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Air Canada Jobs 2024 – Apply Now


Air Canada is now looking for a wide variety of positions, including cabin crew, flight attendant, ground handling, airport services, and duty-free positions. Simply review the job openings listed below and confirm your eligibility to apply for Air Canada Jobs.

There are hundreds of fresh Air Canada Careers openings now available. If you intend to apply for job openings at Air Canada, you should first familiarise yourself with the company’s recruiting standards and pay structure in order to maximize your career rewards. Skills, experience, and logged hours have an effect on the salaries of both captains and first officers. In order to gain a better understanding of the remuneration and benefits offered by Air Canada careers, we have included the salaries of entry-level positions.


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If you are an international applicant seeking employment with Air Canada, you must immigrate to Canada through Express Entry or a Working Holiday Visa. Air Canada has posted job openings for Pilots, Cabin Crew, Engineers, and Maintenance specialists.

If you wish to advance your career and aspire to be the finest in the aviation sector, Air Canada’s job openings are the most desirable for you. Prepare all of your documentation, including a current resume, and submit an online job application to advance your career.

Details About Air Canada Jobs

  • Name of Company: Air Canada
  • Employment Location: Canada and the World
  • Nationality: All Nationalities Are Eligible
  • Education: Diploma/Degree in Position-Relevant Field
  • Experience: Preferred
  • Salary Range: Depending Upon Job Title
  • Benefits to Employees: Attractive

Benefits of Air Canada Jobs

  • Competitive Compensation: Air Canada generally provides competitive remuneration, encompassing a range of performance-based benefits and incentives as part of the compensation packages.
  • Employee Travel Benefits: A noteworthy advantage extended to Air Canada employees is the opportunity to receive complimentary or reduced-cost air travel. This advantage is applicable to the employee, his or her immediate family, and occasionally even close acquaintances, thereby facilitating cost-effective travel.
  • Comprehensive Health and Wellness Programs: Medical, dental, and vision coverage are frequently included in the comprehensive health and wellness benefits offered by Air Canada. These advantages might also be applicable to dependents.
  • Benefits for Retirement and Pension Plans: In order to secure their financial future, employees may be granted access to pension plans and retirement savings programs.
  • Training and Development Opportunities: Opportunities for Training and Development Air Canada makes substantial investments in its employees’ training and development. This includes opportunities for career advancement, talent development, and professional growth.
  • Work-Life Balance: Air Canada may provide employees with flexible work schedules, contingent upon their particular department and function, in order to facilitate the maintenance of a harmonious work-life equilibrium.
  • Employee Assistance Programs: Employee assistance programs (EAPs) offer assistance to personnel in diverse spheres of life, encompassing personal challenges, financial matters, and mental health.
  • Employee Recognition Programs: Air Canada acknowledges and incentivizes exceptional performance by means of a variety of employee recognition programs. This may increase motivation and morale.
  • Diverse and Inclusive Work Environment: Air Canada is dedicated to cultivating an environment that is both diverse and inclusive in the workplace. Frequently, employees gain from working in an environment that embraces diversity and equality and is multicultural in nature.
  • Career Advancement Opportunities: The airline offers a wide array of positions that provide employees with the potential for lateral transfers, promotions, and career development.
  • Employee Discounts: Apart from travel benefits, employees might be eligible for reduced prices on a variety of services and products, such as car rentals, hotel accommodations, and more.
  • Community Involvement: Air Canada frequently participates in a variety of charitable and community initiatives. There may be opportunities for employees to contribute to community development through volunteer programs.

Air Canada Careers| Multiple Career Vacancy Recruitment:

Air Canada is the largest airline and provider of pre-booked passenger benefits in the Canadian market, the Canada-US trans-border market, and the international market to and from Canada. In 2017, Air Canada and its Air Canada Express local partners transported close to 48 million passengers and offered direct passenger service to over 200 destinations on six continents.

Air Canada is an established member of Star AllianceTM, the most extensive air transportation network in the world. Trans-Canada Airlines (TCA), the predecessor to Air Canada, had its inaugural flight on September 1, 1937. Two passengers and mail were transported between Vancouver and Seattle using Lockheed L-10A on a 50-minute flight. By 1964, TCA had become the national airline of Canada and changed its name to Air Canada.

In 1989, the airline turned out to be totally privatized. Air Canada shares are traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: AC), and as of July 29, 2016, it’s Class A variable voting offers and Class B voting shares began trading on OTCQX International Premier in the United States under the ticker symbol “ACDVF.” Air Canada is one of the twenty largest airlines in the world and employs 30,000 people. Its corporate headquarters are located in Montreal.

Latest Job Vacancy Recruitment | Air Canada Careers:

Looking for the most recent Air Canada employment postings? Here you will find current Air Canada Job ads, prospects, career options, and a great deal more. Learn how each Air Canada employee has equal career possibilities to be their best self and play a distinctive role in achieving the company’s objectives.

How do I apply for careers at Air Canada?

If you want an interesting career with Air Canada, you can follow the application process outlined here. To apply for a position with Air Canada, you must do the following steps:

  • Click on the “Apply Now” link next to each Air Canada job posting to be brought to the Air Canada Careers website.
  • Carefully review the job description, main tasks, and application requirements before deciding whether to apply.
  • After deciding to move forward with the application, click the “Apply Now” option.
  • Now, complete the application form with the required information [you must create an Air Canada Careers login ID in order to apply for any position].
  • After filling out the application form, please upload your most recent CV or resume.
  • Send in the application.
How to Apply
How to Apply

More Info

  1. How much does Air Canada pay?

    Average Air Canada hourly pay ranges from approximately $14.00 per hour for Représentant Bilingue (H/F) to $37.20 per hour for Conducteur (trice) D’équipement Lourd. The average Air Canada salary ranges from approximately $42,651 per year for a flight attendant to $104,560 per year for a senior manager.

  2. What is the minimum salary for a flight attendant at Air Canada?

    As a qualified Flight Attendant, the salary is $28.85 per hour. Please note that training will be paid at a lower rate. To ensure that you have the security clearance required by Transport Canada, we will conduct a criminal background check on all candidates.

  3. What age does Air Canada hire?

    A minimum of 18 years of age. You must be able to travel! Please provide us with a valid Canadian passport that allows travel to all countries served by Air Canada. We are ready to wear our uniform perfectly and adhere to impeccable personal grooming standards.

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