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How To Find A Job In Iceland 2023

How To Find A Job In Iceland 2023: Iceland is a small island country in the North Atlantic Ocean, adjacent to Greenland and the United Kingdom. The country boasts beautiful scenery and a moderate climate, but due to its unique geographical location, there aren’t many tourists. On the other side, the number of tourists is three to four times that of natives each year. Iceland’s population in 2023 will be 347.4 thousand people. Aside from Icelandic, English, German, and Scandinavian are extensively spoken in the country.

In comparison to other European countries, Iceland is not the most popular destination for foreign workers in 2023. Nonetheless, there are many examples, and it is important to understand the complexities of employment in this northern country. Iceland’s economy is highly diverse, the social security system is robust, and the unemployment rate does not surpass 4-5%. The main job-searching niches in Iceland are the fishing industry, tourism, and high technology.

How To Find A Job In Iceland 2023
How To Find A Job In Iceland 2023

Employment in Iceland for Foreigners

The biggest issue that foreigners confront during labor migration to Iceland is a lack of work opportunities and competition from locals and Europeans. Only if neither of these two groups of persons has the required specialists may a job seeker from outside the EU obtain the requisite work permit.

That is, even before moving to Iceland, a local employer must be found and a labor contract must be signed. The Icelandic Immigration Directorate then receives a separate application for a residence visa and the right to work. Furthermore, the documentation is thoroughly reviewed by the local labor office, which determines the foreign job seeker’s eligibility.

The application process can take up to 90 days or longer. To expedite this process, it is vital to collaborate closely with the Icelandic Consulate and the employer. Particularly because the granting of a work visa is also required for foreigners. Read more about moving to Iceland for work elsewhere than the official immigration portal.

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Documents for a work and residence permit in Iceland

  • The application form has been correctly filled out and signed by both the applicant and the employer.
  • Employment agreement.
  • A copy of your passport and a color photograph are required.
  • Certificate of criminal history.
  • Health coverage.
  • Proof of Icelandic residency.

Depending on the circumstances, the local authorities may demand further information.

Job search in Iceland

It’s not surprising that appealing occupations in such a tiny country are primarily occupied by locals. Jobs in Iceland for foreigners in 2023 are mostly offered to highly qualified and experienced professionals or scarce employees, even if they lack unique abilities, but are required by the local economy. The second critical factor is understanding of the Icelandic language. Working in Iceland without knowing the language is an impossible task. The minimum need is English.

How to find a job in Iceland

employ a thorough approach, that is, employ all available methods to help you locate work. From vacationing in Iceland to regularly watching themed forums and social networks, particularly professional ones like

Popular job search sites in Iceland

Icelandic newspaper sites



You can also contact one of Iceland’s recruitment agencies (ráningarjónustur) or one in your nation, or make a job offer straight to the business.

Salaries and jobs in Iceland

Before taxes, the average monthly salary in Iceland in 2023 will be 5,050 euros. Even when compared to the richest EU countries, this is an excellent figure. However, as of January 1, the monthly minimum salary is 368,000 ISK or 2,455 euros. Higher earnings might be expected in Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik.

Foreigners can find jobs in Iceland in 2023, particularly in agriculture and fisheries, biotechnology, tourism, and IT, where software developers are in high demand. In Iceland, seasonal labor is available throughout the summer. For instance, in the hotel and restaurant industry or on farms.

People Also Ask

Is it easy to find a job in Iceland?

Jobs in Iceland for US residents can be more difficult to come by. For residents of non-EEA/EFTA countries, obtaining a work visa in Iceland is difficult. It is, nevertheless, not impossible.

What kind of jobs are in demand in Iceland?

Jobs in the tourist, hotel, and transportation industries are in high demand. Based on your applicable skills and expertise in the tourism industry and customer-facing professions, you can apply for seasonal work in these areas.

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