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Latest Jobs in New Zealand: You may be aware that the average wage in New Zealand in recent years has been recorded to be around NZ$8200/month, which equates to NZ$97300 per year, implying that there must be multiple occupations in New Zealand that pay NZ$100k+.

I believe you are now eager to learn about the occupations in New Zealand that pay more than $100,000 per year, so in this article, we will discuss average salaries in all of New Zealand’s provinces before sharing some insights on occupations in New Zealand that pay more than $100,000 per year.


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Average Salaries in New Zealand Provinces:

In addition, anything above NZ$70k/year is considered a good salary in New Zealand (Ref NZHerald), whereas average salaries in each of NZ provinces are as follows: NZ$74k/year in Canterbury, NZ$75k/year in Auckland, NZ$82.4k/year in Wellington, NZ$71.1k in Otago, NZ$79k in Nelson, and NZ$79.4k in New Plymouth.

So now I’m going to share with you those occupations that will comfortably pay NZ$100k/year in New Zealand in 2024, and if you have qualifications and work experience in any of these professions, you can look for jobs in New Zealand, but depending on your nationality, you may also be required to apply for NZ work visa after accepting appointment letter.

List of Occupations with $100k+ Salaries in New Zealand in 2024:

So here you can see my well-researched comprehensive list of all occupations in New Zealand that pay more than $100,000 per year, including housing, transport, utility, and healthcare allowances.

#Occupations Earning $100k Salaries in New ZealandMax SalaryMin Salary
3Procurement Professional$200k$85k
4Deep Sea Fishing Skippers$280k$130k
5HR Head of department$250k$150k
6Diagnostic radiologist$387k$86k
7Senior Zoologist$197K$102K
8Senior Judges$525k$358k
10Mine Professional$210k$100k
11Building and Construction Professional$170k$95k
12Senior Forestry Scientist$150K$110K
14Senior Communications Professional$250k$70k
17Managing Director/Chief Executive$700k$120k
18Information Technology Architect$155k$112k
19Financial Advisor$250k$72k
21Information Technology Professional$150k$107k
22Chief Financial officer$250k$100k
23Marketing Professional$200k$80k
24Tertiary Lecturer$213K$77K
25Senior Biomedical Engineer$120K$72K
26Ship’s Master$250k$42k
27Radiation Oncologists$387k$86k

I should also mention that I thoroughly researched all of these salaries on New Zealand’s government website for careers (Ref, and I’m sure you’ll be pleased to know that the New Zealand government actively monitors the minimum wages of all occupations in order to protect their labor rights (Ref NZ Employment Rights).

People Also Ask:

  1. Is New Zealand easy to get a job in?

    It’s never an undesirable moment to hunt for employment in New Zealand if you have the necessary skills and knowledge. The rate of unemployment is 3.2% (February 2022). There are at present many job openings in professions such as engineering, information technology, and medicine, but there are also opportunities to provide a wider range of talents.

  2. Can I work in New Zealand now?

    If you’d like to come to New Zealand to stay for a few years to work or possibly settle down you’ll need a work or residence visa. You’ll definitely need a job to get it. Applying for jobs before obtaining a visa is entirely appropriate and acceptable.

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