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Recruitment Agencies in Bulgaria for Citizens and Foreigners 2023


Recruitment Agencies in Bulgaria for Citizens and Foreigners 2023: Are you a foreigner seeking better conditions in Bulgaria? Then you must be aware of Bulgaria Recruitment Agencies 2023.

The dream of every foreigner and citizen residing in Bulgaria is to advance in their career or to increase their monthly income and salary.


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As a result, as an international ex-pat seeking greener pastures, being aware of the 2023 Recruitment Agencies in Bulgaria will be a significant step in reducing the stress associated with finding an ideal job in Bulgaria.

On this page, we will examine the 2023 Top Recruitment Agencies in Bulgaria for foreigners. As a foreigner seeking to learn more about the Top Bulgarian Recruiting Agencies, the information listed here, as well as additional pertinent information about the Bulgarian Top Recruiting Agencies, is essential.

Recruitment Agencies in Bulgaria for Citizens and Foreigners 2023
Recruitment Agencies in Bulgaria for Citizens and Foreigners 2023

Top 2023 Recruitment Agencies in Bulgaria

Knowing the right Bulgaria Recruitment Agencies when applying for an Internation job or as a citizen is the solution to the majority of obstacles you may encounter in the pursuit of your dream job.

Here is a list of Bulgarian employment agencies.

  • Top Skills Recruitment
  • Horizon Bulgaria
  • Bulwork Company Limited
  • JobTiger
  • Cosmos Agency
  • Recruitment Agency Balkain Invest
  • Talantix Global IT Recruitment Bulcon Group
  • IBC Student Exchange
  • Novi Global Recruitment Bulgaria
  • HRS Bulgaria
  • Holgersson Eood
  • Arsis Global Consulting Bulgaria-Talentor Bulgaria
  • InterContinental Recruiting
  • Correct Consult Bulgaria
  • Adecco Bulgaria
  • Sofia Tech Recruitment
  • Sutherland Global Services Bulgaria
  • Cargill CBS Bulgaria
  • SBA Flex Recruitment
  • Talantix
  • Work Abroad LLC
  • Chance Agency Ltd

Who can work in Bulgaria?

As a Foreigner, Citizen, or even an International Expert desiring to work in Bulgaria, you may be unsure of its viability. Well, good news!

It is highly probable for Bulgaria. However, this is contingent upon the visa you possess while in Bulgaria. Foreign nationals from European Union countries are permitted to work without a work visa or permit.

What is the normal salary in Bulgaria?

According to a report by ZaPlatomer, the average Bulgarian earns between 920 and 3,696 Bulgarian Lev. However, in some instances, it may be greater.

What kind of work is in demand in Bulgaria?

Executive management jobs, Finance Control and strategy, Sales and Business Development, Consulting, Accounting, and Professional services are the highest-paying positions in Bulgaria.
Bulgaria’s economy remains one of the most stable and fastest-growing in the world. As a citizen of Bulgaria or an ex-pat from abroad, recruitment agencies in Bulgaria provide a suitable platform for advancing your career and obtaining well-paying employment opportunities.

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