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How to Get a UK PR from India 2023

How to Get a UK PR from India 2023: If you’re an Indian citizen aspiring to move to the United Kingdom and establish a long-term presence, obtaining Permanent Residency (PR) is a significant step towards achieving that goal. In 2023, the process for obtaining UK PR has evolved, and it’s essential to understand the latest guidelines and requirements. This article will guide you through the step-by-step process, from eligibility criteria to the application procedure, providing valuable insights to help you navigate the application successfully.

The United Kingdom (UK) is one of the most popular places for foreign students and workers to live and study. It offers a wide range of options for students and workers who want to go abroad to study or work. The UK has a great academic system, as well as great research and job prospects and a good healthcare system.

With a UK PR (permanent residency), a person’s quality of life can be greatly improved by living and working in a cosmopolitan area with world-class services. There are many ways for UK people to grow and improve their careers. The number of jobs and the standard of life in the country have been getting better and better over time.

Because of all of these things, the UK is a great place to move to in 2023. Because of this, more and more foreign students want to get a permanent residency in the UK after they finish their studies there.

Understanding UK PR

What is UK Permanent Residency?

UK Permanent Residency, which is also called Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR), is an immigration position that lets people live and work in the UK for as long as they want. PR holders can use state services and benefits, sign up for education programs, and even apply to become British citizens.

Why migrate to the UK?

  • High-quality academics: Some of the best and oldest universities in the world are in the UK, which continues to offer high-quality traditional education. It offers advanced studies and curricula, as well as work benefits and work visas for people who have already graduated.
  •   Demand for skilled workers: Skilled workers are highly valued in all areas and industries in the country, and more employers from other countries are hiring talented immigrants with a lot of experience.
  • Healthcare: The UK has a strong healthcare system and is always looking for qualified healthcare workers to make it even stronger. Because of this, skilled newcomers in the healthcare field are offered jobs with high pay and benefits.
  • IT & software sector: There are good jobs for talented and skilled people in the IT sector and software business, and more people are regularly hired with work visas.
  • Developed economy: The UK is a well-known and developed country that grows every day. It is making it easier for skilled workers to move there, which is helping the country grow.

If you want to get PR in the UK, read this piece to learn everything you need to know about how to apply and how Indian students and workers can get PR in the UK.

How to Get a UK PR from India 2023
How to Get a UK PR from India 2023

Getting a PR for UK Residency

The application process for UK Permanent Residency (PR) can take up to five years, so you need a lot of patience and determination. Still, if you want to stay in the UK for good, all of your hard work will be well worth it.

Here is a complete guide to getting PR in the UK according to the country’s normal immigration rules.

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Immigration Programs in the UK

The UK government has different visa types and immigration programs for people from all over the world who want to move there. The type of visa someone should get depends on why they want to travel and if they want to move there.

People from all over the world can move to the UK through a number of visa types and immigration programs. The type of visa a guest to the UK should get depends on their goals and whether or not they want to move there.

The UK visas come under three categories

  • Tier 1: Foreigners with high qualifications.
  • Tier 2: Skilled foreign workers who have a job offer in a place with a labor shortage.
  • Tier 5: Mobility for young people and short-term foreign workers.

The Tier 1 (Highly qualified foreigners) visa category includes the following sub-categories

  • Exceptional Talent Visa
  • Investor Visa
  • Entrepreneur Visa
  • Graduate Entrepreneur Visa

The Tier 2 (Skilled foreign workers with a job offer in a shortage area) visa category includes the following sub-categories

  • Intra-company Transfer Visa
  • Sportsperson Visa
  • Minister of Religion Visa

The Tier 5 (Youth mobility and temporary foreign workers) visa category includes the following sub-categories:    

  • Temporary Worker Visa
  • Youth Mobility Scheme Visa

Eligibility criteria to migrate to the UK with PR

  • Those who want to apply must be at least 18 years old.
  • Must have passed the test of English language skills.
  • Must show enough proof of money.
  • To qualify, you must have at least 70 points.
  • Bring a legal job offer (for skilled workers) or a Letter of Acceptance (for students going to school in the UK) with you.

Requisite paperwork for immigration to the UK

  • A copy of the support letter for the Tier 1 General Visa (with a reference ID or number).
  • Score on an English language test or any other proof that you know how to speak English.
  • Bank records and/or any other proof that you have the money.
  • A legal passport (at least one page must be blank).
  • Copy of any papers that have expired.
  • Certificates of health.
  • If you have a violent record, you should have proof of it.

PR in the UK after study?

You can get a Tier 1, Tier 2, Skilled Worker, or International Sportsperson visa if you want to work in the UK after you finish school. So, apply for your PR in the right way. If you went to school in the UK, you must have lived and worked there for at least five years before you can get a PR there. International students who study in the UK and get a PR can also apply for British citizenship. In the following cases, Indian students can apply for permanent residency in the UK:

  • They work in the UK
  • They have a family in the UK
  • They are a Commonwealth citizen
  • They are returning to the UK after having indefinite leave to remain previously
  • They have served the armed forces
  • They qualify for either discretionary leave or humanitarian protection as a refugee

Eligibility Criteria for PR in the UK for International Students

To be eligible for a PR in the UK, you must first have a valid visa and complete the necessary financial requirements after completing masters-level education in the UK. To qualify for PR in the UK, international students must meet the following requirements:

  • Must have lived and worked in the UK for at least five years.
  • Must have a job from the official list of approved employers.
  • Must meet the minimum salary requirements, i.e. £25,600 per year or £20,480 per year (when you are paid less) or £10.10 per hour.
  • Must be needed for their job and continue to meet the salary requirements even after getting indefinite leave to remain.
  • Have taken the “Life in the UK Test”.
  • Fulfill the English language requirements or have completed a degree taught in English.

Cost of Acquiring PR for the UK

Most applications for permanent residency in the United Kingdom take about six months to be approved. The fee to process an application for a PR or ILR (indefinite leave to stay) in the UK is £2,389. You will be charged £19.20 for your fingerprints and other biometric details.

You will have to pay a much bigger fee if you apply in person. But if you apply in person, you can get an answer the same day and don’t have to wait up to six months for your application to be handled.

You can choose one of the following options if you want a faster answer to your application:

  • Priority service: If you use this service, you’ll get an answer in five business days. You will have to pay an extra £500 to use this service. This will cost a total of £2,889 to apply for.
  • Super priority service: If you use this service and give your biometric information, you will get a bill the next day. The cost of this service is £800. For this service, the total entry fee would be £3,189.


Getting a UK PR from India in 2023 is an exciting chance for people who want to start over in the UK. You can improve your chances of getting UK PR if you know the eligibility requirements, gather the necessary documents, and know how to go through the application process. Take advantage of the new chances you’ll have in the UK and take the first step toward making your dreams come true.

People Also Ask

  • Can I work in the UK with PR status?

    Yes, if you have PR status, you can work anywhere you want in the UK.

  • How long does it take to get a decision on the PR application?

    The time it takes to process varies, but it usually takes anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.

  • Can I apply for citizenship immediately after getting PR?

    No, you usually have to wait a certain amount of time before you can apply for British status.

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