project in terms of two-week sprints.
  • You are adept in the use of Jira and Confluence as workflow components.

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People Also Ask:

  1. How much do junior graphic designers make in the US?

    The salaries of junior graphic designers in the US range from $27,560 to $81,320, with a median salary of $46,900.

  2. What is the lowest salary for a graphic designer in the US?

    The average graphic designer salary in the USA is $50,020 per year or $24.05 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $39,000 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $75,177 per year.

  3. Is graphic design a good career in the USA?

    According to the BLS, web developers and digital designers earn median salaries of $78,300 annually. The top 10% of performers in these fields earn median salaries above $168,000, making web development and digital design two of the most lucrative careers you can pursue with a background in graphic design.

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