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We advance a free, peaceful, and prosperous world by promoting and exemplifying democratic values abroad on behalf of the American people. The U.S. Agency for International Development oversees the U.S. Government’s international development and disaster relief efforts in support of American foreign policy through partnerships and investments that save lives, reduce poverty, strengthen democratic governance, and assist people in escaping humanitarian crises and move past aid.

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Our goal is to assist partners in becoming independent and capable of directing their development processes. By limiting the impact of conflict, halting the spread of pandemic disease, and addressing the root causes of violence, instability, transnational crime, and other security threats, we move closer to achieving this goal. Through investments that open up new markets for American exports, level the playing field for American companies, and support more resilient, democratic, and stable societies, we work to advance American prosperity. As the global leader in humanitarian aid, we stand by the people when a crisis or disaster arises.

List of United States Agency for International Development USAID Jobs

Development Outreach & Communications Specialist

  • Bureau or independent office for USAID3
  • Office for Africa
  • Category of Content
  • Contractor for Personal Services

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Education Development Officer – FSL-1710-01

  • Bureau or independent office for USAID
  • Office of Asia
  • Date of Publication
  • Category of Content
  • Service abroad
  • Employment Eligibility
  • All Categories of Eligible People

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Project Management Specialist – Supply Chain

Leading the forecasting, supply planning, and data analysis for the Health Office’s commodities is the USAID Project Management Specialist (Health Supply Chain).

  • Office in a Bureau or Independent
  • Office for Africa
  • Plan/Series/Grade
  • Equivalent to FSN-12
  • Date of Publication
  • Category of Content
  • Contractor for Personal Services
  • Employment Eligibility
  • collaborating nation national

Benefits of USAID Jobs 

  • Objectives and Constraints: USAID personnel are afforded the chance to make valuable contributions to critical global development initiatives and projects, which tackle pressing concerns including but not limited to poverty, health, education, and economic progress.
  • Diverse Work Opportunities: Diverse Employment Opportunities USAID provides employees with a variety of career paths through its extensive employment opportunities, which include program management, project coordination, technical, and administrative positions.
  • International Experience: A significant number of USAID positions provide employees with the opportunity to acquire international experience and cultural exposure through their work in different countries.
  • Training and Professional Development: USAID places significant emphasis on the professional growth of its workforce through the provision of training opportunities, seminars, and resources that aim to augment the expertise and competencies of its personnel.
  • Competitive Compensation: USAID positions generally provide competitive remuneration, with potential supplementary perks including health insurance, retirement schemes, and financial incentives.
  • Work-Life Balance: USAID puts forth an effort to establish a work environment that fosters work-life balance, even though the burden may differ contingent upon the particular position and undertaking.
  • Opportunities for Networking: USAID offers employment prospects that facilitate connections with experts in the realm of international development. These connections may arise from cooperative ventures with non-governmental organizations (NGOs), other government agencies, or international partners.
  • Health and Wellness Programs: To promote the overall well-being of their staff, numerous USAID offices provide health and wellness programs.
  • Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs): EAPs may be accessible to personnel encountering personal or professional difficulties to furnish them with counseling, support, and resources.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: Diversity and inclusion are highly esteemed by USAID, which strives to cultivate a work environment that is receptive to individuals with unique experiences, origins, and points of view.
  • Pension and Retirement Plans: USAID customarily furnishes its staff with pension and retirement plans, thereby ensuring their long-term financial stability.
  • Government Benefits: USAID employees may be eligible for government benefits including the Federal Employee Health Benefits (FEHB) program, the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS), and the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP), given their status as a federal agency.
  • Global Health and Safety: USAID places a high emphasis on the health and safety of its personnel operating in diverse international sites, establishing protocols to guarantee a protected occupational milieu.
  1. How do I work with USAID?

    If you are interested in working with USAID in a particular country, review the Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS) for that country. It outlines the types of projects and activities that USAID supports. In addition, USAID publishes a business forecast that provides a look at upcoming funding opportunities.

  2. How do I get into international development? 

    Although there are a few structured graduate schemes, some development consultancies, and several UN organizations, the vast majority of entrants to the sector start by volunteering or undertaking internships and then progress to permanent positions.

  3. What is the role of USAID?

    USAID carries out U.S. foreign policy by promoting broad-scale human progress; at the same time, it expands stable, free societies, creates markets and trade partners for the United States, and fosters goodwill abroad

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