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Jobs in Iceland as a Foreigner 2024 – Apply Now


The kingdom of fire and ice offers a one-of-a-kind combination of breathtaking landscapes, a high standard of living, and a robust economy. This post will walk you through the steps of looking for work, navigating the labor market, and learning the prerequisites for working in Iceland.

Jobs in Iceland as a Foreigner

Front End Developer


  • Experience creating high-quality user interfaces with HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and JavaScript.
  • 2-3 years of expertise with Vue.js, Angular, or React (preference for Vue.js and Angular).
  • Experience with web component libraries like Ionic, Vuetify, Tailwind, and others is preferred.
  • Knowledge of ES6.
  • Extensive experience developing custom general-purpose modules and components that enhance the fundamental Vue or Angular elements and modules.
  • Integrating Restful APIs and external web services to provide good performance on mobile and desktop platforms.
  • Knowledge of code versioning systems such as Git.

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Process Engineer – Engineering Support

We are searching for many Engineering resources to join our Life Sciences team to support important projects for diverse pharmaceutical companies in Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire (or other places based on interest). Candidates with a solid understanding of GMPs and expertise in providing engineering support in highly regulated pharmaceutical/biotech facilities are preferred.


  • Responsibilities will revolve around providing operational assistance for GMP manufacturing facilities.
  • Equipment support and troubleshooting.
  • Small project management and quality control.
  • Understanding of the Manufacturing Systems Lifecycle methodology.
  • CAPAs, deviations, and change control methods must be understood.


  • 2+ years’ experience working in a GMP or highly regulated engineering setting is required.
  • Ability to work independently on projects with client stakeholders in Validation, Quality, Manufacturing, and Maintenance, as well as other relevant individuals.
  • Motivated, well-organized, and displays professional initiative.
  • Takes responsibility for assignments and can work both independently and as part of a team.
  • Capability to work in a fast-paced, demanding workplace.
  • Excellent organizational skills, as well as the capacity to manage several activities at the same time.

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Benefits of Jobs in Iceland as a Foreigner

  • High Quality of Life: Iceland maintains a consistently high position on global quality of life indices. Clean air, low crime rates, and access to outstanding healthcare and education are all characteristics of the nation.
  • Natural Beauty and Outdoor Activities: Outdoor Activities and Awe-Inspiring Natural Beauty: Iceland’s magnificent landscapes, which include waterfalls, geysers, and glaciers, provide residents with a breathtaking backdrop. There are numerous opportunities to engage in outdoor activities, including camping, hiking, and the discovery of natural marvels.
  • Work-Life harmony: Work-life harmony is highly valued in Iceland. A considerable number of employers endorse flexible work arrangements, thereby promoting an improved equilibrium between one’s professional and personal spheres.
  • Safety and Security: Regarding safety and security, Iceland is ranked among the most secure nations globally. A robust social support system and low crime rates both contribute to the inhabitants’ sense of safety and security.
  • English Proficiency: The English language is extensively utilized in Iceland, which facilitates communication and assimilation of foreign individuals into the local workplace and community. Despite the fact that learning Icelandic can be advantageous, it is rarely required in professional contexts.
  • Innovative and Sustainable Practices: Iceland’s dedication to renewable energy and sustainable practices is well-known. One potential benefit of working in the country is the chance to contribute to a society that places a premium on innovation and environmental responsibility.
  • Multicultural Environment: Despite its relatively modest population, Iceland is progressively embracing a wider range of cultures. Foreigners can experience a multicultural environment and interact with individuals from diverse backgrounds by working in Iceland.
  • Opportunities in the Tourism Sector: In recent years, Iceland’s tourism sector has expanded substantially. Career prospects may be discovered for non-citizens in tourism-related industries, including outdoor adventure activities, travel services, and hospitality.
  • Relatively Low Unemployment Rates: Job seekers may find the relatively low unemployment rate in Iceland to be an encouraging factor. The economy has demonstrated remarkable resilience, with employment opportunities being generated across diverse industries.
  • Public Services and Infrastructure: Iceland provides education, healthcare, and public transportation, among other highly developed public services. The modernity and dependability of the infrastructure contribute to a pleasant living environment.

Project Manager

We are searching for Project Managers and Project Coordinators to work on a variety of projects across the country. You will be expected to direct and manage MEP/CSA (Tool Install and build) project development from start to finish, as well as manage projects from start to finish- setting up a bid process or time/materials budget, tool shipping and receiving, tool set, install, and start-up.


  • Define project scope, goals, and deliverables in partnership with senior management and stakeholders to support business goals.
  • Contact buying, trades, installation superintendents, and facilities management.
  • Effectively and clearly convey project expectations to team members and stakeholders.
  • Estimate the resources and manpower required to complete the project.
  • Budget plans should be written and submitted, and any further budget modifications should be recommended.
  • Identify and reduce project team challenges and conflicts; identify and manage project dependencies and critical path
  • Using appropriate tools, plan and schedule project deadlines and milestones.
  • Maintain a record of project milestones and deliverables.
  • Create and provide progress reports, proposals, necessary documentation, and presentations.
  • Proactively manage project scope changes, detect potential crises, and develop contingency measures.
  • Members of the project team and contractors should be coached, mentored, motivated, and supervised.
  • Conduct project lessons learned and collaborate to develop recommendations distinguishing project parts that were effective and those that were not
  • Create best practices and tools for project management and execution.


  • Experience in the semiconductor/microelectronics industry is preferred.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office and the Windows Suite of Software.
  • The ability to learn, comprehend, and apply new technologies is required.
  • Strong customer service skills are required.
  • It is critical to be able to prioritize and execute activities successfully in a high-pressure setting.
  • Excellent time management and budgeting abilities.

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Computer Systems Validation

We are searching for a seasoned Quality/Validation resource to join our Life Sciences team in Boston, MA to serve a pharmaceutical customer. This person will be largely responsible for aiding the Quality group with specification review and approval, user acceptability testing, and so on (particularly for Manufacturing Execution Systems – MES).

Ideal candidates will have prior experience preparing and reviewing CSV protocols, reports, and procedures for GMP controls and computerized systems, as well as reviewing and approving change controls and auditing CSV documentation for compliance with current corporate, FDA, and regulatory requirements. Candidates with a solid understanding of GMPs and expertise in providing engineering support in highly regulated pharmaceutical/biotech facilities are preferred.


  • Understand and execute Computer System Validation, System Development Life Cycle (SDLC), and other pharmaceutical equipment/system commissioning/validation (IQ/OQ/PQ) protocols in accordance with Good Engineering Practices, GAMP, local SOPs, industry best practices, and other industry related guidance documents.
  • Assess the impact of modifications to cGMP equipment/systems and techniques, and develop the necessary Validation Plan to guarantee that the validated status is maintained following changes.
  • Experience in technical writing and report development for automated system testing approaches.
  • Validation protocol and summary report evaluation expertise.
  • Strong knowledge of the Software Development Lifecycle and QA techniques.
  • Responsible for serving as a quality contact and key Subject Matter Expert (SME) for complicated deviations in engineering, facilities, automation, manufacturing, and validation systems, processes, and equipment.
  • Complex deviation investigations involving manufacturing process equipment, utilities, automation, validation, and engineering are supported and reviewed.
  • Collaborate closely with Operations, Facilities, Manufacturing, Automation, Validation, and Engineering to handle outstanding issues caused by equipment failures, issues, and deviation record reviews.
  • Lead the QA review and deviation assessments; this includes risk assessments, root cause analysis investigations, tracking, follow-up, closeout, and reporting/trending.


  • 5+ years of demonstrated expertise in the pharmaceutical sector in cGMP automation/computerized systems, quality, and compliance domains.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of industry standards and best practices for computer system validation.
  • Experience validating equipment controlled by PLCs, BAS/BMS systems, DeltaV, and other common automated system platforms is preferred.

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People Also Ask

  1. Can foreigners get a job in Iceland?

    To work in Iceland, ex-pats who are not nationals of the EU/EEA must apply for a work and residency permit. Most expats should apply for a permit based on their professional qualifications.

  2. What kind of jobs are in demand in Iceland?

    Jobs in the tourist, hotel, and transportation industries are in high demand. Based on your applicable skills and expertise in the tourism industry and customer-facing professions, you can apply for seasonal work in these areas.

  3. Is getting a job in Iceland easy?

    As a general rule, foreigners do not have significant difficulty getting jobs in Iceland or Denmark, provided they have the necessary qualifications and skills for the job they are applying for. Both countries have a strong economy and a high standard of living, which attracts many foreign workers.

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