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Companies That Can Sponsor Visas in Fiji for Foreigners


Visa sponsorship jobs are expected to be in high demand beginning when thousands of foreigners seek employment in some of the world’s highest-paying countries.

This is because workers in these nations are paid far more than their local colleagues, albeit working in the same industries. Most Australian employees are willing to pay more than $2,000 per month to typical employees, which may appear to be an unattainable sum to earn in several African and Asian countries. As a result, there is a greater interest in working in some of these countries, where workers are regarded as the backbone of a company due to their high pay.


Are you looking for the best companies to sponsor your Fiji visa this year? Look no further since we will be publishing the top 20 companies that can sponsor visas in Fiji very soon. Before we get there, let’s take a look at the availability of visa sponsorship positions in Fiji, as well as the companies that offer visa sponsorship to foreigners.


Introduction to Fiji Visa Sponsorship

Fiji has become a popular place to visit for people from other countries who want to experience a unique mix of island life and work chances. To make your move to Fiji happen, you need to know about the different visa choices.

Details of Companies That Can Sponsor Visas in Fiji for Foreigners

Types of Visas Available for Foreigners

Work Visas

You’ll need a work visa if you want to work in Fiji. Visas for skilled professionals, temporary workers, and foreign investors who help Fiji’s economy fall into this group.

Business Visas

A business visa can be applied for by people who want to start a business in Fiji. If you want to put money into the local market, this is the best choice.

Investor Visas

Investor visas are an option for foreign investors with a lot of money to spend in Fiji. The goal of these cards is to help the economy grow.

Family Visas

Family reunification is vital, and Fiji offers visa options to bring your loved ones closer.

Are there Companies sponsoring visas in Fiji for Foreigners?

Yes, many companies in Fiji can sponsor a work visa for a foreign worker. However, the qualifications for sponsorship may differ depending on the organization and the exact job being provided.

A job offer from a Fiji employer willing to sponsor your visa is usually required to be eligible for a work visa in Fiji. Before hiring a foreign worker, the business must demonstrate that they made serious efforts to hire Fiji citizens or residents.

Agriculture, tourism and hospitality, healthcare, construction, and information technology are some of the industries that frequently sponsor work visas in Fiji. It is crucial to note that sponsorship requirements and the employment market can vary over time, so it is recommended to speak with a professional immigration advisor or look for jobs on trustworthy job search websites.


  • Legal Authorization: When a Fijian company supports a foreign worker’s visa, the worker has the legal right to live and work in Fiji. This makes sure that all immigration laws and rules are followed.
  • Job Opportunities: Companies in Fiji that sponsor visas offer a wide range of jobs in a number of industries, such as banking, tourism, hospitality, agriculture, manufacturing, and hospitality. These jobs are suitable for people with a wide range of skills and backgrounds.
  • Experience with the Culture: Foreigners who work in Fiji can fully experience the culture, customs, and way of life of the country. This is a one-of-a-kind chance to learn about another culture and grow as a person.
  • Beautiful Nature: Fiji is famous for its beautiful nature, which includes pristine beaches, clear waters, and lush tropical scenery. When you work in Fiji, you can live and work in a beautiful place that is full of natural wonders.
  • Work-Life Balance: Lots of companies in Fiji encourage work-life balance by having laid-back workplaces, flexible hours, and fun free-time activities like hiking, water sports, and visiting the islands.
  • Opportunities to Travel: Because Fiji is in the middle of the South Pacific, it is easy to get to other islands in the region, so you can travel and explore when you have some free time.
  • Career Development: Many businesses in Fiji offer training programs, mentorship opportunities, and ways to move up in the company to help employees grow and advance in their careers.
  • Community Engagement: Working for a Fijian company gives foreigners the chance to interact with locals, help the local economy, and take part in community development projects. This builds a sense of social responsibility and belonging.
  • Supportive Work Environment: Companies in Fiji often put the health and happiness of their workers first by providing supportive workplaces, employee aid programs, and chances for coworkers to get to know each other and make friends.
  • Visa Sponsorship Help: Companies that sponsor visas for foreigners usually help with the application process, including explaining what documents are needed and how to send them, as well as providing other practical help.


  • Job Offer: People from outside of Fiji who want to work there must have a job offer from a company there that will sponsor their visa. What the job offer should say about the role, duties, pay, and benefits is called the terms of employment.
  • Skills and Qualifications: Companies in Fiji that support visas usually ask applicants to have the skills and qualifications needed for the job. This could include things like degrees, professional certifications, and work experience that is applicable.
  • Work Permit Application: In Fiji, employers who want to hire a foreign worker must apply for a work permit on their behalf. In order to get a work permit, you usually have to show proof of things like the job offer letter, the foreign worker’s qualifications, and the company’s financial security.
  • Test of the Labor Market (if Required): Before sponsoring a foreign worker for a visa, Fijian companies may need to show that there are no suitable local candidates for the job by testing the labor market.
  • Following the Immigration Laws: Both the company supporting the foreign worker and the foreign worker must follow Fiji’s immigration laws and rules. This means following the steps for applying for a visa, keeping work permits up to date, and following any visa rules set by the Fijian government.
  • Stability of the Company’s Finances: Businesses that sponsor visas in Fiji should show that they are financially stable and able to meet their job duties, such as paying the sponsored worker’s salary and giving them the help they need while they are in Fiji.
  • Medical check and Health Insurance: Some types of visas may require foreign workers to get a medical check to make sure they are healthy. Additionally, businesses may need to offer health insurance to supported workers.
  • Good Character and Conduct: Both the company sponsoring the foreign worker and the foreign worker must have a good image and act in a moral way. This could mean showing police clearance certificates or other important papers.
  • Supporting Documents: Companies in Fiji that sponsor visas should be ready to show any extra paperwork that immigration officials ask for to back up the visa application. For example, they could ask for proof that the company is registered, that they pay their taxes, or that they have a business license.
  • Processing Fees for Visas: Employers in Fiji who support visas may have to pay processing fees and other costs as part of the visa application process.

List of 20 Companies That Can Sponsor Visa in Fiji

Fiji Airways

Fiji’s national airline, with flights to over 20 destinations across the world. Fiji Airways is dedicated to sustainable tourism and has a strong focus on customer service.

ANZ Bank

The ANZ Bank operates in over 30 countries and provides banking and financial services to individuals, corporations, and institutions. ANZ Bank is dedicated to good banking practices and places a high emphasis on community involvement.

Digicel Fiji

A telecommunications firm in Fiji that offers mobile, internet, and other telecommunications services to residents and enterprises. Digicel Fiji is dedicated to digital innovation and places a premium on the customer experience.

Fiji Sugar Corporation

Fiji Sugar Corporation is the country’s largest agricultural company, producing sugar, molasses, and other related goods. The company is dedicated to sustainable agriculture and places a significant emphasis on community development.

Fiji Water

A company that makes premium bottled water from Fiji’s sustainable aquifer. Fiji Water is devoted to sustainable production and places a high value on environmental stewardship.


The Fiji National Provident Fund is a government-owned institution that provides Fijian individuals with social security and retirement benefits. The FNPF is dedicated to providing financial stability to its members while also promoting community development.

Goodman Fielder Fiji

A food production corporation that makes bread, milk, and margarine, among other things. Goodman Fielder Fiji is dedicated to sustainable manufacturing and places a high priority on food safety.

Pacific Cement Limited

A cement production company in Fiji that manufactures high-quality cement products for the construction industry. Pacific Cement Limited is dedicated to sustainable production and places a high priority on safety.


A corporation with operations in Fiji that include food processing, retail, and real estate. Punjas is dedicated to environmentally friendly business operations and community development.

Vodafone Fiji

A telecommunications firm in Fiji that offers mobile, internet, and other telecommunications services to residents and enterprises. Vodafone Fiji is dedicated to digital innovation and places a premium on the customer experience.

It is crucial to note that visa sponsorship schemes might change over time, and each organization may have distinct sponsoring rules and criteria. For the most up-to-date information on visa sponsorship schemes, conduct thorough research and contact the companies directly.

Companies that Sponsor Visas in Fiji for Foreigners

Other credible companies offering free visa sponsorship to lawfully immigrate and work in Fiji are listed below.

  • Courts Fiji Limited
  • Coca-Cola Amatil (Fiji) Ltd
  • Fiji Development Bank
  • Fiji Ports Corporation Limited
  • Fiji Revenue & Customs Service
  • Fiji Television Limited
  • Fiji Times Limited
  • Fiji Water Authority
  • The Fijian Government
  • Westpac Fiji Limited

There are hundreds of industries in Fiji that are looking for thousands of foreign workers right now. These industries are looking for both skilled (nurses, doctors, managers, etc.) and unskilled personnel (drivers, security guards, lifeguards, etc.).

How to Apply for Job Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Fiji

To apply for visa sponsorship positions in Fiji, simply navigate to the Fiji job area. You should be able to see available job opportunities with visa sponsorship while on the website.

To access the job details and requirements, you must open these job pages individually. When you are qualified, you can follow the application link to the recruiter’s website, where you will be required to submit your CV and satisfy other employment requirements in order to validate your application for the job role.


There are hundreds of companies based in Fiji that provide free visa sponsorship to foreigners interested in pursuing a career in the nation. Fiji is one of Australia’s top countries, and employees tend to earn high pay, which is normally calculated on an hourly basis. As a foreigner looking for work in Fiji, all you have to do is visit the websites of some of these large firms and check their job section for upcoming openings.

Alternatively, you can use the application link on this page to discover alternative high-income visa sponsorship options for foreigners to lawfully immigrate to and live in Fiji. Do you have any other reservations about firms that can sponsor visas in Fiji? Please leave a remark below or contact us using our contact form.

People Also Ask

  1. Can foreigners get a job in Fiji?

    A current passport. An arrival card that has been signed and filled. A letter of permission from the Immigration Department. A physical address in the country.

  2. Is it easy to get a job in Fiji?

    It is extremely difficult for foreigners to obtain paid temporary or seasonal work in Fiji; nevertheless, there are several volunteer opportunities. Environmental, educational, and communal projects are all possible in Fiji.

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