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Online Jobs in France For English Speakers 2024 – Apply Now

There are hundreds of jobs available for speakers; if you have the abilities businesses want and the relevant qualifications, obtaining a career in France should be simple. This article will show you how to apply for all of the online jobs mentioned in this post, including all of their application links and prerequisites.

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Why Opt for Online Jobs?

Online jobs have a lot of benefits, especially for people who live in France and speak English as a second language. These include the ability to work from anywhere, set your hours, and work on different jobs at the same time. Online jobs also get rid of regional limits, so you can work with clients and companies from all over the world.

Rise of Remote Work in France

In France, working from home has become a lot more common in recent years. This change has happened faster because of changes in technology and views about work. Employers are becoming more aware of the benefits of a remote workforce, which is creating a lot more opportunities for professionals who speak English.

Position Description

  • Online jobs in France enable employees to work outside of a company’s office, typically from home or anywhere in the world. Remote employees typically connect with their colleagues over the Internet as a result of this configuration.
  • As long as you have a good Internet connection and a comprehensive computer setup, you may work from home or anywhere you choose while being productive.
  • You will have flexible work hours that allow you to adapt your work to your lifestyle rather than the other way around with online jobs in France for English Speakers, and you do not have to live in France to work with global teams.

Benefits of Online Jobs in France For English Speakers

  • Flexibility: One notable benefit of online employment is the provision of flexible working hours. This is especially beneficial for individuals who reside in various time zones or must manage additional obligations, such as child care or education.
  • Opportunities for Remote Work: English speakers residing in France can avail themselves of an extensive selection of remote work prospects offered by multinational corporations and English-speaking countries.
  • A Wide Spectrum of Positions: The digital employment market presents an extensive assortment of positions spanning multiple sectors, such as software development, customer service, digital marketing, and writing and editing, among others. This diversity can accommodate various interests and skill sets.
  • No Commute: The absence of a daily commute is a benefit of online employment, as it allows for time and financial savings on transportation expenses. In addition to improving work-life balance, this can help alleviate the tension associated with commuting.
  • Access to Global Clients: The utilization of English language proficiency in France grants English speakers the opportunity to collaborate with corporations and customers from around the globe. This phenomenon presents prospects for engaging in collaborative endeavors with heterogeneous groups and broadening professional connections on a global scale.
  • Cost Savings: Cost savings can be achieved through remote work, which eliminates the need for expenditures like lunch, office attire, and commuting. Some online employment opportunities may also provide tax deductions or benefits for home office expenses.
  • Increased Autonomy: An augmented degree of autonomy and independence is frequently afforded by online employment opportunities in contrast to conventional office-based positions. The provision of autonomy can enable individuals to exert greater control over their work environments and schedules.
  • Skill Development: Participating in remote work can offer ongoing learning and skill enhancement prospects, specifically in domains including communication abilities, digital literacy, and remote collaboration tools.
  • Work-Life Balance: Online employment offers the opportunity to work remotely from any location with an internet connection, enabling individuals to allocate more time towards familial obligations and the pursuit of personal pastimes and interests.
  • Global Marketplace: The advent of the internet has revolutionized the labor market, establishing a global marketplace where English speakers residing in France have the ability to explore an extensive array of employment prospects irrespective of their geographic whereabouts.

Online Jobs in France for English Speakers Available

The following are the ongoing and presently available positions for online employment for English speakers:

Social Ads Online Marketing Manager: Summary

For English speakers to begin filling out their application forms, the Sumup firm in Paris, France, is looking for an Online Marketing Manager for Social Ads.


  • You have 5+ years of expertise in online marketing, with a strong background in social advertising
  • You are well-versed in the most recent online marketing trends, KPIs, tools, and best practices, as well as bidding tactics and automation.
  • You have a solid working knowledge of web analytics tools such as Google Analytics and Tableau, as well as the ability to evaluate data from numerous sources.
  • You have project management and process management expertise, including the formulation of business proposals and campaign implementation.
  • You speak English really well.
  • There will be a 30-minute chit-chat call for resume screening to assess applicants’ motivation and get to know each other.

More Info

Online Employment

  • The remote organization searches for and connects English speakers to online employment, and you should have great verbal and written communication abilities.
  • There is no experience necessary, but you must be able to stay organized, pay attention to details, follow directions, and multitask professionally and efficiently.


  • Must be able to complete work with or without reasonable accommodations.
  • Complete all additional duties as assigned.
  • Assist in the establishment of a desirable, professional, and secure working environment.

More Info

Online Coding Instructors for Children and Youth

  • eTeacher Group in France is looking for Online Instructors for Coding classes for kids and youth; thus, if you have leadership, entrepreneurship, and exceptional communication skills, work with them.
  • They offer excellent field training, with no prior expertise required!
  • Part-time, from-home work with an hourly wage.


  • Please email your CV in both English and French. A mother tongue is required.
  • A high level of English speaking and writing is required, as is at least two years of experience guiding/instructing.
  • Outstanding communication and presentation abilities
  • Advantageous knowledge of coding and computing
  • Excellent teaching and methodical ability

More Info

Manager of International Content (Native English Speaker)

  • Puppet is looking for an International Material Manager (Native English Speaker) in Paris, Île-de-France, France, as your duty will be to create content that will pique the attention of Pipplet’s target consumers.
  • Written content (blog pieces, e-books, press releases, website, client testimonials, Pipplet news, and graphics) is required (video, images, photos, gifs, and more)


  • You have two years of marketing content experience.
  • Because our target audiences are multinational, and our material must be developed “English-first,” you must be a natural English speaker.
  • You are fluent in French at the B1 level.
  • More than your training, your creativity and execution make the difference.

More Info

End of Online Jobs in France for English Speakers

  • You may view the following listings of Online Jobs In France For English Speakers in, which come with the added benefit of studying and working in a strategic setting.
  • With this assortment of online Jobs In France For English Speakers in, you have no limitations in taking them up to begin your employment.
  • The information in the preceding post is critical for you to begin applying for Online Jobs In France For English Speakers.
  • You can add a rich and rewarding extra dimension to your life and work to gain a beautiful experience after searching, applying, and finally being hired.


The digital age has made it possible to connect people with possibilities, no matter where they live. Online jobs for people who speak English and live in France are no longer just a dream. Take advantage of the freedom, flexibility, and energy this new way of working brings.

  1. Can I secure a stable income from online jobs in France?

    Yes, for sure. Many online jobs pay well, and if you work on different projects, you can build a steady stream of income.

  2. Do I need to speak French fluently to find online work in France?

    Even though knowing English is important, knowing a little bit of French can help you communicate and fit in.

  3. Can I work in France if I only speak English?

    Finding a job in Paris can be pretty tough for foreigners who don’t speak French. To maximize your shot, you’ll need to either learn some French or look to international companies, industries that have labor shortages or industries popular with expats, such as tourism or IT.

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