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Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Brazil For Foreigners 2023/24


Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Brazil For Foreigners: Brazil is the biggest country in South America. It has many important cities and communities that are full of foreigners. People who want to work in a new place may decide to go to Brazil because of its lively culture, beautiful beaches, and amazing natural features. Before any foreign employees can start working in Brazil, however, the company must know how to get a work visa for them all.

Brazil has one of the biggest labor forces in the world, and as the number of qualified and skilled native workers has grown, the number of jobs available to foreigners has gone down. If you know Portuguese, it is easier for you to find a job in Brazil. English isn’t used much in Brazil, which is also a benefit for immigrants who know it. Most of the information you need to find a job is available in Portuguese. Due to strict labor laws, employers must always hire suitable people from the area if they are available.


Both Brazilian companies and people from other countries who want to work in Brazil need to think about certain things. It is hard to understand how a Brazilian company can support a single employee in a good way. In this post, we talk about some of the most important parts of the business sponsorship process in Brazil. You will find out what it takes to work in Brazil and which jobs in 2022/2023 will support visas for foreigners.

Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Brazil For Foreigners 202324
Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Brazil For Foreigners 202324

Qualifications for Employment in Brazil

Before someone can get a job in Brazil, they need the following:

  • In order to properly live and work in Brazil, you need a work and residency permit.
  • Certificate for the particular job.
  • needed skills and experience for the job.
  • In good health.

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Jobs in Brazil that will sponsor visas for foreign nationals in 2023

Foreigners can find many different kinds of jobs in Brazil, such as sales executive, sales development representative, customer service representative, and so on. Engineers, doctors, and people in other jobs, on the other hand, are often foreigners. Some jobs require a certain level of schooling and experience, while others do not. Some jobs also help people get visas.

Check out the list of jobs in Brazil that can help tourists get a visa:

  • Service Desk Technician
  • Quality Inspector
  • Sales Specialist
  • Machine Maintenance Technician
  • Housekeeper – Room Attendant
  • Front desk agent
  • Assembler
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Senior Software Developer
  • Construction Management Professional
  • Electronic Technician
  • Business Development Manager
  • Business Development – Key Account Manager
  • Senior Java Developer
  • Environmental Engineer
  • Software (Android developer)

Foreigners’ Salary Jobs in Brazil

A foreigner makes an average of 8,560 BRL per month in Brazil. This is a lot less than what it takes to live and stay alive, especially since Brazil, which is ranked third in the U.S., isn’t seen as an economic powerhouse.

How Foreigners Can Apply For Jobs in Brazil

Below is a list of the steps that foreigners need to take to apply for work in Brazil:

  • Use the link below to apply for a job when you get to the main site.
  • You can use the search box, which is divided into different groups, to find the job you want.
  • Check out the work description and the ad.
  • Make sure you have done everything you need to do before you go.
  • Choose “Apply Online” from the menu.
  • Fill out your application and send it in.
  • Check your email to see if you got a message confirming your entry.

How to Establish “Professional Experience” in Brazil in Order to Obtain a Work Visa

A statement from the candidate’s employer attests to their professional experience. It shows that they have at least four years of experience for mid-level jobs that don’t require a technical or graduate degree, three years for candidates with technical education, two years for candidates with bachelor’s degrees, and one year for candidates who have taken at least 360 class hours of postgraduate coursework. Those with a Master’s or Ph.D. don’t have to send in letters of experience.

If the Brazilian sponsoring company is in the same economic group as the candidate’s current boss, a letter of experience can be made in Brazil and signed by an officer of the Brazilian firm. In this case, the letter needs to be written in Portuguese, and it doesn’t need to be notarized or legalized any further. The applicant must have at least five years of experience and a letter from each past employer if they haven’t worked for the same economic group for the required minimum amount of time.

Top Brazil Employment Agencies List

Here is a list of the best places to find jobs in Brazil.

  • Talent place
  • DevsData LLC
  • Alcor
  • Remotely Works
  • Sim Carreira
  • Combine Global Recruitment
  • Boyden
  • Gi Group
  • Soulan Recursos Humanos
  • WCA Brasil
  • Foxtime Recursos Humanos
  • Alliage
  • Martins Guerra
  • Hprojekt Group
  • RSG – Recruitment Services Group

Brazilian Work Visa Options

Everyone who wants to work in Brazil needs both a work visa and a pass to live there. Brazil has many different types of work visas, such as:

  • Permanent work visa (Visto Permanente): This visa is usually applied for by foreign workers who live in Brazil permanently. It applies to professional researchers, scientists, and investors who have more than $50,000 invested per person or $200,000 invested per company. It also applies to managers and directors. After two years, some people with this type of VITEM V visa can apply for a permanent work visa.
  • VITEM V visa: This temporary visa is the most popular working visa. It is usually given to foreigners who are coming to Brazil to help with technical issues, study, or provide professional services as part of a work contract or other agreement. Employees in this group must get permission from the Ministry of Labor and Employment.
  • VITEM II visa (Business Trip): People from other countries who are going to Brazil for business often need a VITEM II visa. They can’t, however, get money from businesses in Brazil. This visa is good for up to ten years and lets you visit every year for up to 90 days.

Procedure for Applying

The process for getting a work visa in Brazil must be done by both the company and the worker. All of a potential employee’s paperwork needs to be translated into Portuguese and sent to the General Coordination of Immigration Department by the company. After the Ministry of Foreign Affairs sends the paperwork, the Brazilian embassy or consulate in the employee’s home country is told to start the process of applying for a work visa. The workers must then give all of the paperwork to the embassy in the area.

Visa applications can only be made by legal companies in Brazil. This means that your business needs to work with a worldwide PEO or have a subsidiary that is listed there. To start the process of getting a work pass for an employee, an employer must show the following documents:

  • Form to get a work permit.
  • Forms for the candidate and the applicant.
  • The Commercial Board or the Public Civil Registry must be told about changes to a company’s rules or contracts.
  • A document that proves the applicant’s legal agent has been chosen.

Employees will have to provide information about where they live, a copy of their passport, proof of their education and work experience, and other papers. Remember that visa fees vary from country to country. For example, people from the US must pay $290, while people from the UK must pay $225.

Brazil Work Visa Requirements

The VITEM V visa is one of the things you need to get a work permit in Brazil. Since this is the most common visa, most of your staff will need to meet its requirements. They have to have at least nine years of learning and two years of work experience in the field you are hiring them for.

  • a degree from a good university and one year of work experience.
  • They have a postgraduate degree in the area but no real-world experience.

Employees can’t apply for a work visa unless they already have a temporary or permanent visa for living in the country. They must also already have a job, since the application process must be started by a potential company. If the person’s job changes while they are in Brazil, they will need to apply again.

In the beginning, Brazil generally gives out temporary work visas and residency permits. Usually, temporary permits are good for two years and can be extended once. After four years, a company can ask for the temporary licenses to be changed to permanent ones, which would let their employees live and work in Brazil.

Additional Vital Points

Depending on the terms of your work and residency cards, you may or may not be able to bring your family to Brazil. If your workers are U.S. citizens, you can apply for a family reunification visa to make the spouse or child a permanent resident. But the person applying must show that they lived on the land of the embassy and meet other requirements.

What draws people to work in Brazil?

In the Brazilian job market, there are rules that protect you from being treated badly by your boss. For the first 15 days of sick leave, the company must pay the employee’s full salary. After those 15 days, the employee is eligible for social security benefits.

After 12 months of work for any company in Brazil, you are entitled to 30 paid vacation days. The amount you get for vacation is equal to your monthly salary plus one-third of your pay. Some companies get monthly perks like meal vouchers, health insurance, life insurance, and a place to live.

A 13th salary bonus is another perk that all businesses have to give their employees by law. Every year, a Christmas bonus is given in two parts. Each part is equal to one extra pay. Every year, the first payment is due between February and November, and the second payment is due by December 20.

If your boss decides to let you go from your job, you have the right to severance pay. Employers are also expected to give at least 30 days’ notice to employees before ending their jobs.

After reading the update to this page, a person should be able to decide which type of visa funding jobs in Brazil is best for them.

How To Find Jobs in Brazil For Foreigners

People Also Ask

  • How Much Foreigners Get Salary in Brazil

    A foreigner makes an average of 8,560 BRL per month in Brazil. This is a lot less than what it takes to live and stay alive, especially since Brazil, which is ranked third in the U.S., isn’t seen as an economic powerhouse.

  • What jobs can foreigners get in Brazil?

    Most of the foreigners who live and work in Brazil work in fields like engineering or high technology. A lot of foreigners also work in the petrochemical business, which is mostly based in Rio de Janeiro and the Cidade do Petróleo (city of petroleum) Macaé.

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