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Factory Jobs in Netherlands 2024 – Apply Now


If you answered yes, you should read this post because it contains the information you need. If you are a factory worker seeking a better living, the Netherlands has open arms for you. Thousands of factories are always hiring.

Some factory jobs in the Netherlands may be temporary or permanent, and others may be part-time or full-time, so choose carefully and apply for one of the positions listed below. In the Netherlands, factory work has historically been the most popular occupation for hard-working and qualified individuals striving to make ends meet; therefore, continue reading!!


Description of Factory Jobs in Netherlands

  • Here, I will examine all the factory jobs in the Netherlands, as they will be highlighted in this article; if you desire to work in a factory in the Netherlands, read on.
    Factory Jobs in the Netherlands afford candidates and foreigners the opportunity or privilege of cultivating various factory positions.
    In this article, you will find a list of all the current and open factory positions for which you can apply, should you find them appealing.
    As a candidate for these factory jobs in the Netherlands, be sure to peruse all the information in this article, as it will serve as a solid guide.
  • Factory jobs in the Netherlands enable the commercialization of various factory positions for interested candidates or applicants as well as willing foreigners entering the country.

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How to Obtain Factory Employment in the Netherlands (Skills)
To be successful as a production worker in the Netherlands, you must have consistent speed and accuracy on the production line.

In the Netherlands, as a candidate, you can go through an umbrella corporation or, in rare cases, a factory recruitment agency.

Below are the following abilities:

  • Efficiency abilities
  • Physical ability to perform job duties, which may include extended periods of standing, working in a space without climate control, or lifting objects weighing up to a predetermined maximum.
  • Capacity for accurate direction following
  • Detail orientation and organizational abilities
  • Excellent oral and written communication abilities
  • Project management abilities
  • Time management talent
  • Excellent technical and mechanical abilities.

Factory Positions Available In The Netherlands

The factory position is enjoyable and rewarding; it is sometimes considered a casual workplace; and you learn the significance of factory product quality.

Therefore, if you desire to work in factories in the Netherlands, continue reading to learn about Factory Jobs in the Netherlands.

Workman in Production – Netherlands

  • As a production worker, you are responsible for assembling products and components, adhering to production guidelines and specifications, and finalizing and shipping products.
  • They are responsible for operating and maintaining apparatus and production line equipment, as well as monitoring the assembly line and removing defective items.
  • The Production Worker is responsible for maintaining a tidy production area, preparing machinery and equipment for use, and operating the production line as directed.
  • Workers on the production line are responsible for meeting production goals, reporting any problems to the on-duty supervisor, and completing other tasks as assigned.
  • They are also responsible for operating and maintaining production equipment, assembling and inspecting machinery components, and monitoring product shipment.


In the Netherlands, the average salary for a Production Worker is €31,357 per year or €15 per hour.


  • During the shift, meet the deadlines for individual production duties.
  • Check inventory levels and report any faulty goods or raw materials
  • Maintain a spotless workplace to avoid chemical and fragile product hazards.
  • Review and adhere to manufacturing manuals when constructing apparatus.
  • Assemble and ready merchandise for dispatch
  • Complete quality assurance testing on goods and products and maintain proper warehouse storage for an inventory of materials and goods.
  • Utilize machinery such as forklifts to transport orders, and arrange inventory in an easily accessible manner.
  • Maintain the quality and maintenance of warehouse equipment, including machinery, and transport materials or finished products to designated areas.
  • Transfer equipment manually or using forklifts while adhering to the company’s safety and quality standards.


  • High school diploma or General Equivalency Diploma (GED).
  • Experience operating in a factory is advantageous.
  • Experience operating industrial equipment.
  • Capable of working with others.
  • Excellent communicative abilities.
  • Skills in basic mathematics.
  • Physical agility.
  • Available to work shifts.


  • Prior experience as a production worker or in a comparable position in a warehouse. Good understanding of how production equipment operates. Capable of detecting potential problems with machinery. Familiarity with basic safety rules and precautions (safety gear will be provided)
  • Capability to manually lift and transfer large objects.
  • A high school diploma or GED is mandatory.

Benefits of Factory Jobs in Netherlands

  • High Wages: The Netherlands is renowned for its comparatively elevated labor costs in contrast to a significant number of other nations. The average salary for factory workers in the Netherlands is competitive, frequently surpassing the mean wage for comparable positions in other nations.
  • Excellent Working Conditions: Profound Working Conditions: The Netherlands upholds worker safety and welfare through its stringent labor laws and regulations. Generally, factories in the Netherlands feature contemporary facilities and equipment, as well as secure and hygienic work environments.
  • Stable Economy: The Dutch economy is renowned for its resilience and stability, even in the face of economic contractions. This stability affords factory employees employment security and diminishes the likelihood of workforce reductions or unemployment.
  • Work-Life Balance: Promoting a healthy work-life balance is highly valued by the Dutch. Numerous factories provide parental leave policies, flexible work hours, and ample vacation time, enabling employees to balance their professional and personal lives.
  • Healthcare and Social Benefits: All residents, including factory laborers, are granted affordable access to healthcare through the Netherlands’ comprehensive healthcare system. Furthermore, in the Netherlands, personnel are eligible to receive an array of social benefits, including but not limited to retirement pensions, disability insurance, and unemployment benefits.
  • Opportunities for Education and Training: The Netherlands makes substantial investments in education and skills training. Numerous factories provide career development programs and on-the-job training opportunities, enabling workers to advance their careers and improve their skill sets.
  • Innovation and Technology: The Netherlands has gained a reputation for its pioneering efforts in innovation and technological progress. Frequently employing cutting-edge processes and technologies, the nation’s factories afford workers the chance to operate state-of-the-art machinery and cultivate invaluable proficiencies.
  • International Atmosphere: The Netherlands boasts a substantial expatriate community and is a multicultural and diverse nation. The employment of individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds in numerous factories facilitates networking and cross-cultural collaboration.
  • Consciousness Regarding the Environment: The Dutch are renowned for their dedication to environmental conservation and sustainability. Numerous factories in the Netherlands prioritize renewable energy sources and eco-friendly procedures, thereby providing employees with the opportunity to work for environmentally conscious companies.
  • Quality of Life: Consistently ranked highly in quality of life, the Netherlands boasts outstanding infrastructure, healthcare, education, and overall standard of living. In the Netherlands, factory laborers enjoy an exceptional standard of living both within and beyond the workplace.

Application Procedures for Factory Jobs in Netherlands

These are the necessary measures you must strictly adhere to:

  • Click the “Apply Now” option below to apply.
  • There are many available positions listed under Factory Careers in the Netherlands.
  • Complete the necessary information and select the submit button.
  • There are no deceptive statements on the website.

More Info

  1. What companies in the Netherlands are recruiting Factory Workers?

    Tempo-Team, B.A.M. Vermeer, Farm Dairy, Werkplek, Groene Hart Service Personeelsdiensten, Actief Werkt, Unique Uithoorn, Banketbakkerij Merba B.V., Dutch Days, and Hastens are currently employing the most Factory Workers.

  2. The duties of factory workers in the Netherlands are?

    The terms production operator, assembly line worker, assembly worker, CNC operator, machine operator, warehouse worker, and production worker are all synonyms.

  3. How much do factory workers get paid in the Netherlands?

    The average pay for a factory worker is €32,237 a year and €15 an hour in the Netherlands. The average salary range for a factory worker is between €24,468 and €37,524.

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