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Hotel Jobs in France 2024 – Apply Now

Hotel jobs in France are a wonderful way to make money in a fully developed country like France; you get to work depending on the time that suits you, whether full-time or part-time, and you have the option to work based on your schedule. France is the most popular tourist destination in the world, receiving 89 million visitors from other countries, placing it ahead of Spain (83 million) and the United States (80 million).

The majority of people from other countries go to France in search of work, which they can find easily enough because of the country’s abundant labor market. There are a variety of hotel jobs available in France for anyone interested in participating; regardless of whether or not you have the necessary experience, there is room for flexibility with hotel jobs in general. Now, have a look at the following hotel jobs in France, and if any of them sound appealing to you, don’t be afraid to send in your application.

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Benefits of Hotel Jobs in France

  • Gaining Cultural Exposure: Employment within the hotel sector in France affords individuals the opportunity to become acquainted with the nation’s abundant cultural legacy. Engaging in cultural events and interacting with visitors of various backgrounds can substantially contribute to the expansion of one’s worldview.
  • Proficiency in Languages: Numerous hotel positions in France necessitate engagement with international clientele, thereby presenting a favorable context to enhance linguistic abilities, specifically in the domains of French and English. This exposure to the target language may prove beneficial for both one’s personal and professional growth.
  • Prospects for Professional Development: The hospitality industry in France is characterized by its vibrant nature and wide-ranging diversity, providing a multitude of career trajectories. Individuals can advance from entry-level to management positions while accumulating significant experience and skill development.
  • Networking Opportunities: Hotel occupations frequently entail engaging with clients, staff members, and experts in the field. Engaging in networking activities has the potential to establish significant professional relationships within the hospitality industry, thereby creating prospects for future employment.
  • International Hospitality Standards: France’s hospitality sector is renowned for its adherence to rigorous international hospitality standards. A career in the hotel industry in France provides the opportunity to observe and assist in upholding these elevated benchmarks, thereby bolstering one’s professionalism.
  • Work-Life Balance: Although the hospitality sector can be extremely demanding, certain hotel positions in France may provide employees with reasonable schedules and working hours, thereby facilitating a more favorable work-life equilibrium.
  • Teamwork and Collaboration: Hotel employment frequently necessitates the application of cooperation and collaboration. Engaging in such an environment cultivates effective communication and interpersonal capabilities, which are advantageous in a multitude of professional contexts.
  • Skills in Customer Service: Employment in a hotel offers a remarkable prospect for the growth and improvement of customer service capabilities. Guest service and meeting their requirements require a customer-focused approach and the capacity to handle a variety of situations with professionalism.
  • Employee Benefits: Employee benefits can vary depending on the hotel and the particular position but may include reduced rates for lodging, refreshments, and additional services. Additionally, some hotels provide health insurance and additional employee benefits.
  • Dynamic Work Environment: The hotel industry is renowned for its rapidly changing and dynamic workplace atmosphere. Those who derive satisfaction from engaging in a diverse range of duties and challenges daily may find this to be an attractive proposition.

Available Hotel Jobs in France

This page will highlight all available positions in the Hotel & Resorts industry for those who are interested in starting the application process. Hilton is the most successful hospitality corporation on a global scale. Its properties include everything from opulent full-service hotels and resorts to affordable extended-stay suites and hotels in the middle price range. There are more than a hundred (100) job openings at Hilton hotels in France; as a result, these positions are currently open and waiting to be filled. They are as follows:

Room Attendant:

At a hotel, one of the people who provides housekeeping services is known as a room attendant. They are responsible for cleaning and sterilizing the guest rooms, hallways, and stairways as part of their tasks. They disinfect the bathrooms, clean the windows, vacuum the carpet, change the bed linens, and replace the towels. They also clean the furniture.

The management of guest requests will also necessitate the presence of a Room Attendant. To be considered for this position, you need to have a constructive mentality, solid communication skills, and high standards for your personal grooming.

Laundry Attendant:

The responsibility of ensuring that clean linens are available throughout the entire hotel falls on the shoulders of a laundry attendant. Clothing and other textile goods must be sorted before being washed, dried, pressed, and folded as part of the worker’s responsibilities. You, as a Laundry Attendant, are tasked with the responsibility of assisting with laundry operations and delivering pressing, stitching, and other similar services in order to provide an outstanding experience for both Members and Guests.

In addition to this, a Laundry Attendant will need to be able to monitor and respond to the requests made by guests. If you have experience working in the laundry or in a role that is comparable, applying for this job will be beneficial for you.

Housekeeping Attendant:

Guests’ rooms need to be vacuumed, cleaned, dusted, and polished. Beds should be made, linens should be changed, and soiled towels and toiletries should be removed and replaced. Deliver and collect items that have been loaned out to guests, such as an iron and an ironing board. Ensure that the guest rooms are secure and that the guests’ privacy is respected.

As a Housekeeping Attendant, it will be your responsibility to provide assistance to all of the Housekeeping and Laundry teams in the hotel by distributing the many tasks associated with housekeeping and laundry on a daily basis. You are responsible for ensuring that the hotel brand standards are adhered to at all times and that high-quality operating standards are maintained in each and every aspect of housekeeping and laundry.


Manage the process of preparing, seasoning, and cooking a variety of foods, including salads, soups, seafood, meats, vegetables, desserts, and more. Organize and set prices for the products on the menu, place orders for necessary supplies, and keep accurate records and accounting. Manages the preparation of goods, including baking and cooking, while also taking part in these activities. You are accountable for the preparation and presentation of high-quality dishes in your role as a chef, with the goal of providing an outstanding experience for both Members and Guests.

In addition to this, you will be responsible for preparing the entire mise-en-place and contributing to the departmental targets. At over 14 different properties in France, Hilton Hotels & Resorts is looking to fill the positions of Commis Chef, Demi Chef de Partie, Chef de Partie, Sushi Chef, and Junior Sous Chef.


The tasks and responsibilities of a Waiter or Waitress include greeting and seating customers, taking customer orders and effectively communicating those orders to the kitchen, learning and remembering the restaurant’s menu, and making suggestions to upsell customers on appetizers, desserts, or drinks. To be more specific, you will be accountable for completing the following responsibilities to the greatest possible standard.

You have the responsibility as a Waiter or Waitress to serve visitors in a manner that is polite, timely, and efficient in order to provide an outstanding experience for both guests and members. Maintaining the appropriate attitude, actions, abilities, and beliefs will allow you to successfully fulfill the responsibilities of this role.

How to Apply
How to Apply

Hotel Employees’ Average Annual Salary in France:

In France, the average hourly income for jobs in the hotel industry is 24 Euros. This indicates that the typical wage in France is around 24 Euros for each hour of labor put in by an individual. The lowest average wage is 12,500 Euros, while the greatest possible compensation is 92,200 Euros (the highest average, the actual maximum salary is higher). This is the typical annual pay, which takes into account other benefits such as housing and transportation.

How to Apply For Hotel Jobs in France

More Info

  1. Which job is more in demand in France?

    Any type of management degree will help you get a good job in France. Marketing managers are some of the most in-demand professionals in France.

  2. Is it easy to get a job in France?

    If you’re a citizen of the EU or EFTA, you can work in France freely without the need for a visa or permit. Almost everyone else who wants to work in France will have to first find a job and then the prospective employer will apply for authorization for you to work.

  3. Which country is best for hotel management?

    Some of the best countries to study hotel management are Canada, the USA, the UK, Switzerland, and Australia. Worldwide, there is a consistently high demand for a well-trained workforce from top hotel management schools, driven by the increasing number of hotels worldwide.

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