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Digital Communication Officer Job at UNICEF New York – Apply Now


Digital Communication Officer Job at UNICEF New York: UNICEF operates in some of the world’s most difficult locations to reach the world’s most vulnerable children. In order to save their life. To protect their rights. To assist them in reaching their full potential.

Across 190 nations and territories, we strive every day to make the world a better place for every child, everywhere.


Details of Digital Communication Officer Job at UNICEF:

Job no: 565025
Contract type: Temporary Appointment
Duty Station: New York
Level: P-2
Location: United States
Categories: Communication, Information Communication Technology


For every child, peace.

This position is part of the Division of Global Communication and Advocacy’s Digital Strategy Section (DSS) and reports to the Global Parenting Hub Lead. The Digital Strategy Section oversees UNICEF’s global digital channels and digital communications, including in five UN languages and global social media channels, as well as global digital marketing and the establishment of formal UNICEF digital partnerships. The Section is also in charge of developing, managing, and maintaining global internet properties, as well as providing country and regional office support for digital transformation, governance, and capacity building.

How can you make a difference?

  • As part of the GCA’s Digital First strategy and an important component of UNICEF’s Digital Transformation transformation strategy for 2022-2025. The post will educate parents and carers on the value of nurturing caregiving and assist UNICEF and the website in establishing itself as a premier online resource that parents can rely on.
  • This job is responsible for researching, producing, and editing content, as well as employing keyword research and digital analytics tools to generate and optimize high-performing content and assist in building UNICEF’s Parenting audience.
  • Through providing guidance and global parenting content for local adaptation, the position plays a critical role in supporting local parenting hubs and programs driven by UNICEF’s network of 190+ Country Offices.
  • The position collaborates closely with colleagues in the Paid Marketing team to assist in the operation and optimization of paid advertising on Google, Meta, and other platforms promoting global parenting content.
  • The position also promotes the use of new technology and innovative tactics, as well as the promotion of GCA’s Global Advocacy Priorities.

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Summary of Key Accountabilities: 

1. Content 
2. Dissemination and engagement 
3. Digital analytics and insights 
4. Field support 
5. Other 

1. Content:

  • In accordance with UNICEF’s global brand and editorial standards, do research, write, edit, and generate engaging and practical material for UNICEF Parenting that responds to the needs of parents and caregivers.
  • Collaborate with internal partners as part of the editorial process, including program review and fact-checking, to ensure that information is factually correct and in accordance with UNICEF’s worldwide policy.
  • Support the creation and upkeep of a pool of external professionals and contributors, such as writers and illustrators, to ensure work is completed on schedule and to a high degree.
  • Conduct keyword research and create content strategies to target key parent-related terms. Continuously monitor organic search traffic through audits and keyword research, as well as watching keyword positions and adjusting content. Contribute to the creation of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) workflows and best practices for the team as a whole.

2. Dissemination and Engagement: 

  • Contribute to organic and sponsored global parenting content promotion.
  • Work with the Paid Marketing team to assist in the development and optimization of advertising on platforms such as Google and Meta.
  • Collaboration with the Social Editorial team to promote global parenting content on UNICEF’s global social media channels.

3. Digital Analytics and Insights: 

  • Monitor digital analytics on UNICEF Parenting in collaboration with the Digital Intelligence team, including the development of baselines and benchmarks.
  • Create digital analytics reports to track content performance and find opportunities for improvement.
  • Collect and evaluate user comments and insights to help inform editorial and UX decisions, such as A/B tests. Find new ways to innovate, test, and learn in order to reach and engage greater audiences.
  • Keep up with studies on new technology breakthroughs in the digital realm.

4. Field Support: 

  • Allow UNICEF Regional and Country Office parenting programs to take place.
  • Upload content files and maintain an internal SharePoint site for UNICEF’s Regional and Country Offices to use.
  • Support UNICEF Regional and Country Office capacity building efforts connected to UNICEF Parenting, such as generating guidance materials and participating in webinar trainings.
  • Monitor the use of global parenting content by UNICEF Regional and Country Offices. Maintaining a content calendar and ensuring an up-to-date filing system of drafts and reviews, as well as identifying possibilities for improvement, all contribute to team efficiency.

5. Other:

  • As needed, do various digital communication activities at the P2 level, as well as fill in for other colleagues.
  • Perform any other duties assigned by the supervisor.

Impact of Results:

  • The Division of Global Communication and Advocacy (DGCA) contributes to UNICEF’s positioning as a global leader in parenting information online by assisting caregivers in providing nurturing caregiving to their children, increasing UNICEF’s visibility among this audience, and enabling UNICEF Country Offices around the world to run local parenting initiatives.​
  • More broadly, the DGCA develops and implements clear, innovative, and effective digital and social media engagement strategies and partnerships for relevant communication priorities and Global Advocacy Priorities in order to increase public awareness of children’s rights, strengthen political will in support of UNICEF’s mission and objectives, and strengthen the organization’s credibility and brand.
  • GCA stays up to date on the newest advances and trends in digital and social media strategies, integrating tactics into strategic approaches with the goal of meeting set key performance metrics. The DGCA is on track to meet its ambitious objective of 200 million digital supporters by the end of 2025. This will contribute to the complete implementation of the Global Communication and Public Advocacy Strategy’s objectives.
  • GCA’s Web Editorial Team management is well-functioning and of the highest caliber, assisting UNICEF in establishing a leading position online; administrative tasks are completed in a professional and timely manner, and the work environment is healthy, respectful, collaborative, and conducive to staff well-being.
Digital Communication Officer Job at UNICEF New York
Digital Communication Officer Job at UNICEF New York

Benefits of Digital Communication Officer Job at UNICEF New York:

  1. Meaningful Work: Working for UNICEF means making a difference in the lives of children all across the world. Your actions as a Digital Communication Officer have a direct impact on UNICEF’s goal to protect children’s rights and enhance the lives of families worldwide.
  2. Global Reach: Because UNICEF works in practically every country, your work will have a global impact. You will be able to develop and distribute digital content that promotes awareness and support for critical issues affecting children worldwide.
  3. Professional Development: UNICEF is a well-known international agency. Working there can help you build your professional reputation while also providing opportunities for skill development, networking, and career growth.
  4. Working Environment: You will be working with a diverse group of experts from all around the world. Collaboration and cross-cultural encounters can broaden your horizons while also improving your teamwork and communication abilities.
  5. Competitive Compensation: UNICEF normally offers attractive pay and benefits packages, including health insurance, retirement plans, and possibilities for additional education and training.
  6. Work-Life Balance: Work-life balance and employee well-being are important to many international organizations, including UNICEF. This can lead to a more fulfilling and long-term career.
  7. Opportunities for Learning: The digital world is continuously changing, and UNICEF is at the forefront of exploiting digital tools for its work. You will have access to cutting-edge technologies as well as possibilities to learn and grow in the field of digital communication.
  8. Networking: Working with UNICEF gives you access to a large network of specialists, both within the organization and in the larger humanitarian and development sector.
  9. Advocacy and Impact: You will have the opportunity to advocate for causes that are important to you as well as create content that can affect public opinion and policy decisions.
  10. Job Security: Because UNICEF is part of the United Nations system, it often provides job security and stability, particularly for permanent or long-term contract positions.
  11. Cultural Enrichment: Living and working in New York City provides access to varied populations, museums, cultural events, and more.

To qualify as an advocate for every child you will have…


  • A bachelor’s degree in communications, journalism, digital media, international relations, or a similar discipline is required.


  • A minimum of two years of progressively responsible professional job experience in online media and digital communications is required.
  • Understanding of digital communications, marketing, and civic involvement.
  • At least one year of experience working for an international organization is preferred.
  • Strong writing and editing skills in English; ability to articulate thoughts and concepts effectively and concisely in written and oral form.
  • Fluency in parenting topics, trends, and developing practices.
  • Experience with applicable software and programs, such as website administration tools, SEO tools, and analytics platforms, is necessary.
  • Current best practices in digital communication strategy and engagement, as well as knowledge of best-in-class digital media platforms, are required.
  • Good awareness of international affairs, current events, and the importance of development issues.
  • Knowledge of the United Nations, development organizations, or non-governmental organizations (NGOs) is extremely beneficial.
  • Detail-oriented, innovative, and able to operate efficiently under pressure.
  • Writing experience in parenting and early childhood development subjects is necessary.


  • English fluency is necessary. It is extremely ideal to have working knowledge of a second United Nations language (Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, or Spanish).

For every Child, you demonstrate…

The Core Values of UNICEF (Care, Respect, Integrity, Trust, Accountability, and Sustainability) underpin all we do and how we do it. Learn More About Our Values Charter:

UNICEF competencies required for this post are…

• Builds and maintains partnerships (1) 
• Demonstrates self-awareness and ethical awareness (1) 
• Innovates and embraces change (1) 

• Drive to achieve results for impact (1) 
• Manages ambiguity and complexity (1) 
• Thinks and acts strategically (1) 
• Works collaboratively with others (1) 

We examine candidates using the competency framework during the recruitment process. Learn about our competency framework and its various levels here:

UNICEF is here to serve the world’s most disadvantaged children and our global workforce must reflect the diversity of those children. The UNICEF family is committed to include everyone, irrespective of their race/ethnicity, age, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, socio-economic background, or any other personal characteristic. We offer a wide range of benefits to our staff, including paid parental leave, breastfeeding breaks, and reasonable accommodation for persons with disabilities. UNICEF strongly encourages the use of flexible working arrangements.

UNICEF maintains a zero-tolerance policy for conduct that is incompatible with the United Nations and UNICEF’s aims and objectives, such as sexual exploitation and abuse, sexual harassment, abuse of authority, and discrimination. UNICEF is dedicated to promoting the protection and well-being of all children.

As a result, all shortlisted candidates will be subjected to extensive reference and background checks, and they will be expected to conform to these standards and ideals. Verification of academic credentials and employment history will be included in background checks. Selected candidates may be requested to give extra information in order for a background check to be conducted.


Mobility is a need for international professional employment with UNICEF and a fundamental tenet of international civil service.

Medical clearance is required for UNICEF employment. For IP posts, the host nation of the duty station must issue a visa, which UNICEF will facilitate. Appointments are also subject to mandatory inoculation (vaccination), including against SARS-CoV-2 (Covid).

Government employees who are considered for employment with UNICEF are usually obliged to resign from their government before beginning work with UNICEF. UNICEF retains the right to revoke an appointment offer without compensation if a visa or medical clearance is not secured, or essential immunization criteria are not completed, within a reasonable time frame for any reason.

Only those who have been shortlisted will be contacted and advanced to the next round of the selection process.

People Also Ask:

  1. What are the roles of a digital communications officer?

    The Digital Communications Officer is in charge of the Centre’s in and outgoing communications, as well as the development and execution of digital content and assistance with online and offline campaigns.

  2. What skills do you need to be a digital communication officer?

    Outstanding interpersonal abilities as well as the ability to build and sustain effective, professional connections with a wide range of persons and groups. Negotiation, coaching, and convincing abilities are all included. Excellent ability to communicate verbally and in writing, as well as presenting skills.

  3. How do I become a digital communication officer?

    A bachelor’s degree in an associated field and five years of work experience in the industry are the minimum qualifications for a job as a digital communications director. Because this is an expanding sector with increased demand, numerous companies are raising standards to help filter out an influx of new applicants.

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