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Jobs in Demand in UK – Apply Now


Jobs in Demand in UK: Are you looking for job opportunities in the United Kingdom? With the job market constantly evolving, it’s crucial to stay updated on the latest trends and industries that are experiencing growth. In this article, we will explore the top jobs in demand in the UK, offering valuable insights to job seekers and professionals seeking new career opportunities. Whether you’re a recent graduate or a seasoned professional looking to switch careers, this article will guide you toward lucrative job prospects.

The job market is based on supply and demand, just like the business world. When demand is high and supply is low, prices go up. Also, if there is a lot of demand for a certain skill set but not many people with that skill set, the pay for those few people will be high.


For young people trying to get a job, this means that they need to get the right degree and skills if they want to make a lot of money and be happy in their work. Even though there are skill and worker gaps all over the economy, there are plenty of jobs for recent graduates and students in the UK.


The UK government has a list of skilled jobs that are in short supply. This list includes computer engineers, nurses, geoscientists, and architects, among other skilled jobs. If you’re not sure what degree to get to have a great career, you can look at our list of the most in-demand jobs in the UK right now and choose your degree and course of study based on that.

Jobs in Demand in UK - Apply Now
Jobs in Demand in UK – Apply Now

List of Jobs in Demand in UK

Programmers and Software Developers

At the moment, there is a lack of digital skills in the UK and in many other places around the world. This means that people who are good with computers and apps will be in high demand. With starting rates of around £26,000, this is a very good choice. If you want a tech job that will be around in the future, it’s smart to get trained as a computer engineer or software engineer.

Cyber Security Specialists

Cyber security is another well-known and well-paid job in the UK that is related to digital skills. There are a lot of jobs available and pay is high. It is an important part of helping private businesses and government agencies keep sensitive public data safe. The starting salary for this job is also around $25,000.

Health Services and Residential Care

work in the health care field is in high demand, especially working as managers and full-time nurses. So, if you want to make a change in people’s lives by giving them care and attention, you could try to become a nurse and get a nursing degree or an MBA with a healthcare specialization.


There are also jobs in the UK that have to do with building that people want. It’s a job that needs a unique mix of high-level math, engineering, creativity, communication, and teamwork skills, among others. It could take at least seven years to learn how to do this, but the long-term chances are good.

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Graphic Designers

Images and visuals are very important in the world of information, which changes quickly. Professionals who are good at design are in high demand, whether it’s for making logos, digital banners, websites, packaging, or standard print. The starting salary of £18,800 is a little smaller than some of the other jobs on this list, but it can go up quickly with experience and if your work stands out from the rest.

Physical Scientists

The oil, gas, and mining industries have important parts to play in making the world more sustainable, and there are ways to reduce their negative effects on the environment. But they don’t have enough scientists with the right skills who can lead sustainable growth. This means that jobs in physical science are in high demand in the UK, which is great for STEM students.

Sales Assistant   

Sales helpers are the people who customers talk to most. Their job is to help customers find the goods they’re looking for, answer their questions, and tell them how the products work. When it comes to being a sales assistant, skills and practice are more important than qualifications. As a sales assistant, it will help you if you can stay cool under pressure, think on your feet, use computers well, and talk to people well.  

Operations Manager 

An operations manager has a wide range of responsibilities and makes more money. What they do exactly depends on the business and the company. Overall, an operations manager is in charge of making sure that a business runs well. How do you get a job as a head of operations? Employers like people who have a degree in business. So, a graduate trainee program could be a way for MBA grads to get into operations management.

Business Analyst

A business analyst’s job is to help a company plan for its growth in the future. This means knowing where the company is now, what its needs might be in the future, and coming up with ways to meet those needs for success and growth. This usually means working with IT and software solutions, but it could also mean working with people and budgets.

So, people with a degree in business, like Business Information Systems or an MBA with a specialization in Business Analytics, will stand out to companies.

Most in-demand jobs in UK      Average starting salaries      
Programmers and Software Developers£26,000
Cyber Security Specialists£25,000
Health Services and Residential Care£21,000 – £30,000
Graphic Designers£18,800
Physical Scientists£29,000
Sales Assistant£16,977
Customer Service Advisor£18,801
Operations Manager£42,500
Business Analyst£42,000

Fast Growing Jobs in the UK

According to a study done by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the United States will add about 11 million jobs by the year 2030. A global job site called Indeed says that the need for IT workers in the UK has grown faster than for any other job in the past few years. CNBC also has a list of different types of jobs that are growing quickly, along with their usual salaries and demand growth. So, if you want to study in the UK as an international student, you have better chances of getting a job in one of these famous fields.

Jobs    Average Salary (in £) Per Year    Increase in Demand    
Conveyancing Assistant19,74625.8%
Assistant Principal51,54129.5%
Recruiting Assistant22,35228.5%
Salon Assistant16,02933.6%
Mobile Developer34,97128.2%
IT Engineer28,21233.7%
CNC Machinist27,88131.2%
Product Designer38,20331.8%

Highest Paying Jobs in the UK 

According to the table, the job with the highest pay in the UK is chief executive, and the job with the second highest pay is investment banker. Other jobs that pay well are software engineer, doctor, and lawyer.

It’s important to remember that high-paying jobs often need a lot of schooling and experience, even if they pay well. Also, some jobs may pay a lot because they are very stressful and have a lot of duty. In the end, a person’s skills, hobbies, and goals will determine what job is best for them.

ob Title    Average Salary per Year    
Chief Executives and Senior Officials £97,083 
Investment Banker£77,502
Corporate Lawyer£75,000
Software Engineer£50,000
Petroleum Engineer£90,000
Data Scientist£60,000
Management Consultant£65,000

Best Places to Work in the UK

According to Glassdoor’s yearly ranking of employers, the best place to work in the UK in 2023 will be a company called Bain & Company, which is a Management Consulting Company. In second place will be ServiceNow.

There are also a number of other great places to work in the UK. Here is a list of the best places to work in the country. Over 80.2% of the people working in the UK are in the services business, which is why there aren’t enough qualified people to do the jobs. These top companies have the best-paying jobs in the UK, and every year, they hire a lot of qualified grads. The top 15 companies that do this are on the list below.

  • Bain & Company – Management Consultancy
  • ServiceNow – Enterprise Software & Network Solutions Company
  • Boston Consulting Group – Management Consultancy
  • Equinix – Internet Services Company
  • Ocado Technology – Software Development
  • Mastercard – Financial Services Company
  • Google – Technology Company
  • Arup – Design, Architectural and Engineering Services Company 
  • Salesforce – Software Company
  • Version 1 – IT Service Management Company
  • Softcat – Information Technology Support Services Company
  • BlackRock – Investment and Asset Management Company
  • Microsoft  – (Computer Hardware & Software) Technology corporation
  • Adobe – Computer software company
  • Novuna- Financial services company

Top 10 Jobs in Demand in UK for the Next Decade 

Several reports, like the UK government’s list of jobs that are in short supply and Nesta’s study on the future job market, say that there are a number of jobs in demand in the UK. Some of the jobs that people want most in the UK are:

Jobs    Average Salary (in £) Per Year    
Health services managers104,280
Home health and personal care aides27,080
Wind turbine service technicians56,230
Solar photovoltaic installers46,470
Information security analysts103,590
Nurse practitioners111,680
Physician assistants115,390
Data scientists98,230
Physical therapist assistants59,770

Skilled Worker Visa: Shortage Occupations and their Annual Salary Going Rate 

The UK has found that there is a shortage of skilled workers in a number of job areas, such as education, healthcare, engineering, software programming, etc. People who have the skills needed in these areas may be able to get 80% of the normal pay rate. The ONS occupation-coding tool gives a thorough look at these jobs that are in short supply.

Job Sectors     Annual Salary    
Programmers and software development professionals – all jobs £26,640
Civil Engineers £28,000 
Healthcare & Education – all jobs £30,720 
Design and development engineers £27,280 
Web design and development professionals £20,800 
IT Business Analysts – all jobs £29,280 
Architects £28,000
Mechanical engineers – all jobs £26,720 

What degree are you pursuing?

Today, there are so many courses and degrees to choose from that it’s not surprising that students get confused about which road to take. This list was made to show new college students what skills are in demand and how much money they can expect to make with those skills. After seeing what skills are in demand and what jobs are open in the UK, you will be much better able to decide what career you want to go into and what degree you need to get to be successful in that field.


Now, all of the most difficult jobs in the UK are on the list. There are a lot of other jobs that are just as popular but not on this list, like sales agents, content experts, and nurses. This list isn’t complete by any means. Every job needs a certain level of education, and the UK has many universities that offer foreign students a wide range of degree programs in each of these fields.

People Also Ask

  • What jobs are in demand UK in 2023

    Programmers and Software Developers.
    Cyber Security Specialists.
    Health Services and Residential Care.
    Graphic Designers.
    Physical Scientists.
    Sales Assistant.
    Operations Manager.

  • Which work is more in demand in UK?

    Nurses, trainers, doctors, and pharmacists are all jobs that are getting more and more in demand. The National Health Services (NHS) in the UK is hiring for a number of different healthcare jobs right now.

  • Which job is easy to get in UK?

    Days Warehouse Operative
    Nursery Practitioner
    Nights Warehouse Operative
    Customer Service
    Associate Dentist.
    Retail Store Manager.
    Registered Nurse

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