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Foreign Workforce Recruitment Agencies in Poland 2024

Foreign Workforce Recruitment Agencies in Poland: According to statistics, the number of foreign workers looking for work in Poland is increasing year after year. More than half of the labeled immigrants moved to Poland by 2020. This is due to the Polish government’s simplification of the employment system for foreign workers.
There are currently several options for foreigners seeking employment in Poland. It could be through recruitment agencies, Polish job boards, classified newspapers, acquaintances, or even directly from Polish companies. To avoid becoming a victim of fraud or a fake recruitment agency, it is best to use this list of trusted Poland recruitment agencies that recruit foreign workers. However, the services of recruitment agencies are free to job seekers. In some cases, however, foreign job seekers may be required to pay for a work visa, a plane ticket, and an insurance policy.


Poland, located at the crossroads of Central and Eastern Europe, has witnessed extraordinary economic growth over the past few decades. This growth is accompanied by an increasing demand for skilled workers in various industries. Foreign manpower recruitment agencies have become indispensable to bridge the gap between job openings and qualified candidates.

The Booming Job Market in Poland

Poland’s stable economy and strategic location within the European Union have attracted a number of multinational companies, resulting in a booming job market. Sectors such as information technology, manufacturing, healthcare, and finance are constantly seeking international talent to sustain their growth.

The Role of Foreign Workforce Recruitment Agencies

Foreign manpower recruitment agencies act as intermediaries between job seekers and employers. They manage the entire recruitment process from identifying suitable candidates to ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Foreign Workforce Recruitment Agencies in Poland 2024
Foreign Workforce Recruitment Agencies in Poland 2024

Details About Foreign Workforce Recruitment Agencies in Poland

Documents Required to Work in Poland as a Foreigner

  • A well-written resume (which we can write for you)
  • Foreign workers must have a valid passport.
  • Work permit
  • Health coverage

We have highlighted the most reputable Poland recruitment agencies that hire foreign workers in this article.

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Foreign Workforce Recruitment Agencies in Poland

  • AKCJA Employment
  • Outsourcing by Orus
  • Optiveum
  • Serwis, Atoz
  • Profit APS Polska
  • AMS
  • Jobian

1. AKCJA Employment:

AKCJA Job is a Polish international recruitment agency. Their services include temporary employee recruitment, permanent employee recruitment at all levels of the company hierarchy, competence management consultancy, and career management and competence-building training.
AKCJA Job also provides recruitment services to all companies operating in Poland and abroad. They are experts in recruiting both single employees and entire teams of specialists from various professions committed to completing more complex projects.

Contact Information:

Location: Poland

Contact Information: +48 71 343 22 06, +48 17 856 17 69


2. Outsourcing by Orus:

Orus outsources parts of the manufacturing and logistics processes. They’ve been in the international market since 2012. Furthermore, they are part of the HRBC Group, which includes consulting, recruitment, and outsourcing firms. As a result, they can provide services at the highest level while also ensuring their clients’ long-term satisfaction through collaboration and visible results. They are involved in the food, agriculture, construction, and service industries.

Contact Information:

Location: Malopolskie, Kraków, Poland

Contact Information: +48-12-379-3993

3. Optiveum:

Optiveum is a company that specializes in IT and technical recruitment and outsourcing. Based on their 20 years of international experience in global HR & Outsourcing firms, they established a boutique IT recruitment and outsourcing consultancy that supports local and international clients with resources from Poland and other Central European countries. In addition, we offer other consulting services.

Contact Information:

Location: ul. Warszawa 3/10 for Górnickiego

Contact Information: +48 792 855 173


4. Atoz Serwis:

Atoz Serwis is an international Poland recruitment agency that hires foreign workers. They are committed to serving as a resource for job seekers, employers, students, and overseas employee recruiters. They also offer IT solutions, work visas, business visas, educational programs, and permanent residency.

Contact Information:

Location: 16 Ul Ludwika Idzikowskiego, Warszawa, Poland

Contact Information: +48 22 208 5497


5. Profit APS Polska:

APS Profit Polska provides job placement services in the form of one-time recruitment and employee leasing for temporary work in a variety of industrial and manufacturing sectors. Their goal is to thoroughly assess the company’s needs and find employees with the necessary competencies and skills, including in various fields

They are a team that is willing to take on any recruitment project. APS Profit Polska has successfully recruited the best specialists as well as top-level managers and management personnel. In 2019, they employed 2,325 temporary workers for user employers in employee leasing alone, in addition to providing HR and payroll services.

Contact Information:

Location: ul. 71-635 Szczecin, Emilii Plater 14B / U1,

Contact Information: +48 91 462 43 12


6. AMS:

AMS is a global total workforce solutions company that was founded in 1996. By building, reshaping, and optimizing workforces, they enable organizations to thrive in an age of constant change.

They accomplish this by providing talent acquisition and contingent workforce management, internal mobility and skill development, and talent and technology advisory services. Their solutions are once again delivered by their 6500+ experts. Their ultimate goal is to assist clients all over the world, including more than 100 blue-chip companies, in developing workforces that are fluid, resilient, diverse, and differentiated.

Contact Information:

Address: AMS Poland Sp. z o.o. z.o.o. ul. Puszkarska 7f, 30-644 Kraków, Poland

Contact Information: +48 22 211 06 16,


7. Jobian:

Jobian has reinvented the traditional recruitment model and strengthened it with cutting-edge technology. Their entire international hiring process is now accessible online through the Jobian platform. Furthermore, their system is designed to provide the best vacancies based on individual needs and requests.

Jobian is a group of seasoned recruiters, IT professionals, managers, lawyers, and call centre representatives. They collaborate with trusted partners to provide high-quality, safe, and affordable services in the fields of employment, migration assistance, legal assistance, banking operations, insurance, and assistance in resolving day-to-day issues associated with living abroad. Their values are secure, official, and unrestricted foreign employment.

Contact Information:

Address: Warsaw, Poland, 00-838, Prosta Street, 70

Contact Information: +380 50 101 0777



You should decide on this important information as a foreigner before contacting any of the Poland recruitment agencies that hire foreign workers.

  • Work Environment
  • Work Description
  • Age groups (20, 35 45 years old)
  • Gender (jobs for men and women)
  • Qualification
  • Working knowledge
  • Accommodation
  • Food accessibility
  • Transportation
  • Polish language instruction


Foreign manpower recruitment agencies in Poland act as an important bridge connecting job seekers and employers in a dynamic and competitive job market. Their expertise in matching skills, navigating legal complexities, and promoting cultural integration make them indispensable players in the country’s workforce ecosystem.

People Also Ask

  • Which companies in Poland employ foreign workers?

    top companies
    AXA XL.
    Global Shared Services at Arla.
    TELUS International Competence Call Center member
    Poland’s HCL.
    EMEA Shared Services at McKinsey.

  • Is foreign labor employed in Poland?

    Poland Job Opportunities
    There are many job opportunities for foreigners considering working in Poland; in fact, it has become one of Europe’s largest business process outsourcing/shared services centers (BPO/SSCs).

  • What are the most in-demand jobs in Poland?

    As a result, the following are the top ten professions in Poland:
    Employees with blue-collar experience.
    Employees in the trade field
    Technicians and shopkeepers
    IT professionals
    Accountants and economists

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