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UK Family Visa Processing & Decision Waiting Times 2023: How long do family visas take to process? In this article, the processing times for UK family visas are addressed. If you intend to travel to the United Kingdom on a family visa, such as a spouse visa, or if you wish to extend an existing family visa while in the country, you must be fully informed of the processing times for visas.

If you are aware of how long it takes to obtain these visas, you can plan your trip more efficiently. Currently, it takes six months to process a spouse visa application submitted from outside the UK, beginning with the submission of biometrics at a Visa Application Center (VAC).


Moreover, depending on your location, the evaluation procedure may be expedited. It is essential to consider that these options are typically costlier. Compared to standard processing, expedited processing may cost as much as £60.


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In contrast, super-priority costs around £1,000. However, even if you select priority or super-priority processing, a faster decision is not guaranteed. Remember that once your application has been submitted, you are not permitted to travel to the United Kingdom. Await the return of the passport and vignette, VAC.

Extending your Spousal Visa

When you extend your spouse’s visa from within the United Kingdom, the process is much faster. After submitting your biometric information, you should hear back from officials within eight weeks. Within two business days of your biometrics appointment, you should be notified if you qualify for a super-priority processing service.

Remember that none of the processing periods are officially guaranteed by the Home Office. Depending on the complexity of your circumstances, it may take longer. Please note that this service incurs an additional $800 fee. You should not leave the country after submitting your application, at least until you receive your new biometric residence permit.

People also ask

  1. How long does the UK spouse visa take in 2023?

    6-8 weeks
    In 2023, the typical spouse visa UK processing time for in-country applications will be between 6 and 8 weeks (on average). The processing time for a spouse visa in the United Kingdom in 2023 can be expedited if you are willing to pay for the super-priority service, as we will discuss later in this article (subject to availability).

  2. How long does the UKVI take to make a determination?

    After a temporary suspension, the family visa priority processing service is now available for new visa applications made outside the United Kingdom as of February 20, 2023. It offers a turnaround time of three weeks from the date of biometric enrollment at a cost of £573 per priority visa.

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