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Latest Hotel Gardener Jobs in UAE 2024 – Apply Now

Those seeking opportunities in the UAE and are new to hotel horticulture should consider the Riviera Hotel Dubai. Located in the central region of the United Arab Emirates, this opulent and historic hotel is dedicated to maintaining the highest levels of service and hospitality. With our unwavering commitment, we guarantee an indelible experience for our valued clientele.

The Riviera Hotel Dubai recognizes the significance of a devoted and proficient staff. Currently, we are seeking enthusiastic individuals with no prior experience to become hotel gardeners on our staff. This is an exceptional opportunity for recent graduates to commence their professional careers in the esteemed hotel setting, with a specific emphasis on garden maintenance and horticulture.

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Details of Latest Hotel Gardener Jobs in UAE:

  • Position Title: Hotel Gardener Jobs in the UAE
  • Company: Riviera Hotel Dubai
  • Job Type: Full-Time or Part-Time
  • Monthly Salary: AED 2550.00–AED 4550.00
  • Location: United Arab Emirates
  • Working Experience: 1 to 2 years
  • Education/Qualification: Bachelor’s degree, high school diploma, or equivalent secondary education

Scope of Latest Hotel Gardener Jobs in UAE

The position of hotel horticulturist at the Riviera Hotel Dubai entails significant responsibility for the preservation of the aesthetic appeal and serene ambiance of the premises’ outdoor areas and gardens. Obtaining employment as a hotel horticulturist will facilitate the acquisition of a substantial income and lodging.

Key Responsibilities of Hotel Gardener Jobs in UAE

  • Ensure the order and sanitation of the outdoor areas and gardens of the hotel by performing the following duties: trimming, pruning, weeding, and watering.
  • Operate and maintain horticultural tools and equipment securely and competently to guarantee their efficient operation.
  • Foster seamless collaboration by ensuring close coordination between garden-related activities and the maintenance and landscaping departments of the hotel.
  • Hotel gardeners frequently amass an extensive array of horticultural proficiencies, encompassing landscaping, plant upkeep, and an understanding of numerous plant species. These abilities may prove beneficial for future professional endeavors and individual development.
  • The creation and upkeep of hotel gardens provide an opportunity for artistic expression. Gardeners might be afforded the chance to offer their expertise regarding the improvement of the hotel’s aesthetics.

Benefits of Latest Hotel Gardener Jobs in UAE

  • Competitive Salaries: Hotel personnel, including gardeners, are generally remunerated competitively in the UAE. While compensation may fluctuate based on qualifications, experience, and the particular establishment, it is generally quite lucrative in comparison to comparable roles in other nations.
  • Tax-Free Income: The United Arab Emirates is renowned for its tax-free income policy, which permits gardeners to retain their complete salary without any income tax deductions, thereby potentially increasing their disposable income.
  • Career Progression Opportunities: Employment in esteemed hotels within the United Arab Emirates can present prospects for professional development. As they demonstrate their abilities and acquire experience, gardeners may be provided with the opportunity to advance to positions such as head gardener or landscaping manager.
  • Work Environment: The work environment of gardeners in hotels in the UAE is frequently distinguished by its opulent and meticulously maintained landscapes, which contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of the establishments. Those who are particularly enthusiastic about horticulture and landscaping may find this especially rewarding.
  • Training and Development: Training and development of employees is a priority for many hotels in the UAE. Through workshops, seminars, and other educational opportunities, gardeners may be able to hone their abilities and remain current on the most recent landscaping and horticulture trends and techniques.
  • Employee Benefits: Health insurance, housing, transportation allowances, and additional advantages may be provided to gardeners by their employers, thereby enhancing their overall welfare and job contentment.
  • Opportunities for Networking: Gardeners who work in the hospitality industry of the UAE are exposed to a variety of clients and professionals, which provides them with advantageous networking prospects that may prove beneficial in their future pursuits or career progression.
  • Cultural Experience: The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is renowned for its diverse cultural landscape, which offers expatriate employees the chance to fully engage in a multicultural setting and gain knowledge from individuals of different origins.
  • Quality of Life: The UAE is renowned for its contemporary infrastructure, safety, and high standard of living, providing expatriates and their families with a comfortable lifestyle.
  • International Exposure: Gardeners who gain international experience and exposure while working in the UAE may find it advantageous to advance their careers, whether they remain in the UAE or venture into other nations.

1200 AED Salary in Dubai

In Dubai, it is generally accepted that a salary of 1200 AED is inadequate to provide for essential expenditures. In the metropolis, the cost of living, specifically rent, is comparatively elevated. The remuneration offered is significantly inferior to the mean monthly income in Dubai, which is estimated to be around 21,500 AED. It is crucial to acknowledge that the cost of living in the UAE is subject to variation depending on specific circumstances and the emirate in question.

How to Apply for Latest Hotel Gardener Jobs in UAE?

Collaboration with diverse personnel, including groundskeepers, landscapers, and maintenance teams, may be necessary in the case of larger hotels. This collaboration may produce a feeling of camaraderie.

More Info

  1. What is the salary of a gardener in Dubai?

    The average salary range for a gardener is between AED 69,319 and AED 106,399. On average, a high school degree is the highest level of education for a gardener.

  2. What does a gardener do?

    Plants, transplants, fertilizers,  chemicals, water, prunes, and weeds cover flower beds and plant areas. Maintains flowers, bushes, trees, and shrubs. Implements detailed landscape plans. Plants and propagates bedding plants; may manage greenhouse operations, as applicable.

  3. How do I get started as a gardener?

    Gain knowledge and skills: Start by educating yourself about gardening principles, plant care, landscaping techniques, and horticulture. You can enroll in local gardening classes, and workshops, or pursue formal education in horticulture or landscaping through vocational schools, community colleges, or universities.

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