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Fruit Picker Jobs in Croatia for International 2024

An excellent employment opportunity for those looking for work in agriculture is the Fruit Picker Jobs in Croatia for International Applicants. Because there are so many different full-time, part-time, seasonal, contract-based, and freelance positions available, the market for fruit-picking jobs is constantly very large.

Total Croatia News reports that in 2019, 72,523 work licenses for foreign workers were awarded. This number rose to 66,655 in 2020, and to 81,995 in. The average cost of living in Croatia is relatively inexpensive, and it is a safe location to live. The majority of farmworkers in Croatia are seasonal.

In addition, according to Total Croatia News, the construction sector in Croatia employs the most foreigners (29,702), followed by the catering, hospitality, and tourism industries (26,211), industry (9,467), transport and communications (3,765), and agriculture and fishing (1,678). Farm and agricultural workers so have excellent employment opportunities in Croatia.

While it is true that Croatia and other EU nations are friendlier to citizens of the EU. Furthermore, because they are given preference over non-EU citizens, they have access to practically all skilled and unskilled jobs. However, there is plenty of employment available for English-speaking candidates, particularly those that are seasonally available (such as those in foreign schools, hotels, agribusiness, the travel and tourism industry, etc.).

The information about Fruit Picker Jobs in Croatia for International Applicants has been published in this post in light of the significant employment opportunities for farm and agricultural workers in Croatia. Let’s find out more about them:

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Details of Fruit Picker Jobs in Croatia for International

  • Job title: Fruit Picker.
  • Location: Croatia, Europe
  • Minimum knowledge: High School
  • Minimum experience: 1-2 years
  • Free food: No
  • Free Accommodation: Mostly Yes
  • Free Medical and Health Insurance: Mostly Yes
  • Free Transport: No
  • Duty timing: 8 hours a day/ 5 days a week
  • Contract duration: 2 years
  • Overtime: Depends upon each company’s rules.

Requirements for Fruit Picker Jobs in Croatia for International 

The following are some of the primary employment requirements for farmers’ jobs in Croatia, as reported by several online sources:

  • prior work in the agricultural industry.
  • Proof of high school education is required to demonstrate basic writing, reading, and speaking English skills.
  • physical endurance for heavy lifting and prolonged standing.
  • understanding of how to use farm machinery and appropriate farming techniques.
  • excellent synergy between the hands and the eyes.
  • The ability to plan farming and breeding methods is required.

Responsibilities of a Fruit Picker in Croatia

  • Pre-harvest tasks include weeding, rock-picking, hoeing weeds, racking old leaves, loosening the soil around the plants, leveling the ground, fixing fences, moving, and installing posts for orchard fences.
  • picking fruit in the orchards and fields.
  • Sort the clean pieces from the decaying and broken ones.
  • Fruit should be placed in the appropriate cartons.
  • Label the containers.
  • Fruit cartons are weighed before being loaded one by one onto the vehicle.
  • Apple, peach, and cherry trees are all cultivated and pruned by hand.
  • Fruits that have been damaged or wasted shouldn’t be allowed to exceed 2%, according to the general criteria for fruit picking and grading.
  • Pickers must be able to pick 16.5 bushels at the very least per hour.
  • Physically capable of moving a ladder around the orchard and climbing it.
  • Picked fruit may cause bodily injury due to friction because it will be placed in a molded plastic picking bucket with canvas straps that rest on the shoulders.
  • Workers must be skilled and trained to carry out manual tasks accurately and effectively.
  • A worker must be prepared to work in an environment that may contain allergens, insecticides, severe temperatures, and light rain.

Benefits of Fruit Picker Jobs in Croatia for International

  • Seasonal Employment: Fruit harvester occupations frequently present temporary employment prospects for individuals throughout the harvest season. This can be advantageous for individuals pursuing temporary employment or for tourists in search of cultural immersion.
  • Outdoor Work Environment: Working in fruit harvesting entails being outdoors, specifically in orchards or fields, which offers a picturesque and natural setting for the job. Individuals who take pleasure in operating in a natural environment may find this appealing.
  • Physical Activity: The act of fruit picking necessitates the performance of physically taxing tasks, including bending over, carrying baskets of fruit, and ascending ladders. It affords the chance to engage in consistent physical activity and exercise.
  • Cultural Experience: International fruit harvester employment provides the opportunity to become fully immersed in the host country’s local culture. This encompasses engaging with indigenous communities, gaining knowledge of customs, and gaining exposure to an alternative way of life.
  • Language Exposure: Individuals gain exposure to diverse cultures and languages through their work in an international context. Individuals who are interested in acquiring a new language or enhancing their current one may find this experience to be beneficial.
  • Collaboration and camaraderie: Fruit picker occupations frequently necessitate the assembly of groups to harvest produce efficiently. This promotes a sense of camaraderie and cooperation among employees, thereby fostering a collaborative and supportive workplace.
  • Provision of Accommodation: Certain employers may extend on-site lodging or aid in locating housing, thereby streamlining the practicalities associated with residing in a foreign nation for the tenure of the employment.
  • Economic Opportunities: Employment as a fruit harvester affords individuals the chance to generate revenue throughout the harvest season. This income is available for educational expenses, travel, and other personal pursuits.
  • Skill Development: Fruit picking employment may necessitate the acquisition of specialized proficiencies in the harvesting and management of crops. Individuals who wish to develop practical agricultural skills may find this experience to be beneficial.
  • Cultural Exchange Programs: Cultural exchange programs provide fruit pickers with the opportunity to engage in lawful employment while also gaining exposure to the culture of the host country in a manner that adheres to visa requirements.
  • Travel Opportunities: Engaging in fruit picking offers individuals the opportunity to leisurely investigate various regions within the host country, thereby enhancing the overall travel experience.
  • Assistance for International Employees: Certain employers offer assistance and direction to international employees, aiding them in managing the practical aspects of conducting business in a foreign nation, such as visa prerequisites and acclimating to the local culture.

Average Salary of a Fruit Picker in Croatia

The typical pay for a Fruit Picker in Croatia varies from employer to employer and is dependent on factors including experience, abilities, gender, region, and kind of farm. However, a Farmer in Croatia normally makes roughly 1200 Euro per month, according to Salary Explorer. The lowest salary is 710 euros, and the highest is 1630 euros. Additionally, in addition to the average monthly wage, there are extra benefits including housing, transportation, and other allowances.

Most common Farm Jobs in Croatia with visa sponsorship

  • Fruit/Vegetable Picker and Packer.
  • Farmer.
  • Farm workers.
  • Farm Supervisors.
  • Farm Hands.
  • Farm technicians.
  • Greenhouse labor.
  • Cultivation Technicians.
  • Seed technicians.
  • Harvesting Technicians.
  • Crop consultants.
  • Nursery and Grounds associates.
  • Farm Operator.
  • Farm Department Head.
  • Agriculture Chemical Mixer.

How to Apply for More Fruit Picker Jobs in Croatia

To apply for other Fruit Picker Jobs in Croatia, click the link below.

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People Also Ask

  1. What is the Average Salary of a Fruit Picker in Croatia?

    However, a Farmer in Croatia normally makes roughly 1200 Euro per month, according to Salary Explorer. The lowest salary is 710 euros, and the highest is 1630 euros. Additionally, in addition to the average monthly wage, there are extra benefits including housing, transportation, and other allowances.

  2. What are the Requirements for Fruit Picker Jobs in Croatia for International? 

    Most firms provide free housing close to the employee’s place of residence.
    The majority of firms provide free health insurance and cover your medical costs.
    The pay scale is reasonable and competitive.
    Compared to its neighbors, Croatia is a more affordable place to live.
    The Croatian Labor Law mentions all perks.

  3. How do foreigners get jobs in Croatia?

    Foreign workers planning to work in Croatia must first obtain a work permit. Therefore, we still recommend finding an employer to start with. You can search for job openings in community groups, local company websites, government portals, or job boards.

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