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You can establish genuine, authentic relationships with our guests and your teammates. You are enthusiastic and inquisitive about food and drink, and you are eager to learn more about your craft and our industry. You achieve genuine fulfillment when you provide others with an extraordinary experience and the opportunity to experience happiness.

The business: As a member of the FGR family, you will experience genuine professional development, job satisfaction, respectful and supportive environments, and industry-leading benefits for all positions. We are a dependable restaurant group with deep Atlanta roots (we opened our first restaurant in 1993). We are recognized as an organization that prioritizes its employees, its community, and the environment.


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The server position at Fifth Group Restaurants is one of the company’s most important positions. The server is the front-line employee who will spend the most time interacting with guests. The server will assist guests in selecting a meal plan, recommend complementary foods and beverages, and ensure that the meal is served in a timely and professional manner, all of which will result in a pleasant and memorable dining experience.

Serving in the Fifth Group requires a high level of conscientiousness, responsibility, and professionalism. Servers must be dependable and capable of handling multiple tasks concurrently with confidence and composure. They must have a keen eye for detail and the desire to exceed the expectations of guests.

Product Expertise/Service Measures:

We value growth and learning. We are inspired by and encourage originality.

  • Maintains comprehensive product knowledge, including all dining and bar menus, wine and spirits, to compare, contrast, and ultimately recommend the most appropriate items to guests.
  • Exhibits excellent personalized suggestive selling in all interactions with guests.
  • Consistently implements the 14 Connected Service Elements.
  • Acquires an understanding of the restaurant concept and Fifth Group’s past and personnel.
  • Support Server and Greeter roles are available to this individual.
  • Prepares and resets tables for incoming guests. The Greeter and Support Server provide whatever assistance they can, but it is ultimately the server’s responsibility to reset their own tables.
  • Transports all food to guests, assisting other servers as necessary.
  • Maintains effective communication with guests via routine follow-ups.

Financial and Legal

  • Our commitment is to profitability.
  • Understands and adheres to all applicable local, state, and county liquor laws and food safety regulations.
  • Processes immediately and accurately all types of guest payment transactions.

Operations: We insist on excellence.

  • Possesses a comprehensive understanding of the P.O.S. register system and communicates orders to the kitchen and bar promptly.
  • Performs all assigned sidewalks, opening/closing responsibilities, duration responsibilities, and weekly cleaning tasks.
  • Cleans and organizes the dining room, wait stations, and storage areas.
  • exhibits superior technical skills in the following areas: service execution, table maintenance, service points, plate and glass handling, and consolidation of responsibilities.
  • We believe in success and generosity. We insist on honesty and courtesy.
  • Assists all other employees with any tasks that management deems necessary for the efficient operation of a restaurant, with a focus on the customer.
  • performs any task deemed necessary by managers to ensure the satisfaction of all guests.
  • personality and a positive attitude that generates an amusing and exciting environment for guests.
  • identifies and resolves guest complaints and dissatisfaction-related issues.
  • expected to communicate honestly and openly with staff, managers, and owners.
  • These lists of job duties and responsibilities are not meant to be an exhaustive list of all duties performed by classified personnel. The administration reserves the right to alter or revise duties at any time.

Benefits of Server Jobs Near Me in USA

  • Tips and Gratuities: Frequently, servers are presented with the chance to accumulate tips and gratuities, sources of revenue that can substantially augment their overall compensation. Contingent on the nature of the establishment and the quality of service rendered, the quantity may differ.
  • Flexible Schedules: Numerous server positions provide the advantage of flexible work schedules, thereby facilitating individuals in managing professional obligations alongside personal commitments or the pursuit of alternative interests.
  • Entry-Level Prospects: Server positions frequently demand only rudimentary prior experience and are classified as entry-level. This characteristic renders them easily comprehensible to individuals who are new to the hospitality industry but possess limited professional experience.
  • Social Interaction: Servers are afforded the chance to engage in conversations with a wide array of individuals, encompassing clients, colleagues, and superiors. Those who take pleasure in meeting new people may find this social aspect fascinating.
  • Fast-Paced Environment: Server positions may offer a stimulating and dynamic professional milieu for individuals who excel in dynamic and fast-paced environments. Particularly alluring to those who take pleasure in maintaining a hectic schedule and being constantly on their feet.
  • Collaboration and Teamwork: Servers frequently contribute to a collective effort alongside bartenders, kitchen personnel, and fellow servers. This collaborative effort has the potential to cultivate feelings of camaraderie and assistance.
  • Skill Development: Serving requires the development of a variety of skills, including effective communication, time management, customer service, and multitasking. These abilities are applicable in a variety of additional professional contexts.
  • Possibilities for Networking: Employment in the hospitality sector offers prospects for establishing connections with a wide array of individuals. Individuals who are considering advancing their careers or pendulum may find this networking opportunity advantageous.
  • Employee Discounts: Certain establishments provide discounts for meals, beverages, and additional services for their employees. Servants who appreciate the establishment’s services or products may find this benefit to be quite advantageous.
  • Cash Tips: Cash tips are frequently given to servers directly by consumers, in addition to credit card tips. This can provide immediate financial support and financial management flexibility.
  • Casual Dress Code: The server positions frequently enforce a casual dress code, which grants staff members the flexibility to dress comfortably for work.

More Info

How do servers get money?

Generally, servers earn hourly wages above the federal minimum wage thanks to tips from customers.

Is a server a good first job?

Serving food is an excellent job for people who love meeting others, need flexible hours, or simply want some extra cash. Learn what it takes to become a server, even with no experience. Serving and waiting on tables can be a lucrative role, especially for those just starting out in the workforce. 1

Is being a server a professional job?

Servers are restaurant professionals who attend to customers’ needs in a friendly, welcoming way while taking and delivering their orders quickly and accurately with excellent customer service.

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