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If you are seeking employment opportunities in the UAE you can investigate the various vacancies at Higher Colleges of Technology. Higher Colleges of Technology UAE provides numerous employment opportunities to individuals seeking rewarding vocations and personal development. Higher Colleges of Technology recruitment postings on the Higher Colleges of Technology job board list a variety of UAE-based openings. In this article, we will discuss the outlook for Higher Colleges of Technology job openings, as well as the employment prospects and career advancement opportunities in the country.

The Higher Colleges of Technology UAE regularly conducts recruitment drives to find and choose the best candidates with the necessary skills and a desire to serve in the United Arab Emirates. Typically, the Higher Colleges of Technology recruitment process consists of multiple phases. Prospective applicants must submit an application form provided by the higher colleges of technology. This Higher Colleges of Technology Application Form collects personal data, academic credentials, and other pertinent information.


 Get moving! This is excellent news for those seeking employment. The Higher Colleges of Technology UAE Jobs site announces the availability of various positions in their offices. There are currently available jobs at Higher Colleges of Technology (CISAD- SC. Higher Colleges of Technology Careers is accepting applications from candidates with relevant experience who are seeking CISAD-SC jobs in the UAE. After selection, the candidate will receive a generous remuneration of approximately AED 2,500.00 to AED 12,600.00 per month.


Details of Higher Colleges of Technology Jobs in UAE:

one of the recruitment agencies or departments:Higher Colleges of Technology
Name of the vacant position:CISAD: SC
Job Location:UAE, United Arab Emirates
Jobs Type:University Jobs in the UAE
Salary:AED 2500.00–12600.00 per month

List of Higher Colleges of Technology Jobs in UAE:

Name of PostRequirements
Academic Support Officer (ADM)• A minimum of a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field is required, e.g., business administration.
• Full English proficiency is required. Arabic is desirable.
• Intermediate computer literacy is required, e.g., MS Office.   Minimum of 0–2 years of relevant work experience.
• Excellent customer focus and ability to work in a positive manner with a variety of people (students, faculty, staff, and administrators)
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills and a demonstrated competency to interact with people at all levels of the organization
• Demonstrate the ability to function as a team player within a multi-cultural work environment.
• Demonstrate motivation and continuous self-improvement.
Senior Specialist, Data Governance• A minimum of a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field is required, e.g., computer science, data management, or information management.
• Full English proficiency is required.
• Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP) is preferred.   • A minimum of six years of work experience in data management or data governance
• Experience with data governance software, including Informatica, Collibra, or Alation,
• Experience with industry frameworks, including DMBOK or EDM DCAM.
Senior Specialist, Business Intelligence• A minimum of a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field is required, e.g., computer science, information management, or data analytics.
• Experience in the Microsoft BI stack with Power BI, SSAS, SSRS, and SSIS
• PowerBI certification is preferred.
• A minimum of six years of relevant work experience with a focus on business intelligence and data analysis
Faculty: Computer Information ScienceA Ph.D. or Master’s Degree and a professional certification relevant to the discipline with 5 years of teaching and industry experience Appropriate academic and professional qualifications are required. A minimum of 5 years of relevant industry experience is preferred. Experience in developing course curricula as per accreditation and international standards.
Senior Specialist, Knowledge Management• A minimum of a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field is required, e.g., computer science, knowledge management, or information management.
Full English proficiency is required.
• A minimum of 5 years of work experience in knowledge management
• Significant experience in knowledge management, preferably with exposure to knowledge management systems and platforms.
• Experience utilizing knowledge building, knowledge sharing, and knowledge management skills to promote a sharing and learning culture
Senior Data Scientistminimum of a bachelor’s degree (preferably a master’s degree qualification) in a relevant subject, including statistics, mathematics, computer science, or any highly quantitative subject
Certification in Data Science   5+ years of experience in building ML models and having experience in mathematical data analysis, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills
5+ years of experience with Python or R for data manipulation and analysis using libraries like Pandas, NumPy, and SciPy is highly desirable.
Full English proficiency is required.
CISAD: SCTeaching   Use a practical, applied approach and teach courses that are in line with the course syllabus and program goals.
meet the needs and aspirations of the students and the community.
Develop and utilize various educational technology resources to ensure effective and innovative instruction.
methodologies are employed.
Apply strategies to ensure that effective student learning is achieved within a second-language environment.
providing continuous feedback on student progress through a variety of assessment tools, including tests,
projects, assignments, and other evaluation instruments.
Take a student-centered approach, providing students with individual assistance and dealing promptly with
student issues by liaising directly with the student, program supervisor, and other college personnel as required.
Faculty, Health Sciences (Medical Laboratory Science)PhD in a relevant discipline (medical lab, microbiology, etc.)
3 years of teaching experience
3 years of industrial experience
AER Faculty: SCMaster’s or Bachelor’s degree relevant to the discipline    
Teaching Assistant, BusinessBachelor’s in a related subject area from an accredited university
Training Certificate or recognized equivalent
A minimum of three years of successful experience in training

Position Summary:

To provide effective instruction in general Faculty subjects and in at least two or more specific areas of the designated program/discipline to second language learners in an environment that promotes respect for students, their culture, and their traditions. To actively participate in academic and extracurricular College and community events.

Requirements for Higher Colleges of Technology

  • To meet the requirements and aspirations of students and the community, employ a practical, applied approach and teach courses that align with course syllabi and program objectives.
  • Develop and employ a variety of educational technology resources to ensure that effective and cutting-edge teaching strategies are implemented.
  • Apply strategies to guarantee effective student learning in a second-language environment, providing continuous feedback on student progress using a variety of assessment tools, such as tests, projects, assignments, and other evaluation instruments.
  • Adopt a student-centered approach, offering students individualized assistance and resolving student concerns expeditiously by communicating directly with the student, program supervisor, and other College personnel as required.


  • Applying strategies to ensure effective student learning, offering continuous feedback monitoring student progress, and taking action to promote student success.
  • Assess students and promptly update their grades.
  • As requested, contribute to question banks and/or course assessments.

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Benefits of Higher Colleges of Technology Jobs in UAE:

  • Comparable Remuneration: To attract and retain top faculty and employees, UAE higher education institutions frequently offer competitive salaries and benefit packages.
  • Exempt Income: Employees in the UAE, including those at educational institutions such as HCT, typically receive tax-free income, which can substantially increase their take-home pay.
  • Housing Benefit: Numerous institutions provide housing allowances or accommodations to aid employees in locating suitable lodging in the UAE, which can be a significant financial advantage.
  • Education Benefits: Some institutions provide education allowances to employees with school-aged children to cover the cost of international or private instruction.
  • Healthcare Advantages: Employees and their dependents are frequently provided with comprehensive health and medical insurance coverage, assuring access to high-quality healthcare services.
  • Professional Progress: Institutions of higher education prioritize faculty and staff professional development by providing opportunities for research, training, and career advancement.
  • Diverse working conditions: Working at an institution like HCT allows you to engage with a diverse and multicultural student body and colleagues, contributing to a vibrant and globalized work environment.
  • Job Security: Institutions of higher education typically offer job security and long-term career prospects, making them an attractive option for those seeking employment security.
  • Standard of living: Residents and expatriates in the UAE enjoy a high standard of living with modern amenities, outstanding infrastructure, and a secure environment.
  • Research Possibilities: Institutions like HCT may provide opportunities for research collaboration and access to resources for research initiatives if you hold an academic or research position.
  • Investment in Education: Numerous professionals in higher education derive satisfaction from contributing to the education and development of students, thereby shaping future generations.
  • Cultural Encounters: Living and working in the UAE allows you to experience a distinct blend of traditional Arabic culture and contemporary lifestyles.

How To Apply For Higher Colleges of Technology Jobs in UAE?

  • Preparing Your Resume/CV: Revise your resume/CV to emphasize your skills, education, work experience, and any applicable certifications. Customize your resume for a Higher Colleges of Technology job application so that it is more pertinent to the position.
  • Conduct an exhaustive investigation of the UAE job market and the industries that interest you. Check the websites and job boards of companies that are recruiting and searching for employment opportunities.
  • Utilize prominent job portals in the UAE to locate job postings. Commonly used portals include Bayt, LinkedIn, Indeed, and GulfTalent Networking. In the UAE job market, networking is essential. Attend networking events, connect with professionals in your field, and join relevant online forums and LinkedIn groups.
  • Numerous companies in the UAE prefer that applicants submit directly through their websites. Check the career sections of company websites for employment opportunities, and then follow the application instructions.
  • Request Online: Submit your applications through the organization’s website or job boards. Include your updated resume and any other required documents.
  • Consider registering with specialized recruitment agencies for your industry. They can help match your talents to appropriate employment opportunities.
  • Government job sites The UAE government also provides job portals where you can discover listings for employment opportunities in various industries. Websites such as “UAE Government Jobs” and “Dubai Careers” from the UAE and Dubai governments are beneficial resources.
  • Visas and Work Permits: If you are not a resident of the UAE, you will need a work permit to work there. Employers typically sponsor expatriate employees for work visas. Ensure that your prospective employer understands the visa and work permit requirements.
  • If your application is successful, you should prepare for job interviews. Conduct research on the organization, dress professionally, and prepare answers to common interview inquiries.
  • Consider sending a follow-up email expressing your appreciation for the opportunity and continued interest in the position after applying or attending an interview.

Always ensure that you are conversant with the UAE’s labor laws and regulations, including those governing contract terms, working hours, and benefits. The job application process may vary based on the specific emirate or industry; therefore, it is crucial to remain up-to-date with the most recent information during your job search.

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People Also Ask:

  1. What is the salary of a lecturer in HCT?

    The average salary for a lecturer is AED 23,200 per month in the United Arab Emirates, which is 16% higher than the average HCT salary of AED 20,000 per month for this job.

  2. Where do higher education colleges in the UAE rank?

    Higher Colleges of Technology ranked 6th in the United Arab Emirates, 3062nd in the global rating, and scored in the top 50% across 20 research topics.

  3. What is the largest applied higher educational institution in the UAE?

    Founded in 1988, the Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT) is the UAE’s largest applied, higher educational institution. Approximately 23,000 students attend 16 men’s and women’s campuses across the UAE.

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