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Teaching Jobs in France 2023 VISA Sponsorship


Teaching Jobs in France 2023 VISA Sponsorship: In France, both public and private schools have relatively high educational requirements. English is taught to children as early as 9 months old at various levels to assist them to learn how to hold simple conversations. It’s crucial to know that in many regions of France, the school day runs from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Many schools, however, allow pupils a day off in the middle of the week so that they may study on their own or participate in extracurricular activities such as music classes or sports.

Details About Teaching Jobs in France 2023 VISA Sponsorship

The French government likes to recruit experienced instructors. You do not require a work visa if you are from an EU nation. If you are not from France, you will need to be sponsored by an educational institution or program.

Teaching Jobs in France 2023 VISA Sponsorship
Teaching Jobs in France 2023 VISA Sponsorship

French or Spanish teacher

Job Description

We are searching for a dynamic, enthusiastic, and motivating French or Spanish instructor that understands the topic well and can assist students to continue to learn and improve their abilities. This position would suit either a new teacher who is an excellent practitioner or an experienced teacher looking for a new challenge.

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MFL teacher

Position Description

The successful candidate will join a team of instructors that are creative, forward-thinking, and passionate about engaging and inspiring young people. Candidates must be competent to teach French up to Key Stage 4 and Spanish up to Key Stage 3.

History instructor

Your function

The successful candidate will be required to teach up to 27 lessons per week (with each period 40 minutes in duration). All full-time teachers at Denstone also serve as tutors in the College’s popular House system, and they are expected to participate completely in the activities and sports enjoyed by students of all year groups. Denstone life might be hectic, but it can also be rewarding.

Modern Foreign Languages Instructor


We’re searching for teachers that are enthusiastic about their work and want to make a difference in the lives of their students.

How to Apply for VISA-Sponsored Teaching Positions

Everyone who is interested should Click on the link below to learn more about the job and apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

In France, are teachers in high demand?

There is a high demand for English teaching in France, and there are various chances around the nation, particularly in Paris, which has the country’s largest ESL (English as a second language) job market. In France, TEFL-certified teachers can choose from a variety of teaching positions.

How can I find a job teaching in France?

Teachers must have a Bachelor’s degree in their topic of expertise as well as an education accreditation, ideally a Master’s, to teach abroad in a public or private school in France.

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