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Entry Level Account Specialist Job in USA Visa Sponsorship

Entry Level Account Specialist Job in USA: Are you a recent graduate looking to start a new career in the United States? There is no need to look any further. We have an interesting opportunity in the United States for an Entry Level Account Specialist Job with Visa Sponsorship.

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Entry Level Account Specialist Job with Visa Sponsorship In USA

If you are passionate about customer service, detail-oriented, and a problem solver, this job may be ideal for you. With this role, you will not only have the opportunity to work for a prestigious organization but you will also be assisted in obtaining a visa to work in the United States. Continue reading to learn more about the job and how to apply.

Who is an Entry Level Account Specialist?

An expert that manages all accounting-related company procedures is known as an account specialist. If you enjoy dealing with numbers, are task-oriented and detail-oriented, and enjoy working alone, a career as an account specialist may be suitable for you.

Salary of Entry-Level Account Specialist in the USA

In the United States, entry-level account specialists earn between $52,000 and $54,000 per year. They make between $21 and $24 per hour on average.

Entry Level Account Specialist Job in USA Visa Sponsorship
Entry Level Account Specialist Job in USA Visa Sponsorship

Highest Paying Cities for Entry Level Account Specialist Job in USA

The typical wage of these persons is unquestionably determined by the following factors: location, skills and credentials, organization or company, and years of experience.

However, where these people work has a significant impact on how much they are paid. The cities with the highest salary in the United States are shown below:

  • Orlando, Fl – $35 to $37 per hour
  • Chicago, IL – $28 to $30 per hour
  • CO – $28 to $31 per hour
  • Columbus, OH – $29 to $30
  • Atlanta, GA – $22 to $24

Entry Level Account Specialist salaries by Years of Experience

Salary ranges for Entry Level Account Specialists might vary depending on experience. The annual compensation for an Entry Level Account Specialist ranges between $52,000 and $54,000. However, depending on the individual’s years of expertise, this value can range from $32,000 to $58,000.

The average compensation for those with less than one year of experience is roughly $41,000 to $42,000 per year. The wage rises in direct proportion to the number of years of experience. Those with 1-4 years of experience can anticipate an annual salary of $45,000 to $47,000,

While those with 5-9 years of experience can expect an annual salary of $50,000 to $55,000. Entry Level Account Specialists with 10-19 years of experience can expect to earn $54,000 to $59,000 per year, while those with more than 20 years of experience can expect to earn $59,000 to $65,000 per year.

Requirements and Skills for Entry-Level Account Specialist Jobs

The following abilities and qualifications are required for this position:

  • Customer Service Abilities.
  • Analytical abilities.
  • Organizational abilities.
  • Pay close attention to the details.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • A high school diploma or its equivalent is required.
  • A bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, or a closely related subject is required.

Duties/Responsibility for Entry-Level Account Specialist Jobs

The following are the duties and responsibilities of an entry-level account specialist.

  • Assisting with the management and maintenance of customer accounts.
  • Answering client questions and addressing problems.
  • Researching industry trends and customer behavior.
  • Reports and presentations for management and clients are prepared.
  • Collaborating with sales and marketing teams to establish customer retention and acquisition strategies.
  • Identifying possibilities to sell clients additional items or services.
  • Analyzing consumer data to discover areas for product or service improvement.
  • Providing administrative assistance to the sales staff, such as producing quotes and bids.
  • Participating in training and development programs to broaden one’s knowledge and abilities.
  • Following firm rules and procedures to achieve regulatory and standard compliance.

Benefits of Entry-Level Account Specialist Jobs

The following are the most typical supplementary advantages that Entry Level Account Specialists receive:

  • 401(k)
  • Dental Insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Paid time off
  • Vision insurance

Where to Find Entry-Level Account Specialist Jobs with VISA Sponsorship

This job can be found on extremely good worldwide job listing websites such as:


How to Apply for Entry-Level Account Specialist Jobs

You should bear in mind that applying for a job as an entry-level account expert is not difficult if you know what procedures to take and what rules to follow. Furthermore, the instructions below will walk you through the process of applying for a job as an entry-level account expert with visa sponsorship in the United States.

  • Prepare a well-documented curriculum vitae or CV appropriate for an entry-level account specialist employment first.
  • Create an amazing portfolio for your application.
  • Furthermore, any of the aforementioned websites can now be utilized to search for “Entry Level Account Specialist Job In USA with Visa Sponsorship.”
  • Tap on the results to proceed, and then follow the application instructions on

Visa Options for Entry-Level Account Specialist Jobs In the USA

If you want to enter the United States of America as an immigrant with this job, you should apply for the following VISAs:

H-1B Visa

This visa is intended for foreign workers with particular talents, such as those in accounting. The H-1B visa allows people to work in the United States for up to six years.

TN Visa

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) allows Canadian and Mexican nationals with specified professional qualifications, such as Account Specialists, to receive a TN visa to work in the United States.

E-3 Visa

This visa is only accessible to Australians with particular talents. The E-3 visa, like the H-1B visa, allows persons to work in the United States for up to two years with the option of renewing forever.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can Any Company Sponsor a Visa USA?

    An H-1B petition can be sponsored by any US employer who has an IRS Tax Number, often known as an IRS Number or Tax ID Number. This number is required in order to receive approval for the Labor Condition Application (LCA), which is a requirement for the H-1B petition itself.

  • Can I Get Sponsored to Work in the USA Without a Degree?

    While most professional-level employment in the United States requires a bachelor’s degree or more, many people work in the country without a degree on an H-1B visa. If you’re wondering whether you can receive an H-1B visa even if you don’t have a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate degree, the answer is yes.

  • How Can a Foreigner Get a Job In the USA?

    If you live outside the United States and want to work there, you must formally apply for a visa from the United States Department of State (DOS), unless your country of nationality does not require one.

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