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On the German labor market, there are tens of thousands of high-paying jobs available to anyone. Even though Germany offers free education and scholarship opportunities, settling there with a permanent employment opportunity is also very common.

The workers are constantly seeking higher-paying employment opportunities. Although it is difficult to discover, it is possible. Companies have a variety of low-priced options as a result of increasing competition and the public’s desire to operate at reduced costs.


This does not discount occupations with relatively higher pay. In this article, we will certainly discuss the top 10 highest-paying jobs in Germany that pay over $30 per hour, as well as the companies where you can apply for these jobs.


The true purpose of devoting effort and time to a career is to generate a sufficient amount of money for financial security. Jobs that do not pay a reasonable wage for the additional effort and time are undesirable, as the workers are unable to increase their financial capability while exerting the required effort.

German jobs paying $30 per hour are occasionally posted on the German job market for trainees, skilled, educated, professional, and recent graduates. Germany is a location with lucrative employment opportunities. Jobs in Germany that pay over US$30 per hour are the most accessible employment opportunities.


Brief overview of Germany’s job market

The job market in Germany is known for being stable and diverse, with chances in many fields. The country always has skilled workers coming from all over the world because its economy is strong.

Importance of job opportunities for foreigners

Bringing in talented people from other countries not only makes Germany’s workforce stronger, but it also helps to make the country’s culture more diverse. Professionals from other countries are very important for driving economic growth and creativity.

List of Germany Jobs Offering for foreigner 2024

Position for business managers in Germany

Due to their important responsibilities, business managers earn a substantial salary.
Business managers’ responsibilities are affected by the size of the organization.
The primary responsibility of business managers is to oversee the technical, strategic, and operational aspects of their company’s market.
Smaller businesses in Germany may require business managers to oversee personnel matters, financial activities, sales procedures, etc. due to their relative size.
In order to achieve the specified goals, the Business Managers will be responsible for supervising specific teams within larger companies.
As a result of these extensive responsibilities, the rates of pay for business managers are substantially higher.
Even though they can work for any company, few offer a salary as generous as the one we outlined.
BMW, Siemens, Airbus, Allianz, and other companies offer German business managers salaries of at least $30 per hour.

 Jobs for Risk Managers in Germany

Risk managers occupy prominent positions in an organization. A risk manager must be methodical and analytical to the extreme. This is primarily because risk managers seek to identify the risks associated with organizational capital or investments prior to implementing effective strategies to address those risks.
Risk managers are essential to the growth of a company because they provide guidance on the risks associated with a decision and consider any potential benefits for the business.
Commerzbank, Continental AG, Talanax konzern employment, etc., are among the businesses in Germany that offer employment opportunities for risk managers, among others.

Jobs for Pre-Sales Manager in Germany

Larger businesses employ pre-sales managers frequently because their marketing and sales operations are conducted on a massive scale. They are responsible for managing the pre-sales setup, which entails building a sales team and laying the groundwork for sales operations. Troubleshooting of products is also permitted for Pre-Sales Managers.
They are responsible for crafting persuasive narratives for pitches, attractive presentations, and demonstrations to attract the audience to the provided product or service.
In addition, they play a crucial role in the development and preparation of the sales and production teams for sales campaigns.
Numerous prestigious companies employ Pre-sales Managers, including Bayer AG, Audi, P&G jobs in Germany, etc.

Jobs for Service Delivery Manager in Germany

The position of service delivery managers may vary depending on the objectives and financial resources of each organization. The primary responsibility of service delivery managers is to design effective programs and procedures for the delivery of high-quality services.
They interact with customers frequently to resolve their issues.
The Service Delivery Managers also consult with the leadership to maintain budgetary control while balancing customer satisfaction expectations with the leadership’s perspectives.
Robert Bosch GmbH, SAP SE, Mercedes Group, and Daimler AG are among the leading employers in this industry.

German EHS Manager Jobs 

Environmental health and safety managers have two responsibilities.
The primary duty of an EHS Manager is to develop secure standard operating procedures (SOPs) that protect the lives and health of the company’s employees.
Environmental health and safety managers are frequently employed in factories due to the dangers they face. Environmental health and safety managers are also responsible for protecting the environment from human risks. Although this may appear to be a straightforward classification, it actually requires sound judgment and swift action.
In addition, compliance with the relevant SOPs necessitates knowledge of German law.
A few manufacturing companies, such as GE Construction Jobs, Volkswagen, INEOS, ISG GmbH Jobs Germany, etc., offer competitive salaries to their employees.

Jobs for Key Account Manager in Germany

Key Account Managers have considerable influence over a company’s sales force.
The Key Account Managers are entrusted with a company or organization account with special significance. They must maintain this account while keeping in mind the enterprise’s strategic objective.
Most key account managers are bank employees. Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank, DKB, N26, and other German banks are hiring Key Account Managers.

Jobs for HR Managers in Germany

Within a company, the human resource manager is tasked with an immense amount of responsibility.
This is primarily due to the Human Resource Manager’s duty to hire and train new employees. Their responsibilities extend beyond hiring and training. In addition, HR managers are expected to monitor employee performance, establish relevant working procedures, and resolve employee issues.
The fact that HR Managers have direct control over the individual contributes to their high compensation.
Porsche, Adidas Jobs, Atlanta, and other German companies all have open positions for human resource managers.

Jobs for Production Engineer in Germany

Production engineers are responsible for the development of feasible manufacturing procedures.
From a bottle to a car, anything can be good.
Consequently, the field of study for production engineers is quite broad.
Developing processes for the manufacture of things is essential to the manufacturing process, which heavily relies on strategic insight and the establishment of operating procedures.
To develop effective methods, production engineers must be familiar with industry standards and recent changes. With Germany having one of the largest manufacturing sectors in Europe, there are numerous well-paying opportunities for production engineers. Armedangels, August Storck, Behr GmbH & Co. KG, BioNTech Jobs, etc., are just some of the companies that offer such pay rates.

Jobs for Channel Managers in Germany

Typically, a channel manager works in the media or travel industries. It does not prevent them from working in a different industry, however. The marketing strategy directly involves Channel Managers.
To develop effective marketing strategies, the role requires extensive knowledge of the demographics and trends of the market. They are essential for establishing client relationships, which expands a business’s reach.
Channel Managers are in high demand at prestigious organizations such as ITB Berlin News, ZDF Germany Jobs, and SPIEGEL ONLINE-International, among others.

Pilot Positions in Germany

Due to the abundance of airlines in Germany, there are numerous opportunities for pilots.
First officers can be hired by airlines as pilots. They are promoted based on their performance as captains and training captains. They are still at liberty to choose between short- and long-haul trips.
Pilots must exhibit a calm demeanor and intense concentration in order to be chosen for the position.
In addition to the financial benefits, this career provides the opportunity to travel the globe.
Lufthansa, Eurowings, Condor, and Swiss International Airlines, as well as other major German airlines, offer employment.

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  1. Financial Security:
    • With pay that goes over $30 an hour, these jobs offer financial security and the chance to build a bright future.
  2. Lucrative Opportunities:
    • Germany has a lot of well-paying jobs in a lot of different fields, so professionals can pick jobs that fit their skills and hobbies.
  3. Global Companies:
    • Many of these well-paying jobs are with well-known foreign companies like Deutsche Bank, Allianz, BMW, Siemens, and Airbus. This means that you will be working with people from all over the world.
  4. Professional Growth:
    • Job titles like “Business Manager,” “Risk Manager,” and “Pre-Sales Manager” come with a lot of responsibility that helps people grow professionally and move up in their careers.
  5. Work-Life Balance:
    • People in Germany are known for having a great work-life balance, which means they can enjoy their personal lives while also doing well at work.
  6. Diverse Industries:
    • From manufacturing (e.g., GE Construction, Volkswagen) to finance (e.g., Deutsche Bank), Germany’s job market spans various industries, providing options for individuals with different expertise.
  7. Health and Safety Focus:
    • Roles such as Environmental Health and Safety Managers emphasize the importance of employee well-being and environmental protection, contributing to a safe and healthy workplace.
  8. International Exposure:
    • Key Account Managers and Channel Managers often work with global clients, providing professionals with international exposure and opportunities to broaden their networks.
  9. Career Satisfaction:
    • Careers in HR Management, Production Engineering, and Pilot Positions can be deeply satisfying, offering the chance to contribute to organizational success and personal fulfillment.
  10. Cultural Experience:
    • For foreigners, working in Germany provides a unique cultural experience, allowing individuals to immerse themselves in German society while advancing their careers.


Germany boasts tens of thousands of high-paying jobs, offering financial security and career growth. Despite free education and scholarships, the country welcomes skilled individuals with permanent employment opportunities. This article highlights the top 10 highest-paying jobs, each paying over $30 per hour, along with the companies hiring for these positions. Whether you’re a business manager, risk manager, pre-sales manager, or involved in other roles, Germany’s diverse job market provides ample opportunities for professionals seeking rewarding careers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can a foreigner get a job in Germany in 2024?

    At the German Embassy, apply for an employment visa or job-seeker visa.
    Register your current residence with the local Citizens’ Registration Office (B├╝rgeramt).
    Purchase health insurance.
    Make an appointment with the Foreign Affairs Office.
    Collect the necessary documents.

  2. Which job is in most in demand in Germany in 2024?

    Healthcare professionals. Since then, healthcare professionals in Germany, such as physicians, nurses, and pharmacists, have been in high demand. Due to the digitization of the healthcare industry and the retirement of many physicians, the German healthcare industry is in need of qualified professionals to fill vacancies.

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