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Latest Finance Analyst Jobs in Saudi Arabia 2024 – Apply Now

Finance analysts are of paramount importance in the economic milieu of Saudi Arabia as they furnish comprehensive financial insights, execute market analysis, and facilitate well-informed decision-making for businesses. They support strategic planning, contribute to financial stability, and stimulate the nation’s overall economic expansion. As a result of their contributions to risk management, resource allocation optimization, and regulatory compliance, finance analysts play a crucial role in the financial health of Saudi Arabian enterprises.

Saudi Arabia continues to experience robust demand for finance personnel in numerous sectors, including oil and gas, healthcare, technology, and banking. Ongoing initiatives and national endeavors to diversify the economy contribute to the demand for competent finance experts to oversee financial operations, strategic planning, and risk management. Regulatory modifications and increased foreign investments contribute to the continued expansion of the Saudi labor market’s demand for finance professionals.

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Networking Events and Industry Conferences

By participating in industry conferences and networking events, you can maintain knowledge and establish connections within the Saudi Arabian finance sector.

Further Education and Certifications

Acquiring additional education and certifications, such as the CPA or CFA, can augment one’s expertise and reputation in the field of finance analysis.

Stay Updated on Industry Trends

It is essential to remain current on technological developments and industry trends in order to maintain a competitive edge in the finance industry, which is constantly evolving.

Responsibilities of Latest Finance Analyst Jobs in Saudi Arabia

  • Financial Analysis: Financial analysis entails the comprehensive examination of financial data with the aim of furnishing valuable insights and recommendations that aid in the process of making informed decisions.
  • Budgeting and Forecasting: Engaging in cross-departmental collaboration to formulate budgets and forecasts, thereby guaranteeing that financial strategies are in accordance with the objectives of the organization.
  • Reporting: Supporting strategic decision-making by generating financial reports and presenting critical findings to management.
  • Cost Management: Cost management consists of monitoring and analyzing expenditures to identify opportunities for cost savings and improvement.
  • Risk Assessment: Risk assessment involves the evaluation of financial risks and the formulation of mitigation strategies.
  • Financial Modeling: The construction and upkeep of models that facilitate financial planning and analysis for an organization.

Benefits of Latest Finance Analyst Jobs in Saudi Arabia

  • Competitive Salaries: Saudi Arabia provides its finance professionals, including finance analysts, with competitive salaries. In most cases, the compensation package comprises a base salary, bonuses, and additional benefits.
  • Tax-Free Income: A significant advantage of establishing a professional base in Saudi Arabia is the complete exemption from income tax. This implies that finance analysts have the potential to retain a greater proportion of their profits in comparison to countries where income tax is levied.
  • Professional Development Opportunities: The dynamic and multifaceted economy of Saudi Arabia offers abundant prospects for professional progression. Finance analysts have the potential to acquire significant expertise and skill sets, which may result in advancements and augmented job duties.
  • Exposure to Diverse Industries: Saudi Arabia boasts a robust economy encompassing a multitude of sectors, including but not limited to oil and gas, finance, construction, healthcare, and technology. Finance analysts possess the privilege of operating in various industries, thereby amassing a wide range of expertise and experience.
  • International Experience: Finance analysts gain exposure to a multicultural work environment through their employment in Saudi Arabia. Numerous businesses in Saudi Arabia employ professionals from around the globe in diverse teams, providing a unique opportunity to learn from and collaborate with individuals of various backgrounds and points of view.
  • Professional Development: Organizations in Saudi Arabia frequently allocate resources towards the training and advancement of their workforce. Certifications, seminars, and training programs may be available to finance analysts in order to expand their expertise and understanding of finance and related topics.
  • Healthcare and Additional Benefits: Numerous employers in Saudi Arabia provide their employees and their families with comprehensive healthcare coverage and additional benefits including transportation allowances, lodging allowances, and educational assistance.
  • Life Quality: Saudi Arabia provides expatriates with a secure environment, contemporary amenities, and an outstanding infrastructure, all of which contribute to its high quality of life. Further, the nation’s convenient geographical position grants effortless entry to various travel prospects both within the vicinity and further afield.
  • Cultural Immersion: Finance analysts who reside and work in Saudi Arabia are afforded the chance to fully engage with the country’s opulent culture and traditional practices. Engaging in this form of cultural exposure has the potential to enhance one’s personal growth and broaden their professional horizons.
  • Opportunities for Networking: Finance analysts who work in Saudi Arabia have the chance to establish a robust professional network, both domestically and internationally. This can prove advantageous in terms of securing future opportunities and advancing their careers.

List of Prominent Companies

  • Prominent Saudi Arabian employers of finance analysts consist of:
  • SABIC (Saudi Basic Industries Corporation) is an acronym for Saudi Aramco.
  • STC is the Saudi Telecom Company.
  • NCB is the National Commercial Bank.
  • SEC is the Saudi Electricity Company.
  • Riyadh Bank Ma’aden comprises the Saudi Arabian Mining Corporation.
  • Airlines Saudi Arabian Airlines
  • SAMA is the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority.
  • Saudi Aramco is the Saudi Arabian Oil Company.

Recommended Job Portals for Latest Finance Analyst Jobs

  • The website
  • Gulf of NaukriGulf Talent
  • abominable Gulf
  • Glassdoor Glassdoor LinkedIn Tanqeeb Akhtaboot Wzayef
  • These portals frequently feature a diverse selection of finance analyst positions that are advertised by various Saudi Arabian companies.

Qualifications and Requirements

The following are the customary qualifications and prerequisites that are linked to positions of Finance Analyst in Saudi Arabia:

  • Educational background in finance or related fields: Typically, applicants must possess a bachelor’s degree or higher in finance, economics, accounting, or a closely related academic discipline.
  • Relevant work experience in financial analysis:  Employers typically seek candidates with a demonstrated history of success in financial analysis and frequently stipulate a minimum number of years of experience in a comparable position.
  • Expertise with financial modeling and analysis tools: Proficient operation of software and tools for financial modeling and analysis is frequently required for this position. It is customary to anticipate candidates to possess knowledge of financial planning software, Microsoft Excel, and other pertinent applications.
  • Proficient in both analysis and communication: Finance Analysts must possess exceptional abilities to scrutinize financial data and trends, in addition to proficiently conveying their discoveries to a diverse range of stakeholders. Proficient oral and written communication abilities are essential.
  • Proficiency in Saudi Arabian financial regulations: In light of the particular circumstances surrounding employment in Saudi Arabia, a comprehensive comprehension of domestic financial regulations, compliance obligations, and market dynamics is frequently an essential qualification.

Applying Online for Latest Finance Analyst Jobs in Saudi Arabia

  • Conduct preliminary research on reputable job portals, company websites, and recruitment agencies operating in Saudi Arabia that specialize in finance positions.
  • Ensure that your resume emphasizes pertinent talents and experiences. Placing emphasis on academic credentials, certifications, and pertinent work experience or apprenticeships in finance is crucial.
  • Create profiles on platforms dedicated to professional networking, such as LinkedIn. It is imperative that your profiles are comprehensive, effectively highlighting your abilities and background.
  • Carefully adhere to the application instructions.

More Info

  1. Is being a financial analyst a good position?

    If you are interested in a career in finance, a financial analyst position may be a great fit for you. This challenging career offers candidates the ability to work in a variety of different industries and has high earning potential.

  2. What is the salary of a financial analyst in the UAE?

    The average salary for an analyst is AED 44,000 per month in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The average additional cash compensation for a financial analyst in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is AED 30,000, with a range from AED 7,500 to AED 36,000.

  3. Are financial analysts in demand?

    The job outlook for financial analysts is strong, with a projected 9% growth rate from 2021 to 2031, partly due to anticipated increases in economic activity and the emergence of industries requiring financial knowledge.

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