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Teaching Jobs in Qatar UAE 2024 – Apply Now


You need not look any further than this article. We have compiled a list of IMMEDIATELY available teaching positions in the United Arab Emirates. We also have a list of schools accepting applications for the school year, beginning in January. In Dubai, teaching vacancies to range from kindergarten and primary classes to positions in secondary and even higher education institutions.

There are also education management positions available in the field, ranging from department heads to principal positions.


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Requirements for Teaching Jobs in Qatar UAE

  • The majority of English teaching institutions in Dubai do not require previous teaching experience. This is because acclimatization training is provided in its entirety.
  • The minimum qualification is a bachelor’s degree in the teaching field of choice. However, applicants with diplomas and other formal teaching credentials are also recruited easily by schools.
  • Clear criminal record. Although visa authorities also conduct background checks on applicants, schools take extra precautions to ensure that you present them with a police clearance from your home country before beginning employment.
  • Sincerity and diligence will allow you to remain in Dubai longer and enjoy a teaching career there.

Benefits of Teaching Jobs in Qatar UAE

  • Tax-Free Income: Qatar and the United Arab Emirates are renowned for providing tax-free wages to expatriates, including educators. This grants an individual the right to retain their entire salary, thereby presenting a substantial financial advantage.
  • Competitive Salaries: Teaching positions in international institutions, particularly in the prosperous Gulf countries, frequently offer competitive salaries in addition to supplementary allowances. The aforementioned financial advantages may facilitate the maintenance of a comfortable way of life.
  • Housing Allowance: A considerable number of academic establishments provide instructors with fully furnished housing as an integral component of their compensation packages. This contributes to the alleviation of the financial strain linked to accommodation.
  • Healthcare Benefits: It is customary for employment agreements in Qatar and the UAE to comprise all-inclusive health insurance, which provides coverage for medical expenditures incurred by the instructor and their dependents. Constantly provided is access to healthcare facilities of the highest caliber.
  • Generous Leave Policies: Teachers are typically granted generous vacation and leave policies, which afford them the opportunity to visit their place of origin or explore the surrounding area during academic holidays.
  • Cultural Experience: A distinct cultural experience can be gained by working and living in Qatar or the United Arab Emirates. Teachers are afforded the chance to engage with individuals from various cultural backgrounds, investigate significant historical locations, and fully immerse themselves in a vibrant cultural milieu.
  • Professional Development Opportunities: Opportunities for Professional Development International institutions in these nations frequently place an emphasis on staff professional development. Educators might be granted access to conferences, training programs, and seminars that augment their expertise and understanding.
  • Safe and Modern Living Conditions: Qatar and the United Arab Emirates are renowned for their contemporary and secure living environments. The nations make substantial investments in infrastructure, which ensures a secure and comfortable environment for expatriates.
  • Multinational Environment: students of diverse nationalities are drawn to international institutions situated in these nations, fostering a multicultural environment. Educators may be able to collaborate with pupils from various cultural and historical contexts, thereby enhancing the instructional process within this multicultural setting.
  • Travel Opportunities: Qatar and the UAE benefit from a favorable geographical position that facilitates effortless access to various regions across the globe. Teachers have the opportunity to travel to neighboring countries and gain exposure to diverse cultures while on leave.


The duties and responsibilities of a teacher vary slightly from country to country, depending on local customs and the laws of each country. Below is a list of the most common responsibilities of a teacher in Dubai.

 Teacher in Dubai

  • Enable student academic achievement through the consistent use of the school’s Point System of instruction and implementation of the school’s curriculum and philosophy.
  • Maintain a professional image and serve as a supervisor for all students in the school setting to ensure a safe academic environment conducive to learning.
  • Ensure proper planning and monitoring of the academic progress of all students and collaborate with the Student Management and Student Life teams.
  • Ensure accurate and timely reporting to the Academic Quality Controller, per school and government requirements.
  • Report on a regular basis to the Academic Quality Controller regarding the performance and difficulties of the students, along with recommendations for action and a summary of those actions.
  • Meet a weekly requirement of 30 student contact hours.
  • Ensure that the primary assignment involves a specific grade level (including homeroom duties) or the teaching of multiple classes of the same subject in regular or intensive classes.
  • You may also be assigned non-instructional duties such as proctoring exams, supervising recess or lunch, and supervising breaks.
  • You are required to attend school functions designated by the administration.

How to Apply For Teaching Jobs in Qatar UAE

The following links contain databases of schools in Dubai and the rest of the UAE that are currently recruiting international teachers.

More Info

  1. How to Apply For Teaching Jobs in Qatar UAE for

    The following links contain databases of schools in Dubai and the rest of the UAE that are currently recruiting international teachers.

  2. Are teachers in demand in Qatar?

    Because Qatar’s international schools provide a high-quality learning environment for students, experienced and qualified educators are in high demand. The expensive annual tuition at these schools is the reason why teachers are compensated well.

  3. What are the qualifications for teachers in Qatar?

    This is one of the minimum requirements for working in Qatar. Generally speaking, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree or above in a subject related to what you teach.

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