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Unless you’ve recently looked to insure a satellite, wind farm, or music event, Ki is the largest global insurance tech firm you’ve never heard of. We started after raising $500 million in funding, making us one of the largest financial start-ups that year. Our investors were ecstatic because we were changing the way a 333-year-old industry operated.

We wrote over $400 million in GWP and have continued to quickly scale, with 200% YoY growth. Ki was developed in collaboration with Google and UCL partners, and it is a platform that assists insurance brokers in quickly and easily covering risks.

We’re still leading the charge in this market’s digitization, and that’s where you come in – we need more brilliant brains to collaborate with us to achieve this aim and generate more chances. If you want to help us transform a multibillion-dollar worldwide industry, keep reading.

Our cross-functional product teams design, produce, and release products to meet the demands of our internal and external clients. Whether it’s improving our broker platform, offering new products for our customers, improving our AI-driven analytics, or developing software to support the operations of a growing insurance company.

Ki is looking for a highly skilled and strategic Director of Products to join our executive team. You will be responsible for managing the development and implementation of our product vision, strategy, and roadmap as a key part of our leadership team. You will also be responsible for leading and managing Ki’s Product function, which includes Product Management, User Research, and Product Design.

We are looking for a product-minded leader with the experience to work with our growing Product Management community and their cross-functional squads. Your role will be to oversee and optimize the discovery and delivery of these teams in collaboration with the Development Director, Portfolio Director, and CTO.

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Your focus will be on:

  • Active participation on the Ki Management Team
  • Developing and sustaining the product vision and strategy
  • Creating and managing the product roadmap; ensuring that our roadmap and the work our teams focus on is well aligned with Ki’s commercial strategy; and developing a good working relationship with our Algorithmic team. Portfolio Underwriting and Underwriting Teams
  • Leading and collaborating with product squads to promote stronger product discipline and design innovative solutions that allow us to iterate, learn, and improve commercial outcomes.
  • Managing our progress communication to senior stakeholders, stockholders, and the larger Ki teams

Our culture:

At Ki, inclusion and diversity are vital to our operations. We recognize that differences in age, color, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, physical ability, thought, and social background enrich our workplace. We believe that you should be yourself, no matter who you are, where you come from, how you think, or who you love.

You will be offered a highly competitive compensation and benefits package. This is constantly reviewed to ensure that it remains relevant. We recognize the importance of expressing thank you and taking the time to recognize and reward exceptional achievement by teams or individuals.

Benefits of Director of Product Jobs in London

  • Competitive Compensation: Director-level positions are generally accompanied by attractive salaries, incentives, and stock options, which are indicative of the level of responsibility and expertise necessary for the position. Compensation packages for Director of Product positions in London’s competitive job market frequently correspond with the city’s elevated standard of living.
  • Leadership Opportunities: In the role of Director of Product, you will have the opportunity to mentor and lead a team of product managers, assisting them in the development of their careers and the creation of impactful products. This leadership position enables you to influence the product strategy and vision of your team or department.
  • Strategic Influence: The company’s product strategy and roadmap are significantly influenced by the Directors of Product. They work in close collaboration with stakeholders, engineering teams, and executive leadership to ensure that product development is in accordance with business objectives and market opportunities.
  • Innovative Environment: London is a technological and innovation epicenter, providing opportunities to collaborate with state-of-the-art products and technologies. Directors of Product frequently find themselves at the vanguard of industry trends and have the opportunity to foster innovation within their organizations.
  • Career Advancement: Director-level positions are a significant milestone in one’s career, as they provide access to higher-level executive positions, such as Chief Product Officer or Vice President of Product. Ample opportunities for career development and advancement are available in London’s thriving tech scene.
  • Global Influence: Directors of Product in London have the potential to make a substantial global impact due to the city’s status as a global financial and technology center. The experiences of millions of consumers may be influenced by products developed in London, which may be distributed to markets worldwide.
  • Networking Opportunities: London’s dynamic tech community provides a plethora of networking opportunities, such as conferences, meetings, and industry events. Directors of Product have the opportunity to establish valuable relationships with other product leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, and thought leaders in the ecosystem.
  • Work-Life Balance: Although technology positions are frequently associated with extended hours and high levels of stress, numerous organizations in London prioritize work-life balance and provide employees with the opportunity to select for remote work, flexible working arrangements, and incentives such as parental leave policies and wellness packages.
  • Cultural Diversity: London is a city that is renowned for its cultural diversity, which draws in individuals from all over the world. Working as a Director of Product in London provides you with the opportunity to gain exposure to a variety of perspectives, ideas, and experiences, which in turn enhances your personal and professional development.
  • Learning Opportunities: The tech ecosystem in London is home to a diverse array of companies, including multinational corporations and startups, each of which presents its own set of challenges and learning opportunities. Directors of Product have the opportunity to enhance their skills and knowledge by gaining practical experience and exposure to a variety of industries and product domains.

Our Values:

  • Understand Your Customer: Consider yourself in their shoes. Understand and balance our clients’ various needs, operating with integrity and empathy to create something exceptional.
  • Grow Together: Help one another achieve. Recognize the efforts of our teams while also rewarding individual accomplishments. Accept different points of view so that we can all improve and grow together.
  • Think big and push the boundaries. Failure is not anything to be afraid of because it is how we learn. Always aspire to be better through testing, adapting, and improving.

More Info

  1. Will product managers be in demand in the future?

    Answer: Product management is expected to be a rewarding and promising career choice in the future. As long as firms promote innovation and customer-centricity, the demand for qualified product managers will rise.

  2. Is product management in demand in the UK?

    Are Product Managers in High Demand in the UK? Yes, a Product Manager’s profession is likely one of the most in-demand right now.

  3. In London, how much does a product director make?

    According to our salary calculator, the average annual salary for a Director of Products working in London is £170,000–£200,000.

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