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Jobs in Switzerland For Foreigners 2023/24 – Apply Now


Switzerland has been named the finest country in the world to live and work in with most positions providing good living standards and competitive pay.

The Swiss labor market welcomes foreigners looking for work in many sections of the nation; nonetheless, competition for places is fierce.


Work Requirements for Foreigners in Switzerland

To work in Switzerland, most foreign nationals need a work permit. The method for acquiring a visa is determined by your nationality and the nature of your work.


Members of the EU (European Union) / EFTA (European Free Trade Association) may work in Switzerland for up to three months or ninety days each calendar year.

Then you do not require a work visa; nonetheless, your employer must register your paid employment in Switzerland through the short-term work notification procedure at least one day before the engagement begins.

As a result, if you are not a citizen of an EU/EFTA member state, you must get a work visa before contacting Switzerland.

Switzerland has been named the finest country in the world to live and work in with most positions providing good living standards and competitive pay.

The Swiss labor market welcomes foreigners looking for work in many sections of the nation; nonetheless, competition for places is fierce.

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Foreign Job Opportunities in Switzerland

The following are the currently available and open positions in Switzerland for foreigners in 2023/2024:

Chef Positions

In Switzerland, chefs are needed to lead, coach, and manage a culinary crew, as well as conceive and organize menus, recipes, and daily specials.

Foreigners are encouraged to apply for this position since it is in high demand in Switzerland, and it offers excellent chances and a competitive income.

In Switzerland, the average salary for a Chef is roughly 75,700 CHF per year. Salaries range from 34,800 CHF (the lowest) to 120,000 CHF (the highest) (highest).

The following organizations are looking for chefs:

  • 5* hotel in Luzern, Switzerland Marriott hotels resorts Chasa Montana Hotel & Spa (from June 2023 or by appointment)
  • Hangl – Hotel Post Samnaun
  • Marriott International, Inc., The Ritz-Carlton, and several others

Hotel Positions

There are numerous hotel jobs in Switzerland available for foreigners, based on their talents and credentials as determined by the employing hotel.

The average income for hotel workers in Switzerland ranges from 2,541.00 CHF (lowest salary) to 5,053.00 CHF (maximum salary) (highest average, the maximum wage is higher).

This is the overall monthly compensation, including bonuses; nevertheless, wages vary greatly amongst employment positions.

Hotel jobs in Switzerland include a wide range of positions, such as:

  • Executive Pastry Chef Mixologist SPA Attendant Waiter Domestic Couple (Housekeeper & Allrounder/Handyman) Doorman (H/F) Director Of Sales (H/F) Thank you, Ambassador.
  • Agent of Welcome (Front Desk Agent)
  • Expert Transport Agent Assist (Services)
  • Western Switzerland Administrative Assistant Account Manager
  • Switzerland Brand Manager
  • Hotel Customer Service Representative Fluent in German

There are no hotel possibilities in Switzerland that foreigners cannot obtain, and be certain that as you read, I will advise you on how to apply for all of the jobs mentioned on this page.

Jobs for Nurses

There are numerous medical jobs in Switzerland, including internships for foreigners who speak English; thus, if this is your field of expertise and you want to go to Switzerland to start your career, you should apply for one of these positions.

Switzerland offers good compensation for healthcare workers, but you must meet the prerequisites and criteria before applying for any of the positions listed here.

Professionals in Medicine

  • Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia Residency
  • Medical Information Specialist Senior Market Research Analyst
  • Internship in Integrated Healthcare Services – Oncology for a Senior Global Medical Science Director (M/F/D) 12 months beginning in July 2023

Online Employment

There are over 925 results for online jobs in Switzerland for both domestic and international individuals, some of which are mentioned here;

Switzerland Media Search Analyst Switzerland Commercial Marketing Manager, Oncology – Switzerland Digital Marketing Manager Android Software Engineer

In Switzerland, an internet worker normally makes roughly 129,000 CHF per year. Salaries vary from 89,100 CHF (lowest average) to 194,000 CHF (highest average).

Cashier Positions

Foreigners, international students, and domestic citizens are all welcome and encouraged to apply for cashier employment in Switzerland.

In Switzerland, the average salary for a Cashier is CHF 35,983 per year and CHF 17 per hour. A Cashier’s average income ranges from CHF 28,181 to CHF 42,016.

General Cashier Roles

  • Cash registers are used to manage consumer transactions.
  • Scan the products to check the pricing is correct.
  • Collect payments in cash or on credit.
  • Provide receipts, refunds, revisions, or tickets as needed.
  • Stamps and coupons can be redeemed.
  • Cross-sell and offer new items.

Other Foreigner Jobs in Switzerland

Driver Jobs Factory Jobs Chocolate Jobs
Warehouse Jobs, Manager Jobs, Freelance Jobs, Supermarket Jobs, Finance Jobs, Engineer Jobs, Cook Jobs, Government Jobs, and many more.

How To Apply For Jobs As A Foreigner In Switzerland

The steps are as follows:

  • To apply, go to the website.
  • Enter your information here.
  • Fill in your email address, phone number, and so on (if necessary)
  • On the website, enter your desired job title and location.
  • You can look for the available openings on the job board and apply from there.
  • Apply Immediately

Conclusion on Foreigners Working in Switzerland in 2023/2024

You may view the following lists of Jobs In Switzerland For Foreigners in 2023/2024, which provide the advantages of studying and working in a strategic environment.

Now is your opportunity; with this collection of Jobs In Switzerland For Foreigners in 2023/2024, you have no limitations in starting your employment.

The information in the preceding post is critical for you to begin applying for Jobs In Switzerland For Foreigners in 2023/2024.

Following your search, application, and selection, you may enjoy a rich and gratifying additional dimension to your life and strive to acquire a lovely experience.

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