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Jobs in Singapore for foreigners 2023 – Apply Now


Jobs in Singapore for foreigners 2023 Singapore Jobs 2023 – For international workers who are desperate to improve their financial situation, now is the time to buckle down, leave your comfort zone, and begin applying for the better employment positions available at various local and multinational companies of Singapore in multiple industries, such as Teaching, Freelancing, Banking, Aviation, Engineering, etc. Working for these Singaporean businesses promises a brighter, more secure, and more prosperous future with high pay, a work-friendly environment, and financial stability.

Jobs Available in Singapore for International Talent:

All fresh graduates, experienced professionals, and skilled employees facing difficulties in earning a living due to a lack of employment opportunities in their home countries can fly to Singapore for a fresh and better start with high salaries, retirement and insurance packages, and lifetime health facilities.


1. Engineering Jobs in Singapore:

Engineering is another reputable area on our list, offering international engineers with talent, passion, and dedication thousands of work prospects. Industrial Engineers, Civil Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Chemical Engineers, etc., can find well-compensated employment opportunities at Engro Corporation Limited, Jurong Engineering Ltd, Garlock Singapore PTE, BroadTech Engineering, etc. In the meantime, these engineers will earn SGD 6,650 per month, SGD 3,800 per month, SGD 7,900 per month, and SGD 8,180 per month, respectively, for the aforementioned positions.


In the meantime, a Chemical engineer must have a certificate or Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering/Chemistry, three years of work experience, and expertise of chemical design. Meanwhile, mechanical engineers with a Bachelor’s degree or higher in Mechanical engineering and civil engineers with a degree in civil engineering, 4-5 years of practical work experience, and excellent communication and interpretation abilities are encouraged to apply. However, industrial engineers with a Bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering and proficiency in MS Word and Visual Programming can apply for suitable roles.

Jobs in Singapore for foreigners 2023 - Apply Now
Jobs in Singapore for foreigners 2023 – Apply Now

2. Jobs in Aviation in Singapore:

Singapore’s aviation business has a substantial impact on the country’s economy and pays high salaries to deserving personnel at airports, aviation corporations, and airlines. You can also apply for available positions with JETSTAR Asia Airways, Singapore Airlines, and Changi Airport and earn SGD 4,110/month as an Aircraft Technician, SGD 2,754.05/month as a Baggage Handler, SGD 2,730/month as a Flight Attendant, SGD 7,550/month as a Pilot, etc.

Applicants interested in baggage handling employment must possess customer service skills, knowledge of public safety and security, and the ability to move up to 30kg of bags. Pilots must also have a GCE ‘A’ level diploma or a degree from an approved institution, flying training experience, and a commercial pilot licence. Aircraft Technicians must have a certificate or degree in Aircraft Maintenance & Engineering, as well as at least one year of related work experience. Flight Attendants must possess a high school certificate or an equivalent education in aviation, hospitality, or tourism, as well as excellent verbal abilities, English proficiency, an attractive demeanour, etc.

3. University Employment in Singapore:

Lastly, we have well-respected teaching positions available at Singapore universities, such as Assistant Professor, Research Coordinator, Senior Lecturer, etc., with a monthly average income of SGD 140,40, SGD 11,600, and SGD 4,390, respectively, as well as other enticing benefits.

Those who are interested can find available positions at the Singapore Institute of Technology, the National University of Singapore, the Nanyang Technological University of Singapore, etc. In addition, in order to serve as an Assistant Professor in Singapore, candidates must possess a Ph.D./MD/equivalent degree in any field, have research published in five publications, etc. Senior lecturers with a Ph.D. from a prestigious university, exceptional vocal and interpersonal abilities, and five years of teaching experience are encouraged to apply. In the meanwhile, Research coordinators must have a Master of Science in the relevant discipline, as well as statistical capabilities and published research.

4. Hotel Employment in Singapore:

Overseas applicants with a passion, enthusiasm and degree in hotel management have golden chances in Singapore’s 4 to 5 star hotels in jobs such as Executive Chef, Dishwasher, Front desk manager, etc. Under these key classifications, qualified candidates can earn a variety of monthly salaries, including SGD 5,670 as a chef, SGD 1,950 as a dishwasher, SGD 5,590 as a front office manager, and SGD 2,280 as a cleaning attendant.

However, these interesting roles are empty at the Singapore Taang Plaza Hotel, Hilton Garden Inn, Beach Road Hotel, and Singapore Furama Hotel, among others. In contrast, executive chef positions require 5 to 7 years of operational kitchen experience, knowledge of kitchen administration, food, and beverages, and an undergraduate or graduate degree in culinary arts.

In the meanwhile, a high school diploma or general education degree, solid communication skills, and appropriate hygiene practise are required for dishwashers, although room cleaning attendants are only required to have a certificate and experience in housekeeping. Similarly, a front desk manager must possess a Bachelor of Science or Master of Science in tourism, hospitality, hotel management, or business administration.

5. Banking Jobs in Singapore:

Working in one of Singapore’s most prestigious banks is not something that can be taken for granted, as it is a once-in-a-lifetime chance that not everyone receives. Dozens of prominent banks, such as DBS Bank, OCBC Bank, Citibank Singapore, CIMB Bank Singapore, etc., operate in Singapore and are eager to employ international talent to increase their earnings and the economy of the nation.

In this regard, these banks are hiring for a variety of positions with the following monthly salaries: SGD 3,750 for Customer Care Officer, SGD 12,200 for Relationship Manager, SGD 4,450 for Accountant, SGD 16,500 for Finance Manager, etc.

A Bachelor of Science degree or certification in accounting and finance is required for accountant positions in Singaporean banks. However, a financial manager position demands a CA certification and four years of related experience. Customer Service Representatives must have a Bachelor of Science in Economics or a related field, proficiency in English, and outstanding communication skills. Lastly, the Relationship manager must possess a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Finance, Accounts, and Economics, in addition to five years of relevant professional experience. In addition, proficiency with MS Office, PowerPoint, and MS Excel is required for each role.

6. Healthcare Employment in Singapore:

This is your opportunity if you are a healthcare professional eager to provide your expertise and services to the people of Singapore. One of the best and most modern healthcare systems is now seeking competent, skilled, and experienced nurses, psychiatrists, pharmacists, and physicians from all over the world.

Apply for open positions at Singapore General Hospital, IHH Healthcare, SASCO Senior Citizen Home, and National Hospital Singapore if you have experience in any of these sectors. In the meantime, eligible healthcare professionals will receive SGD 5,960 per month as nurses, SGD 20,800 per month as psychiatrists, SGD 4,000 per month as pharmacists, and SGD 21,200 per month as doctors.

To work as a nurse in Singapore, you must have a recognised degree or diploma in nursing, along with a residency programme and work experience. Pharmacists are required to obtain a five-year degree in Clinical Pharmacy and registration with the Singapore Pharmacy Council. In contrast, psychiatrists must have completed five years of study and three years of training in psychiatry. In addition, foreign physicians are required to possess a medical degree, postgraduate qualification, and a licence to practise medicine.

7. Human Recourse & Administration Officer

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for assistance with personnel administration, office setup, buying, and managing office operations staff recruitment and human resource problems
  • Perform administrative tasks such as data entry and form filing.
  • Implement the policies and procedures of the company
  • Full undestand everything MOM regualation & system
  • Manage foreigner passes (apply, renew, transfer, cancel)
  • Responsible for payroll and small cash
  • Preparation of invoices and interim claims
  • Account assistant Capable of juggling various responsibilities
  • Responsible for office daily operations
  • Assist tender team on terdering


  • Candidate must possess a secondary/pre-university/college degree in any discipline.
  • Required competencies include MS Office, MS Word, and MS Excel.
  • Basic understanding of labour law
  • Certification/Abilities pertinent to account
  • Able to manage multitaskings

Average Base Salary Estimate:

$2,750 per month

Frequently Asked Questions

How can foreigners find employment in Singapore?

Easy to search for foreign jobs in Singapore and other countries, candidates need only visit our blog to review the recruiting school list and then apply for foreign employment in Singapore and other countries.

What is the Typical Salary in Singapore?

The average wage in Singapore is roughly $3500 per month.

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