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Waiter Jobs in Finland for Foreigners 2024 – Apply Here


We are seeking seasonal employees for Levi! The employment relationships are temporary, with working hours of 75 hours per three weeks (4 positions) and 90 hours per three weeks (2 positions) (6 positions). According to the agreement Join the dynamic Break team and help us create the most incredible workplace in the region, surrounded by the most breathtaking Lapland scenery.

In the summer, Break Sokos Hotel Levi, which will undergo a full renovation of its guest rooms and restaurants, will be the most northern hotel in the Sokos Hotels chain and will be located in the heart of Levin Tor. We are proud to be a part of Osuuskauppa Arina and to work for the North!


You are the ideal candidate if you have relevant work experience and your education is not an issue.
However, it is more important that you have a positive disposition and an enthusiastic approach to work, as well as a solid work history. We hope that the new members of our team will have teamwork skills and a willingness to collaborate across departmental lines.


We hope that your positive attitude will allow you to delight both customers and coworkers despite the rush. We provide a professional and practical introduction to the duties. You get versatile working opportunities and an international work environment at Break Sokos Hotel Levi. The package includes wonderful and enthusiastic coworkers!

You will receive excellent training and career opportunities from S Group, as well as superior staff benefits.
Osuuskauppa Arina’s occupational health services are broader and more comprehensive than average, and our employees are also insured outside of work hours.
Hotel employees have access to the fitness center and ski passes.
Our apartments offer budget-friendly accommodations as well.

Requirements for Waiter Jobs in Finland

  • Professional CV
  • Passport
  • Original Degree, Diploma certificate
  • Copy Degree, Diploma certificate
  • Original Experience certificate, if available
  • Copy of Experience Certificate, If available

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Benefits of Waiter Jobs in Finland for Foreigners

  • International Experience: Foreigners can enhance their resumes and future career prospects by gaining international work experience through employment as a waiter in Finland.
  • Language Development: Finland is a nation that has its own distinct language (Finnish), and immigrants can gain immersion in that language by working as waiters. This experience has the potential to foster both linguistic growth and cross-cultural comprehension.
  • Cultural Exposure: Experience with Finnish customs and culture is gained through employment in the hospitality industry. Colleagues and locals with whom one interacts can contribute to a more enriching cultural experience, nurturing appreciation and understanding.
  • Prospects for Networking: The hospitality sector frequently entails engagement with a heterogeneous assemblage of individuals, encompassing patrons, staff members, and executives. This affords abundant opportunities for networking, which can be advantageous for establishing personal and professional connections.
  • Customer Service Abilities: Waiter positions place a premium on customer service abilities; individuals seeking to improve their communication and interpersonal skills may benefit from obtaining experience in this field.
  • Flexible Working Hours: Waiter positions, along with others in the hospitality industry, frequently provide employees with the option of flexible work hours. Individuals who have personal obligations or prefer non-traditional work schedules may find this to be advantageous.
  • Tips and Additional Income: Tipping is a customary practice observed in numerous countries, including Finland, which can provide additional income. Tipping could potentially provide waiters with supplementary revenue, thereby augmenting their overall remuneration.
  • Collaboration and cooperation: Working in the restaurant or hospitality industry fosters collaboration and cooperation. By frequently collaborating with the kitchen staff, other waitstaff, and management, waiters cultivate an atmosphere of camaraderie.
  • Opportunity at the Entry Level: Waiter positions are frequently entry-level, rendering them attainable for individuals lacking substantial industry experience. This renders it a feasible alternative for non-citizens seeking an entry-level position in the labor market.
  • Participation in the Local Economy: Foreigners make a valuable contribution to the local economy through their employment as waiters, thereby providing support to local businesses and communities. Engaging in this activity may result in a more comprehensive and gratifying experience in Finland.

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People Also Ask

  1. How do foreigners apply for jobs in Finland?

    If you are coming to Finland to work for less than three months from a visa-required country, you must apply for a seasonal work visa at the Finnish embassy. Apply for a seasonal work residence permit from the Finnish Immigration Service if your employment will last longer than three months.

  2. How do I find employment as a waiter?

    How to get a job as a server
    Earn a high school degree. No formal education is required to become a server.
    Plan restaurant visits. Build a resume.
    Apply for the position of server.
    Prepare for training by practicing server fundamentals at home.

  3. Is getting a job in Finland easy?

    Finding a job in Finland can sometimes be challenging, as not all fields of study offer opportunities for employment before graduation. Job applicants may also be required to have Finnish or Swedish language skills.

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