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Jobs In Belgium For International Students 2023


Jobs In Belgium For International Students 2023: There are numerous job openings in Belgium, and employers are willing to hire international students. Although job hunting is always difficult, for international students it is especially challenging and frustrating.

Employers are frequently hesitant to hire international students. This can occur for various reasons. However, there has been an increase in the number of international students studying computer science in Belgium. Not only computer science majors are in high demand. Success has been observable in a variety of industries and fields, including theology and the arts. As is always the case, gaining employment requires preparation.

This post will discuss the various job opportunities available to international students in Belgium, as well as their average salaries and application procedures.

Job Description

Belgium, a nation in Western Europe, is renowned for its medieval towns and Renaissance architecture, as well as it’s status as the headquarters of the European Union and NATO. Northern Flanders is Dutch-speaking, southern Wallonia is French-speaking, and the eastern region is German-speaking.

As an international student studying in Belgium, it is crucial that you find a part-time job to support your studies. It will assist in lightening your financial load while studying in Belgium. However, earnings from such jobs would not be sufficient to cover tuition costs, and they will be of little assistance in supporting your studies, such as paying for food or entertainment.

Qualifications, prior work experience, and the ability to speak the local language may have a significant impact on the type of job you obtain. Having a part-time job, however, expedites cultural and linguistic adaptation and facilitates the meeting of new people.

Higher education is a popular pursuit for international students in Belgium. Numerous Indian students choose Belgian universities because they desire a solid career path and an international education. The majority of courses at Belgian colleges and universities are taught in Dutch, French, and German.

Jobs In Belgium For International Students 2023
Jobs In Belgium For International Students 2023

Types Of Jobs In Belgium For International Students

These are the types of jobs available to international students in Belgium:

A food runner delivers completed orders to restaurant or cafe customers. Food runners communicate with employees in the kitchen to ensure that they are available to transport orders, deliver food and beverages to customers’ tables, and respond to inquiries from customers. Numerous colleges and universities have restaurants, making them ideal places of employment for international students who reside on or near campus.

A barista prepares and sells specialty beverages, including coffee and espresso beverages. Their duties may include taking and processing customer orders, preparing coffee beverages with a variety of ingredients, and ensuring that all equipment and food preparation areas are clean and organised. Occasionally, baristas who work in cafes can also prepare small food items, such as pastries and sandwiches.

During the academic year, a teaching assistant assists teachers and professors with class instruction. They are responsible for supervising students during activities in the professor’s absence, offering assistance to students who request it, and grading papers, homework, and tests for professors. At the request of their supervising professor, some teaching students with more experience can also conduct classes independently.

A receptionist supervises the front desk of a building and performs administrative responsibilities for the company, university, or organization for which they work. Receptionists may have a variety of duties, including answering and directing phone calls to the appropriate departments, greeting employees and visitors as they enter the building, completing paperwork when requested, retrieving organizational records, and distributing memos.

A library assistant aids in maintaining the library’s order and operations, typically under the supervision of a librarian. Library assistants may return books to their correct locations on the shelves, recommend books or other resources to students who need assistance with research, and direct students searching for a particular book to specific sections of the library. In addition to administrative tasks and leading library events such as live readings and lectures, a library assistant can support the librarians for whom they work.

A sales associate assists customers who wish to purchase merchandise from a store. When a customer is looking for a specific product, sales associates can direct them to the appropriate section of the store, make product recommendations, and process transactions such as purchases and returns. A sales representative may also respond to inquiries about a company’s products and services.

A tutor meets with students who may require additional assistance in a particular class or with assignment completion. Tutors may have a variety of responsibilities, including speaking with students about their academic goals, guiding them through their assignments, and instructing them on new methods for studying and paying attention in class. Many tutors may also create lessons for students to work through, especially if they meet regularly.

Student ambassador: A student ambassador provides prospective or new students and their families with information about their school. Student ambassadors may visit local high schools to speak with students about their colleges, assist with the application process, and answer questions about their experiences. Additionally, many student ambassadors promote their schools on campus by guiding tours and delivering presentations to parents.

A research assistant assists professors in completing research projects by participating in a variety of academic studies. Their duties may include using campus resources to conduct research on a specific topic, gathering materials for their supervising professor to use in their studies, and taking care of the equipment, such as laboratory tools and technological devices, that a professor uses during a study. Research assistants can also assist professors in preparing their work for publication by reviewing and synthesizing their findings.

A department assistant performs administrative responsibilities for a specific academic department within a college or university. Department assistants manage the front desks of department buildings, schedule meetings between students and their professors or advisors, and assist with the organization of departmental events, such as guest lectures and special lunches. Additionally, a department assistant can respond to inquiries from prospective students regarding their departments, such as the courses they offer.

Requirements Jobs In Belgium For International Students 2023

Non-European international students are required to apply for a visa to study in Belgium. You will need to visit the Belgian embassy in your home country to apply for a visa; however, you must be assured of your admission before applying for your visa, as you will be required to present your acceptance letter from the university as proof of admission.

An international student must also have a student residence permit in order to study in Belgium. However, as a student, you will need a long-term visa. The visa process can take up to 60 days, so it is recommended that you begin the application process 70 days prior to your departure. However, if you require a visa for a short stay, three weeks prior to your departure may be sufficient for visa processing.

Salary On Jobs In Belgium For International Students

Gross earnings as a student are capped at €12,657.14 per year.

How To Apply For Jobs In Belgium For International Students.

The steps required to apply for jobs in Belgium are listed below.

  • When directed to the official website, use the application link below to search for a job.
  • You can use the search box, which is subdivided into various categories, to narrow down your job search results.
  • Examine the job posting and role description.
  • Ensure you meet all requirements prior to continuing.
  • Select the “Online Application” button.
  • Fill out and submit the application.
  • Verify that you have received a confirmation email for your application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I work in Belgium as an international student in 2023?

In Belgium, all international students, including those from outside the European Economic Area, are permitted to work while studying. The only requirements are enrollment in a Wallonia-Brussels Federation higher education institution and possession of a valid residence permit.

How much can international students earn in Belgium?

Similar to the 475-hour work limit, there is a cap on how much a student can earn in Belgium. You can earn up to 14,242.86 euros tax-free per year; if you earn more than this, you must file a tax return like a regular employee and your social contribution will increase.

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