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Part Time Factory Jobs in Athens Greece – Apply Now


When you join Caterpillar, you’re joining a worldwide team that cares about more than simply the work we do. We are the creators, problem solvers, and future world builders building better, more sustainable communities. We don’t simply talk about development and innovation here; we make it happen, with our customers, in our workplaces, and our communities. We are all working together to make the planet a better place to live.

Details About Part Time Factory Jobs in Athens Greece

  • Organization: Caterpillar
  • Pay: $17 an hour
  • Job type: Part-time
  • Shift and schedule: Overtime
  • Career Area: Manufacturing & Supply Chain

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Benefits of Part Time Factory Jobs in Athens Greece

  • Flexibility in Work Hours: Part-time manufacturing employment often offers flexible working hours, allowing employees to balance work with other commitments such as school, family duties, or extra occupations.
  • Income Supplement: Part-time work provides an opportunity to supplement one’s income, particularly for those who are unable to find full-time jobs or who require additional money.
  • Skill Development and Training: Factory positions frequently provide opportunities for employees to develop new skills, get experience in manufacturing processes, and improve their general employability.
  • Entry-Level Opportunities: Part-time factory jobs are frequently entry-level roles that provide an initial step into the manufacturing business. They help people to obtain significant experience and potentially improve their careers.
  • Steady Employment: Part-time manufacturing jobs can provide a consistent source of employment and income, bringing financial stability to those looking for part-time work.
  • Opportunity for Full-Time Transition: As individuals exhibit their ability and dedication to the job, some part-time positions may lead to full-time employment opportunities.
  • Employee Benefits: Depending on the business and the terms of employment, part-time employees may be eligible for employee benefits such as healthcare coverage, paid time off, or retirement contributions.
  • Networking and Industry Exposure: Part-time factory employment offers the ability to network with professionals in the manufacturing business, potentially opening doors to future career prospects and progress within the sector.
  • Contributing to the Local Economy: Working at a factory allows individuals to contribute to the local economy by participating in the manufacturing of goods and aiding Athens and Greece’s general economic growth.
  • Structured Work Environment: Factory occupations frequently provide a structured work environment, with clearly defined duties and responsibilities, providing employees with a sense of order and routine.
  • Teamwork and Collaboration: Working in a factory fosters cooperation and collaboration by allowing workers to engage with colleagues, learn from one another, and jointly contribute to accomplishing production goals.
  • Fulfillment of Basic Needs: Part-time industrial work helps people satisfy their fundamental necessities, such as housing, food, and other vital living expenses, which improves their overall quality of life.

Are you ready to build what matters? Build More Than Machines. Build a Career.

  • Caterpillar is searching for professionals who desire to advance their careers. Because you have a lot to give, we make a commitment to you as a professional – and as a person. We provide competitive salaries, quarterly bonuses, full benefits beginning on Day ONE, and paid training.
  • We respect commitment at Caterpillar, and we reward you with the option to earn a 5% attendance bonus for every day you arrive on time.
  • This is how it looks (starts after 90 days):
  • First shift: $17.00/hour up to $17.85/hour with attendance bonus
  • Second shift: $18.36/hour (night shift premium included) with attendance premium applied, up to $19.21/hour
  • You will receive 40 hours of paid time off on your first day and an extra 60 hours of paid time off within your first year!

As an Assembler at Caterpillar, you will:

  • Follow established procedures to assemble and adjust parts and components in a safe and defect-free manner.
  • Lean manufacturing concepts can be used to enable continuous improvement and waste removal.
  • To transfer big components, use industrial power equipment and lifting devices.

Basic Requirements:

  • Previous job experience of at least 3 months is required.

Physical Requirements (with or without reasonable accommodation):

  • willing and able to sit or stand for extended amounts of time
  • willing and capable of doing repetitive tasks
  • Willing and capable of lifting up to 35 pounds.

Top Candidates will also have:

  • 2+ years of steady work in industrial assembly or manufacturing
  • Work history that has been continuous with progressive movement
  • Experience assembling heavy machinery

Additional Information:

Resumes are strongly encouraged. Please do not submit an application that is blank (no job history or resume attached), since this may result in disqualification. Prior to the interview, successful candidates must complete an online assessment.

Employee benefit details:

At Caterpillar, we want you to enjoy a rewarding career. You get paid more than simply an hourly rate here. We provide a whole rewards program that includes benefits from day one (medical, dental, vision, RX, and 401K) as well as the possibility of a quarterly bonus. Paid holidays and time off are additional perks.

Final details:

Please check the email address linked with your application on a regular basis, including the junk/spam folder, as this is the primary way of communication. If you want to check the status of your application, please utilize the candidate log-in on our career website, as it will reflect any changes.
This position does not qualify for visa sponsorship. This employer is not presently employing foreign national applicants who need or will need sponsorship from a certain employer, such as H, L, TN, F, J, E, and O. Caterpillar, being a worldwide corporation, has many job possibilities outside of the United States, which can be found on our employment page at

The employer is an EEO/AA. All qualified candidates, including minorities, women, veterans, and those with impairments, are urged to apply.

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People Also Ask:

  1. Is it easy to find a job in Athens?

    Due to the economic crisis, Athens has only a handful of job prospects. That isn’t meant to say that finding work in the Greek capital is difficult. There are specialized industries, such as tourism, that have vacancies and appeal to foreigners from all over the world.

  2. Is there work for foreigners in Greece?

    The tourist business in Greece offers an array of jobs for foreign workers, from food and hospitality to English translators, tour guides, and sports trainers. For tourists from abroad, Athens and multiple of the major Greek islands are overflowing with hotels and resorts.

  3. How much do factory workers get paid in Greece?

    In Greece, the typical salary for a Factory Worker is €16,497 per year and €8 per hour. A Factory Worker’s average salary ranges from €12,521 to €19,202.

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