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Supermarket Jobs in Austria 2023/24 – Apply Now


Supermarket Jobs in Austria 2023/24: Are you searching for supermarkets in Austria? Learn that this particular occupation is one of the most prominent and sought-after at this time.
Working in a supermarket, particularly in Austria, is a good job since it gives you numerous transferable skills, knowledge, and experiences.
All of the supermarket jobs in Austria discussed in this post are wonderful opportunities for gaining experience, income, and life lessons; you may obtain the following details:
According to common knowledge, supermarkets are one of the top and most popular occupations in Austria, particularly for the younger generation, part-time students, and qualified individuals; thus, continue reading.


Austria’s shopping scene isn’t complete without supermarkets. They offer a wide range of goods to customers, which keeps supermarket jobs in high demand. Whether you’re a local looking for work or an expat from another country looking for work, knowing the ins and outs of this field can help you get a job.


Supermarket Jobs in Austria

In Austria, there are many different kinds of jobs in supermarkets that need a wide range of skills. From entry-level jobs to management positions, all of these jobs offer security and the chance to move up. These jobs are always available, which makes them a good choice for people who are looking for work.


Details About Supermarket Jobs in Austria 2023-24

Occasionally, a Supermarket Jobs employee is responsible for supporting grocery store operations by maintaining a clean workplace and organizing food displays in Austria.
As supermarket employees, they are responsible for stocking shelves, cleaning floors and other surfaces, and responding to client inquiries about food products.
Once hired, you will be responsible for serving as the initial point of contact for clients and providing them with assistance when purchasing groceries.
Working in a supermarket will teach you numerous skills, including customer service, communication, teamwork, working the registers, and packing.
To work at the supermarket, you must be customer-friendly, patient, and punctual, and you must assist clients with courtesy in whichever area they want.

Competencies Required To Work In A Supermarket In Austria:

Examine the most recent data regarding the qualifications required for Supermarket employment in Austria as well as any existing openings.

  • A desire to assist people.
  • Empathy skills
  • Patience skills
  • Friendliness skills
  • Must be a fast student.
  • Must be capable of multitasking (and prioritizing) and physical exertion.
  • Active listening skills.
Supermarket Jobs in Austria 202324
Supermarket Jobs in Austria 202324

Austrian Supermarket Job Opportunities:

In Austria, every job description for a supermarket includes the capacity to multitask and excellent interpersonal skills.
In order for the selected candidates or applicants to enter supermarket employment in Austria successfully, they must adhere to every instruction.

  • As stated below is the following selection chance in the supermarket employment department; start your application in Austria immediately.
  • All current and available Supermarket Jobs in Austria for qualified applicants who wish to register and be thoroughly surveyed are listed here.

Merchandise Clerk-Austria:

The duties of grocery store clerks include processing customer orders and payments, stocking and replacing products to prevent damage and stocking shelves with fresh goods.
They are responsible for questioning consumers about their needs and assisting them with their purchases, guiding customers to the appropriate aisle or shelf to aid in their purchasing decisions.
They execute customer orders, manage on-time product deliveries, and oversee grocery area maintenance and cleanliness.
They create store displays and verify that products are appropriately labeled, as well as order out-of-stock items from Austria.
In addition, they accept grocery deliveries, verify the correctness of orders and invoices, supervise daily pricing adjustments, and operate the cash register as required.

Salary of Supermarket Jobs in Austria 2023/24:

The average gross wage of a supermarket clerk in Austria is € 25 997, or € 12 per hour, whereas an entry-level grocery clerk (1-3 years of experience) gets an average of € 24 872.


  • Ensure products are visible and organized on shelves, and communicate positively with clients from diverse backgrounds.
  • Customers are greeted, given item details, and directed to the item’s location in a store.
  • Control inventories and notify procurement managers of inventory shortages.
  • According to corporate policy, dispose of any outdated goods and place those close to expiration on special offers.
  • Provide precise information to customers regarding the location of merchandise in the business.
  • Collaborate with other team members to ensure shelves are adequately stocked with merchandise.
  • Assist other grocery store employees, such as cashiers, with the checkout procedure.
  • Upon request, assist clients with transporting their purchases to their automobiles.

Prerequisites and skills:

A high school diploma or its equivalent is necessary for entry.
At least two years of experience as a grocery store employee.
Experience in customer service or retail is a bonus.
Great attention to detail.
Good interpersonal and communication abilities.

Advantages and advantages of Supermarket Jobs in Austria 2023/24:

  • Consistent interpersonal communication
  • Busy workdays perks
  • Physical exercise
  • Competitive income
  • Potential product discounts
  • Flexible hours
  • Capacity for professional growth
  • Stagnant work environment.

Specialist in Supply Chain Warehouses and Intralogistics in Austria:

As a Supply Chain Warehouse Specialist & Intralogistics, you guarantee that all products are received by communicating with other departments, such as shipping and accounting.
They undertake physical duties, such as lifting heavy boxes or moving huge things, and maintain records of warehouse inventory levels and product locations in order to account for every item.
Supply and intralogistics are responsible for doing various tasks assigned by warehouse supervisors, such as labeling boxes with barcodes or scanning things using a barcode scanner.
They may be responsible for receiving, storing, and transporting products in a warehouse or distribution center, as well as selecting the most efficient route to transport them to their destination.
They receive shipments of items from suppliers or manufacturers, unpack them, and organize them for distribution inside the warehouse.

Supply Chain Warehouse Specialists and Intralogistics give customer support to customers who have inquiries about products or orders, as well as restocking shelves with new products and disposing of old ones.


In Austria, the average Supply Chain Manager salary is €75,884 per year or €36 per hour.

The Duties

  • Leading projects as a specialist in supply chain logistics and intralogistics.
  • Contribute to the development of the central team-managed enterprise’s warehousing strategy (consignment stocks, external warehouse, hub solutions)
  • Contribute to the conception, execution, and enhancement of a worldwide concept for:
  • Warehouse standard guidebook
  • Warehouse operations include receiving, flat storage, line feeding, picking, and shipping.
  • Packaging and labeling, shop floor management, cycle counting, and stock management system
  • Warehouse Management System
  • Support the deployment of new projects/tools on-site, including the application of line concepts
  • Prepare global initiatives to minimize warehousing costs and create synergies regarding incoming, outbound, and intralogistics warehousing procedures.
  • Assist local plants in establishing master data with implications for warehousing solutions.


Knowledge of Supply Chain Management Processes Knowledge of SAP and MS Office
Project management abilities are beneficial
Strong English and German negotiation and communication skills are a bonus.
Knowledge of process implementation and optimization, including IT systems
Analytical expertise, organizational talent, and performance-based
Outstanding team player in a multicultural group
Style of work that is proactive and independent, as well as a desire to lead tasks/work packages.

Benefits of Supermarket Jobs in Austria 2023/24:

  • A multinational, owner-managed firm with rapid expansion
  • An innovative and dynamic workplace with flexible working hours (Mobile Work)
  • Numerous employee advantages (canteen, cultural & health offers)
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Attractive chances for training and growth
  • Modern office with superior transport links (U4 Heiligenstadt).
How to Apply
How to Apply

Procedures To Implement:

The following are the steps:

  • Click the “Apply Now” button below to apply.
  • On the other side, you’ll see the registered term (click on it), followed by a list of available supermarket positions.
  • Fill in the necessary information or details, then click the submit button. The website contains no misleading information.


For 2023–2024, supermarket jobs in Austria offer a lot of chances for both natives and foreigners. If you have the right education, language skills, and drive, you can find a fulfilling job in this field.

People Also Ask

  • Is it necessary to speak German fluently for all supermarket jobs in Austria?

    While not all positions require fluency, it is highly beneficial for effective communication.

  • Can expatriates find supermarket jobs in Austria easily?

    Yes, expatriates can find supermarket jobs, especially in larger cities with diverse populations.

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