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Pakistan Army Military Jobs 2023 – Grain Depot Lahore


Employment in Lahore’s Military Grain Depot and Mills. The government of Punjab invites well-educated, experienced, hardworking, and well-disciplined Punjabi citizens to submit applications for the following vacant government positions.

The most recent jobs in Lahore are (Skilled Labour (BPS-01)) at the Military Grain Depot in Lahore City. The aforementioned position will be filled according to a strict schedule. Applicants must meet the qualifications and experience requirements outlined in the following image. According to the criteria, candidates must have a high school diploma or equivalent, relevant experience, and be between 18 and 30 years old.


For interested candidates who meet all eligibility requirements, we provide a detailed application procedure below.

Pakistan Army Military Jobs 2023 Grain Depot Lahore
Pakistan Army Military Jobs 2023 Grain Depot Lahore

Military Grain Depot Lahore City Jobs 2023 Latest Pak Army

Vacant Positions

  • Skilled Labour (BPS-01)

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Benefits of Pakistan Army Military Jobs:

  • Dedication to the Nation: Military personnel are entrusted with the responsibility of safeguarding national security and making valuable contributions to Pakistan’s defense.
  • Profession Stability: Frequently, military employment is secure and reliable, guaranteeing a regular income and benefits.
  • The Development of Skills and Leadership: A diverse set of technical and tactical proficiencies, as well as leadership qualities, discipline, and cooperation, are all developed through military service.
  • Instruction and Learning: The military provides a wide array of educational and training opportunities, spanning from courses in leadership and higher education to technical skills development.
  • Indestructible Benefits: A comprehensive benefits package, including accommodation, healthcare, retirement plans, and other allowances, is customary for military employment.
  • Worldwide Exposure: By participating in international missions, collaborations, or peacekeeping operations, military personnel may gain experience and exposure to diverse cultures.
  • Professional Development: The military provides a well-organized framework for professional development, encompassing prospects for rank-based promotions and progress.
  • Guaranteeing Financial Security: Military personnel enjoy financial stability due to the potential for special pay, incentives, and allowances, in addition to competitive salaries.
  • Deference and Acknowledgment: Active military service earns one the esteem and acknowledgment of one’s community for the commitment and selflessness exhibited in defense of the nation.
  • The intention of Purpose: Serving in the military frequently engenders a profound sense of purpose and satisfaction, as one is actively participating in the safeguarding and protection of the country.

How To Apply for Pakistan Army Military Jobs?

  • Applications accompanied by attested copies of an individual’s diploma, certificate of experience, CNIC, and proof of residency should be sent to the address listed below.
  • On the envelope, candidates should clearly state the position for which they are applying.
  • The deadline for application submission is January 03, 2024.
  • Applications that are incomplete or received after the deadline will not be considered.
  • Candidates are required to bring original documents to the interview.

Submit Application This Address: Military Grain Depot and Mills New Shalimar Link Road, Sadar, Lahore Cantt.

People Also Ask:

  1. How can I join the Pakistan Army after graduating from high school?

    The age limit has been set at between 17 and 23. The candidates must have at least 60% marks in English, Science, and Arts subjects to apply for the Pakistan Army. For AFNS, the applicant must have at least 60% marks in Matric (biology) or 50% marks in F.Sc. Pre-Medical.

  2. How can a woman join the Pakistan Army? 

    If she is unmarried, a female can join the Pakistan Army through the Lady Cadet Course until the age of 28. Can students of International Relations join LCC in the Pakistan Army? Females can apply for the Department of ISPR through the Lady Cadet Course if they have a master’s degree in international relations or journalism.

  3. Can I join the Pak Army?

    Candidates must be male and unmarried, though exceptions are made for married personnel of the Armed Forces over 20 years of age. Age limits vary with the level of education, ranging from 17 to 25 years. Applicants must meet physical standards, including a minimum height of 5’4 (162.5 cm).

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