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Hongkong Skills Shortage Jobs for International Workers 2023-24


Hongkong Skills Shortage Jobs for International Workers 2023-24: If you are making an effort to find a job abroad, I recommend that you search for skilled worker jobs in Hongkong, which is one of the countries whose government permits the employment of skilled international workers via the HK General Employment Policy (GEP) 2023.

However, this is not as simple as it seems, as the HK government prefers that companies and departments hire locals. However, if there are certain skills that are not readily available for hiring in Hongkong, international skilled workers can be hired under the GEP policy. Therefore, your first task is to identify skill-shortage of job professions in Hongkong, apply for them, and obtain an appointment letter.


Hong Kong’s Skill Shortage Employment Sectors in 2023

Hongkong Skills Shortage Jobs for International Workers 2023-24
Hongkong Skills Shortage Jobs for International Workers 2023-24

I understand that you want to know which industries in Hong Kong are producing the most high-demand jobs for which HK employers are unable to find local talent and are therefore forced to hire internationally skilled workers. There is a list of HK occupations for which the HK immigration office has approved employment VISAS for the majority of their jobs:


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Hong Kong Construction Engineering Sector Employment

  • Jobs in civil engineering and architecture
  • positions in surveying, environmental engineering, and electrical engineering
  • Jobs in mechanical engineering
  • Landscape work
  • Jobs in structural and mechanical engineering

Hong Kong Educational Sector Jobs

  • Jobs requiring tertiary education
  • Researchers, academics, and employment
  • Positions for research associates and publication experts

Hong Kong Entertainment and Broadcasting Industry Employment

  • TV channels program positions
  • Jobs in Programming or Broadcasting
  • Video, music, lighting, and filmmaking employment
  • Publishing careers

Hong Kong Cultural and Art-Related Employment

  • Opportunities for artists and performers
  • Librarians’ or museums’ employment
  • Photography careers

Jobs in Human Resources and Business Support in Hong Kong

  • Jobs for advertising professionals
  • Business consultation positions
  • Administrative support or secretary
  • Human resources management roles
  • Jobs in recruitment or public relations
  • IT services employment

Jobs in the Trade and Commerce sector in Hong Kong

  • Wholesale workers employment
  • Import or export expert employment
  • Vacancies for specialists in the retail sector

Hong Kong Tourism and catering industry employment

  • Jobs in travel agencies and the hotel industry
  • Restaurant business opportunities
  • Bars’ skilled workers or performers’ employment

Hong Kong employment in the Veterinary and Healthcare sectors

  • Dental and nursing services jobs
  • Jobs for Chinese or Western medical practitioners
  • The occupations of medical technologists and occupational therapists
  • Veterinary positions

Accounting, Legal, and Financial Sector Jobs in Hong Kong

  • Insurance specialists and legal sector positions
  • Jobs in banking and accounting
  • Jobs for securities and investment advisers

Transportation or Logistics employment in Hong Kong

  • Air, marine, and land conveyance industry occupations
  • Logistics sector employment

Hong Kong Industrial Manufacturing Jobs

  • Food or beverage industry employment
  • Jobs in the metals, chemical, or textile industries
  • Jobs in the watch and electrical industries
  • Jobs in the sports and electronics industries

Frequently Asked Questions

How can a foreigner acquire employment in Hong Kong?

Types of Hong Kong Work Visas
The majority of individuals moving to Hong Kong for employment purposes file for a work visa under the General Employment Policy (GEP). Typically, these visas are issued for a limited duration. Candidates must have a confirmed employment offer from a sponsoring employer in order to qualify.

What is high compensation in Hong Kong?

A worker in Hong Kong receives an average monthly salary of 36,000 Hong Kong dollars (approximately $4,684). The average employee salary in the region ranges from 9,260 Hong Kong dollars (lowest average) to 163,000 Hong Kong dollars (highest average).

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