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Latest Agriculture Jobs In Singapore For Foreigners 2024

Foreigners can start applying for a variety of agricultural employment in Singapore, and this post will include a selection of various farm occupations for you to choose from. You’ve come to the correct place if you’re a farmer, have an interest in agriculture, and are looking for jobs in Singapore for foreigners. Listed below are many collections of agricultural jobs in Singapore for foreigners. Browse this post to uncover the best Singapore jobs for foreigners, and don’t be afraid to send in your application to be considered for the position.

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Benefits of Latest Agriculture Jobs In Singapore For Foreigners

  • Contemporary Agricultural Methods: Singapore has made substantial investments in hydroponics and vertical farming, among other innovative and high-tech agricultural techniques. An employment opportunity in Singapore’s agriculture sector presents a chance to acquire practical knowledge and understanding of state-of-the-art agricultural techniques and technologies.
  • Global Business Center: With its highly developed logistics network and infrastructure, Singapore functions as a global business center. Agriculture professionals may be able to collaborate with international counterparts, thereby enhancing the work environment’s diversity and vitality.
  • Research and Innovation Opportunities: Opportunities for Innovation and Research Singapore is home to agricultural research and development-focused research institutions and businesses. Industry experts might be granted access to opportunities and resources that foster innovation in the fields of sustainable agricultural practices, agrotech, and crop science.
  • Support for Food Security: In light of its constrained land resources, Singapore places a strategic emphasis on food security. This focus provides prospects for individuals engaged in agricultural technology, production, and distribution to make valuable contributions to the country’s endeavors toward guaranteeing a consistent food provision.
  • Multicultural Atmosphere: Singapore is a multicultural nation with a diverse labor force. The exposure of foreign individuals employed in the agricultural sector to diverse cultures, ideas, and perspectives can augment their cross-cultural communication proficiencies and broaden their global outlook.
  • Quality of Life: Singapore’s healthcare and education institutions are renowned for their excellence, as is the quality of life. Agriculture professionals might discover themselves in a city-state that provides a secure and comfortable place to reside.
  • Networking Opportunities: Singapore serves as a hub for a multitude of agriculture-related conferences, exhibitions, and events, which afford individuals the chance to engage in collaborative endeavors and establish connections with experts from across the globe.
  • Government Initiatives: Efforts to strengthen the agriculture sector have received support from the Singaporean government. Agriculture-related government initiatives that foster innovation, sustainability, and productivity could be advantageous for foreign labor.
  • Prospects for Professional Development: Opportunities for career progression and skill enhancement may be available to individuals employed in the agriculture sector of Singapore, contingent upon the particular position and industry. This is particularly true for positions involving technology implementation, research, and management.

Information On Agriculture Jobs For Foreigners In Singapore

Singapore is ranked as the healthiest country in the world due to its high level of living, excellent education system, and effective healthcare system.
Although agricultural employees have the opportunity to live and work in some of the most picturesque rural areas, they must be able to handle physically demanding jobs and be flexible.
You should be aware that to work in Singapore as a foreign worker, you must possess a valid work visa. You must obtain employment and an employer willing to sponsor your visa before applying for one of these visas.

Jobs In Agriculture That Are Available To Foreigners In Singapore:

The available and vacant positions for international applicants to start submitting their applications are listed below. They consist of;

1. Syngenta:

One of the top agricultural innovation firms in the world, Syngenta is committed to enhancing global food security by empowering millions of farmers to utilize available resources more effectively.
They make investments and innovate to improve how crops are preserved and grown to bring about beneficial, long-lasting change in agriculture, and they are accessible globally.
This is one of the greatest agricultural jobs for foreigners since Syngenta is an equal-opportunity employer that does not discriminate based on color, race, nationality, gender, or religion. In addition, they assist with training new hires.

Lead Junior Team Shift

To guide the team in achieving operational goals, Syngenta is looking for a full-time, permanent junior team shift head in the production and supply team.


  • Diploma in manufacturing or chemical
  • 1-2 years of experience working as a senior operator in the chemical, pharmaceutical, or petrochemical manufacturing industries
  • experience with filling and packing operations and the chemical sector

Warehouse Technician

To ensure that raw materials and packaging are delivered to production on time and smoothly, Syngenta is looking for a full-time, permanent warehouse technician. Requirements

  • Higher Nitec Graduate or Polytechnic Diploma or Institute of Technical Education Diploma
  • working in manufacturing, logistics, and warehouse operations for at least three years

To apply and view the other 20 open positions today, click on the link provided below.

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2. Assistant Agriculturist at Panasonic Manufacturing:

At their facility, Panasonic is looking for an agricultural assistant who will help with crop cultivation, including watering, seeding, harvesting, and packing.


  • 1-2 years of expertise are necessary.
  • SPM and GCE “O” Levels
  • Possessing a class 3 license will be helpful.
  • capable of handling physical labor

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3. Agriculture Senior Trader-Selby Jennings:

The company SELBY Jennings is looking for a senior trader who will be in charge of agricultural trading, performing analysis, and other economic concerns.

The salary is attractive!


possess more than 10 years of trading (cash) experience in the agricultural commodities sector, as well as in-depth expertise and understanding of the dynamics of supply and demand in this sector.
possess excellent knowledge of both local and worldwide S&D. possess strong conceptual and analytical skills.

How to Apply
How to Apply

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4. Manager of Key Accounts at Signify:

A Key Account Manager is needed by Signify to work with our Agriculture Team in Singapore. You will be in charge of leading the Agriculture business in the Singapore market as a Key Account Manager.


  • B2B business experience that is strong and has a solid track record
  • A solid network in agriculture, experience in agriculture, preferably horticulture, and interest in high-tech horticulture are all advantages.
  • An advantage would be previous knowledge of automation and climate controls.
  • working knowledge of managing, expanding, and growing major accounts.
  • Strong organizational skills are required to design and manage the pipeline using CRM systems that receive regular updates.

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  1. Is it easy for a foreigner to get a job in Singapore?

    Due to the competitive nature of the job market and the need to gain a valid work permit, the best way to get a job in Singapore as a foreigner is to apply for roles that match your skills profile and experience

  2. Which country is best for agriculture jobs for foreigners?

    Countries such as France, Spain, Ireland, and Germany offer international workers the opportunity to develop their trade amidst beautiful scenery and rich agricultural landscapes.

  3. What are the top 5 agricultural countries?

    These countries, led by China, India, the United States, Brazil, and Russia, are pivotal in shaping the global agricultural landscape and meeting the ever-growing demand for agricultural products.

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