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Engineering Companies in Sweden 2024 – Apply Here

Engineering consulting firms help with the development and management of both private and public organizations. They provide project management, idea organization, budgeting, valuation, technical advice, etc. They have experts and professionals who will guide you through your projects and will be compensated for their specialized advice and recommendations.

Hiring the services of engineering consulting firms generally makes project execution easier. Engineering projects necessitate some level of expertise in order to be completed. As a result, these companies assist in bridging the gap between your plans/ideas and your budget.

We have compiled a list of the top Engineering Consulting Companies in Sweden in this article. Other Engineering Consulting Companies in Sweden could make the list, but we decided to limit our list to the Top 6 Engineering Consulting Companies in Sweden with a good track record based on our research.
Furthermore, our research shows that these companies not only serve Swedish citizens but also foreigners. So, if you’re looking to hire the services of a good engineering Consulting Company, or if you’re looking for a good consulting firm to invest in, this list will be useful.


Sweden has been a leader in tech for a long time. Its dedication to innovation and sustainability has put the country at the cutting edge of technological progress. In this piece, we’ll look at the many engineering companies in Sweden, from where they came from in the past to how they affect the world today.

A Brief History of Engineering in Sweden

Sweden’s engineering began in the 17th century when inventors like Christopher Polhem laid the groundwork for mechanical engineering in the country. Sweden has changed over the ages, giving birth to many engineering marvels. In the 19th century, the Industrial Revolution was a turning point that led to the start of a number of important building companies.

Benefits of Engineering Companies in Sweden

  • Superior Work Environment: Engineering firms operating in Sweden customarily furnish contemporary, adequately furnished work areas that place emphasis on employee well-being, comfort, and efficiency, thereby cultivating a favorable atmosphere for staff to flourish.
  • Competitive Salaries and Benefits: Swedish engineering firms frequently provide comprehensive benefits packages and competitive salaries. These packages comprise health insurance, retirement plans, paid time off, and additional privileges. By doing so, they guarantee that employees are justly remunerated in accordance with their contributions and abilities.
  • Work-Life Balance: Work-life balance is a priority for numerous engineering firms in Sweden, which provide employees with a variety of flexible work arrangements including telecommuting opportunities, flexible hours, and generous parental leave policies. These provisions enable employees to more effectively balance their professional and personal obligations.
  • Opportunities for Career Advancement and Development: Engineering firms in Sweden offer avenues for employee skill enhancement and career progression, including access to mentorship programs, professional development resources, and training programs.
  • Innovative Projects and Technologies: Sweden is renowned for its robust innovation culture, and engineering firms are instrumental in propelling technological progress in diverse industries. In this regard, they afford personnel the chance to engage in state-of-the-art projects and technologies.
  • Collaborative Culture: A collaborative culture is frequently cultivated within Swedish engineering firms, wherein open communication, knowledge sharing, and cooperation are valued. This environment facilitates employee learning from one another and enables effective collaboration in the resolution of intricate challenges.
  • Diverse Career Opportunities: Operating in industries such as manufacturing, telecommunications, renewable energy, automotive, and information technology, engineering firms in Sweden provide employees with the flexibility to explore different sectors and roles and a vast array of career opportunities.
  • Focus on Sustainability: Numerous engineering firms place an emphasis on sustainability in their projects and operations, giving employees the chance to contribute to a more sustainable future and work on environmentally friendly initiatives in line with Sweden’s strict environmental and sustainability stance.
  • International Exposure: Certain engineering firms based in Sweden maintain a worldwide reach and provide their staff with prospects for international projects, assignments, and collaborations with clients and colleagues from other countries; such opportunities afford employees invaluable international experience and exposure.
  • Prestige and Reputation: Establishing a career with reputable engineering firms in Sweden can bolster an individual’s professional standing and provide access to prospective employment prospects, both domestically and abroad, on account of the nation’s renowned prowess in innovation and superior engineering knowledge.

In Sweden, the cost of hiring an engineering consultant is

The cost of hiring an engineering consultant in Sweden varies depending on a variety of factors such as skill level, qualifications, years of experience, company type, location, and so on. In Sweden, however, an engineer’s monthly salary ranges from $4,88.48 to $5,635.47 (SEK 37k to SEK 51k).

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Sweden’s Leading Engineering Consulting Firms

1. AFRY X (AF Consult):

This is an Engineering Consulting Firm based in Stockholm, Sweden. They can be trusted for any energy and engineering projects, and they have a staff of 16,000 people with offices all over the world. Their consulting services, which were founded in 1895, include energy and power, architecture and design, automation and manufacturing, automotive and mobility, buildings, project management, digital solutions, ICT, management consulting, and so on.

Contact information:

Phone: +46105050000

Location: 169 75 Solna, Sweden Frosundaleden 2A

More Info


NIRAS is an Engineering Consulting Firm that provides architectural and corporate real estate services to both public and private organizations. They employ over 2200 people worldwide and provide services in project management, energy, infrastructure, process industry, and other areas. In Sweden, NIRAS has over 5 office locations. They have the knowledge and credibility to handle your needs. NIRAS has also been providing outstanding services for over 30 years.

Contact information:

Number: +4548104200


Address in Stockholm: 11B Hantverkargatan, 112 21 Stockholm, Sweden

Address in Gothenburg: 43B Vasagatan, 411 37 Goteborg, Sweden

Address for linking: 583 30 Linkoping, Sweden, Teknikringen 1E

Address in Malmo: Malmo, Sweden, Vastra Varvsgatan 19, 211 77.

Address in Norrkoping: Norrkoping, Sweden, Gamla Radstugugatan 30, 602 24.

Address in Uppsala: Uppsala, Sweden, Knivstagatan 1, 753 23.

More Info

3. Sweco:

Sweco’s headquarters are located in Kungsholmen, Stockholm, Sweden. They also have branches in other Northern European countries. Sweco currently has 1.9 billion euros in revenue and over 17000 employees. They have a strong presence in environmental technology and architecture. They get to offer their services and complete over 80,000 projects in about 70 countries each year. They assist their clients with analysis, calculations, studies, planning, designing, and building whatever they are to build. The company is traded on the Nasdaq Stockholm exchange.

Contact information:

Number: +4686956000

Address: Gjorwellsgatan 22, Stockholm, 112 60.

More Info

4. Sweden’s Citec:

Citec Sweden is a consulting firm that specializes in the energy, pharmaceutical, process, building, transportation, and paper industries. Their specialties include project management, mechanical, concrete, and piling design, instrument and automation, site supervision, and so on. They guarantee satisfactory service with their exceptional team of professionals.


Sweden offices: Lagergren’s gata, 4 652 26 Karlstad, and Liljeholmsstranden, 5 117 43 Stockholm

More Info

5. Energikreatorerna (Creanova):

This is a consulting firm that provides solutions for energy conservation, AutoCAD, engineering, and optimization. Creanova employs only 30 people, the majority of whom are based in Sweden. However, they have been successful in attracting the attention of both small and large-scale businesses to collaborate with them.


Number: 0859470620

Address: Sollentuna, Tingsvagen 15, 191 61

Email: info@creanova

More Info

6. Scanscot Technology:

Scanscot is a leading engineering consulting firm in Sweden. They provide consulting services in the fields of nuclear energy, industry, infrastructure, and buildings. Their knowledge ranged from structural design engineering to technical support to advanced numerical simulation. The company was founded in 1992 and has many years of experience in solving your engineering consultancy needs.



Number: +46(0)859920400

Address: Lund, Sweden’s Edison Park

More Info


In conclusion, Sweden’s engineering companies have a long history of innovation, sustainability, and impact around the world. From giants in the mechanical world like Volvo Group to leaders in technology like Ericsson, these companies continue to change the engineering world. Because Sweden cares about education, the environment, and government support, its engineering industry will continue to be a world leader.

  1. What exactly does an engineering consulting firm do?

    “A professional service that provides governments, industries, developers, and construction firms with independent expertise in engineering, science, and related fields.” Engineering consultants assist businesses in meeting their design and construction needs.

  2. How much should an engineering consultant charge?

    As of November, the average hourly wage for an Engineering Consultant in the United States is $70, but the salary range typically falls between $64 and $77.

  3. Do consulting firms employ engineers?

    Engineers are hired by management consulting firms. Management consulting firms consider applicants from a variety of backgrounds, as long as they have the qualifications to do the job well. McKinsey is well-known for employing engineering graduates.

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