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Taxi Drivers and Supervisors Jobs in UAE 2024 – Apply Here


The Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC), a subsidiary of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), will conduct face-to-face interviews for the hiring of limousine drivers, school bus drivers, and bus supervisors/attendants of various nationalities.

Limousine Driver Position:

  • Exceeds Dh7,000.

Requirements For Taxi Drivers and Supervisors Jobs in UAE:

  • Two years of driving experience.
  • Valid license from the native country, the UAE, or the GCC.

Aspiring School Bus Drivers:

  • Salary Package: Dh2,700.


  • The age range is 23 to 45 years.
  • A valid UAE driver’s license (heavy vehicle No. 6) is required.

Bus Supervisor/Attendant Role for Females:

  • Monthly Salary: Competitive, ranging from Dh1,500 to Dh1,800.


  • Candidates between 23 and 45 years of age.
  • Added benefits are included.

These positions offer a range of salaries and requirements to accommodate various skill sets and preferences. The Dubai Taxi Corporation is eager to recruit candidates from diverse backgrounds and demographics for its team.


Recognition for Taxi Drivers and Supervisors Jobs in UAE:

  • In April, Dubai Taxi honored the ten exceptional drivers who completed the most journeys via the ‘DTC App’.
  • Motivating Excellence: This award demonstrates DTC’s ongoing commitment to recognizing and motivating drivers who excel in their positions.

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Enhancing School Transport Services: Integration of Government Schools

  • Strategic Initiative: By integrating 58 government schools into its school transport application (DTC School transport App), Dubai Taxi has taken a significant step.
  • This strategic step is in line with DTC’s larger mission to improve services for government schools across the entire emirate.
  • Currently, DTC’s school buses efficiently operate on approximately 800 routes, ensuring that pupils are transported without interruption.

Benefits of Taxi Drivers and Supervisors Jobs in UAE

  • Competitive Salary: Some taxi drivers in the UAE may also be able to supplement their income with gratuities in addition to a competitive salary.
  • Housing Allowance: Certain taxi driver positions may include housing allowances or accommodations, contingent upon the employer.
  • Transportation: Occasionally, taxi drivers may be granted access to dependable and cost-effective commuting alternatives through the provision of transportation or subsidization.
  • Flexible Working Hours: Taxi driver positions may provide the advantage of flexible working hours, enabling employees to select schedules that are in accordance with their personal preferences or way of life.
  • Tips and Commissions: Taxi drivers may be compensated with gratuities from passengers, and certain companies implement commission-based frameworks that have the potential to augment their overall earnings.
  • Healthcare Benefits: To ensure that employees have access to necessary medical care, some employers provide healthcare benefits, such as medical insurance.
  • Training Programs: Taxi companies may provide training programs with the aim of augmenting the competencies of drivers, thereby guaranteeing that they are adequately equipped to handle their obligations.
  • Cultural Exposure: Taxi driving in the United Arab Emirates affords individuals the chance to engage in meaningful interactions with individuals hailing from various cultural contexts, thereby facilitating a distinctive and intellectually stimulating encounter.
  • Stability and Security: The United Arab Emirates is renowned for its high level of security and political stability, which ensures that employees operate in a secure environment.
  • Career Progression: Prospects for career progression may vary by organization, but may include advancing to supervisory positions or enrolling in supplementary training initiatives.

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People Also Ask:

  1. What is the basic salary for a taxi driver in the UAE?

    The average taxi driver’s salary in the UAE is AED 3,500 per month, going up to AED 4,500 based on industry, job location, and candidate profile.

  2. What is the minimum salary for a taxi driver in Dubai?

    The average salary for Taxi drivers is AED 6,020 per month in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The average additional cash compensation for a Taxi Driver in Dubai.

  3. How much does a VIP driver earn in Dubai?

    AED 21K. The estimated total pay for a personal driver is AED 20,750 per month in the Dubai area, with an average salary of AED 4,750 per month. These numbers represent the median, which is the midpoint of the ranges from our proprietary Total Pay Estimate model and based on salaries collected from our users.

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