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You can join the Pak Army as a commissioned officer or a soldier. Every year, Pakistan Army jobs are posted for the following positions. The expression “Join Pak Army” is frequently employed to denote the enlistment or commissioning procedure for the Pakistan Army. The subject matter comprises a multitude of entry pathways and programs that grant individuals the opportunity to commence a military career. Entrance into the Pakistan Army generally necessitates the completion of an intensive training program, satisfaction of specific eligibility requirements, and a dedication to serving the country in diverse capacities.

Latest Jobs to Join Pak Army

Benefits of Join Pak Army

  • Job Security: The Pakistan Army offers employment opportunities to individuals in search of long-term commitment and career stability, thereby providing a stable and secure career path.
  • Competitive Salary and Allowances: Army personnel are granted competitive salaries in addition to a diverse range of allowances, encompassing housing, medical, and educational subsidies. These provisions serve to safeguard the financial security and stability of the personnel and their families.
  • Training and Development: The Pakistan Army allocates resources towards the training and development of its personnel, offering avenues for the improvement of skills, progression in careers, and specialized instruction across diverse domains such as leadership, tactical, and technical training.
  • Career Progression: The Pakistan Army offers prospects for professional development contingent upon an individual’s aptitude, competencies, and achievements. Army personnel have the opportunity to progress professionally and assume leadership positions by advancing through the ranks.
  • Educational Opportunities: The Army provides assistance to personnel in their endeavors to advance their knowledge and skills in their field through a range of specialized training programs, advanced courses, and postgraduate studies.
  • Healthcare Benefits: In addition to access to on-base medical facilities, Army personnel and their families are granted comprehensive healthcare benefits that include dental, vision, and medical coverage.
  • Housing and Accommodation: To ensure that its personnel’s housing requirements are fulfilled, the Pakistan Army provides housing and accommodation facilities, either on-base or via housing allowances.
  • Retirement Benefits: Army personnel are eligible to receive retirement benefits subsequent to their service, which comprise pensions and additional post-employment benefits. These benefits serve to ensure the financial stability of the personnel and their families.
  • Travel and Adventure: Engaging in Army service provides individuals with the chance to explore and experience new places, as they may be assigned to diverse sites both domestically and internationally to take part in military operations, drills, and international partnerships.
  • Sense of Purpose and Service: A Membership in the Pakistan Army instills in individuals a sense of purpose and a commitment to serving their nation, as their efforts are directed towards bolstering national security and defense, thereby protecting the sovereignty and interests of Pakistan.

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Join Pak Army Jobs

  • Commissioned Officer
  • Lady Cadet Course
  • PMA Long Course
  • Technical Cadet Course
  • Junior Commissioned Officer (Naib Khateeb)
  • Sipahi / Soldier (General Duty)
  • Military Police (General Duty)
  • Clerk
  • Sipahi Clerk
  • Sipahi Cook
  • Sweeper/Sanitary Worker
  • Driver
  • Mess Waiter
  • Medical Cadet
  • Cook

Join Pak Army For Males

PMA Long Course

After FA, FSCBA, BSc, ICS, and BS You can join the Pakistan Army by taking the PMA Long Course, which is one of the key courses. Cadets get the rank of 2nd lieutenant when they finish school.


Eligibility Criteria For PMA Long Course

Eligibility criteria to Join Pak Army through PMA LC are given as:

PMA Graduate Course

After getting a BSC, BA, or BS, men can take the PMA Graduate Course, which is another main course. They can get the rank of Captain after training.

Here are some facts about the Pakistan Army PMA GC. You should meet at least one of these requirements to be eligible.

TCC (Technical Cadet Course)

After four years of B.E. and one year in PMA, someone with an FSC in pre-engineering or ICS can apply for TCC. You’ll be called Captain.

In February, the Pak Army said that TCC is coming. Here are the things a person must be able to do to apply for the Pak Army Technical Cadet school. A person should also be medically and physically fit, and the ISSB should suggest them for final selection. The requirements for the Pak Army TCC are as follows:

AMC (Army Medical Cadet Course)

With FSC pre-med, you can become a doctor in the Pak Army. After six months of training at PMA Kakul, you become a Captain. Male MBBS students in their fifth year can apply for the M Cadet program and join the Pak Army as Captains. After getting your MBBS and BDS, you can join the Pakistani Army as a Captain and then specialize to become a Major and work as a Commission officer in different Combined Military Hospitals.

Eligibility criteria for the Medical Cadet Course are given as:

Direct Short Service Commission

After getting certain degrees, you can join the Pak Army as a Captain. They can get 6 months of training at PMA Kakul and then join the AEC, Signals, RV&FC, or RV&FC Corps. Here are the categories in Pak Arm ICTO where you can apply based on your level of schooling. The candidate must have a 4-year engineering degree in accordance with these standards, no matter if it’s an MSC or an MCS.

Soldier & Clerks

After middle school, matriculation, or inter, you can become a soldier in the Pakistan Army. In April and November, the Pakistan Army posts jobs for clerks and troops. People between the ages of 17 and 23 can join the Pakistan Army.

How To Join Pak Army For Females?

Lady Cadet Course (LCC)

Join Pak Army for females after bachelor’s and master’s. Females can join the army through Lady Cadet
The course. There are many different ways for women to apply. You can apply to the Lady Cadet Course if you have a bachelor’s degree (4 years) or a master’s degree.

Armed Force Nursing Service (AFNS)

After getting their FSC (pre-medical), women can join the Pakistan Army through the Armed Force Nursing Service. You can join the Pakistan Army as an officer if you have a 50% in FSC (pre-medical) and a 60% in Metric. Armed Force Nursing Service (AFNS) is also open to women who have a diploma in nursing.

Eligibility Criteria to Join Pak Army

  • The eligibility criteria to Join the Pak Army are given as:
  • Both men and women can send in an application.
  • Citizens of Pakistan can apply.
  • Those with foreign citizenship can apply, but if they are chosen, they have to give up their foreign citizenship.
  • The person should not be married.
  • Males must be at least 5.4 feet (165 cm) tall and girls must be at least 5.0 feet tall.
  • Soldiers who are married and over 20 years old are the only ones who can apply.
  • Candidates who are married can apply for short service commission
  • No candidate should be kicked out of any school for the military forces.
  • Candidates who have been turned down twice by the ISSB cannot apply.

Online Registration

Visit to sign up for the Pak Army online. After you sign up online, it will take 72 hours to give you a test date. You can also sign up by going to the Army Selection and Recruitment Center (AS&RC). The Army Selection Centers are where these tests are given.

  • Intelligence Test
  • Academic Test
  • Medical Test
  • Physical Test
  • Initial Interview

Documents Required

  • Original certificates or full mark sheets, along with two photocopies of each that have been attested,
  • license, degree, or diploma in education.
  • No problem if the candidate works for a government institution or department.
  • Certificate of the establishment in question.
  • Attested copy of the place of residence.
  • National Identity Card copies that were made with a computer.
  • No one will take the old National Identity Card.
  1. How To Apply to Join the Pak Army

    Visit Official Website:

  2. Can a girl join the Pakistan Army?

    Every woman has equal dreams of achieving success and making valuable contributions to their country, just like men. To provide them with this opportunity, the Pak Army has introduced the Lady Cadet Course (LLC), allowing ladies to join as captains.

  3. What is the Pak Army age?

    Candidates must be male and unmarried, though exceptions are made for married personnel of the Armed Forces over 20 years of age. Age limits vary with the level of education, ranging from 17 to 25 years. Applicants must meet physical standards, including a minimum height of 5’4 (162.5 cm).

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