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High Paying Jobs in UK 2024 – Demanded Jobs

Employing graduates and students from other nations is significantly easier for multinational companies operating in the UK. If you are a talented international student seeking employment with a UK company for a short-term project, internship, or graduate-level position, 

Details of High Paying Jobs in UK 2024 – Demanded Jobs


  • Global Opportunities: International students and graduates have an edge when it comes to getting short-term projects, internships, or graduate-level jobs in the UK because they bring a global viewpoint and a wide range of skills to the table.
  • Competitive Salaries: Different jobs in the medical, engineering, and aviation management fields offer good starting pay and room for advancement based on skills and experience.
  • Professional Development: There are many chances to advance in your work. There are jobs for everything from biomedical scientists to aerodrome operations stand planners, so there is something for everyone with a wide range of skills and goals.

Medical Jobs in UK 2024

Specialist Biomedical Scientist Jobs

The individual should be an expert in laboratory tasks such as embedding, frozen sections, special staining, and quality control. The successful candidate must have passed or completed the histopathology specialist portfolio or have relevant experience that is equivalent.

Beginning salaries range between $25,655 and $31,534. With knowledge and/or experience, one can earn between £32,306 and £39,006. Typically, senior biomedical scientists earn between £40,057 and £53,221 per year.

Senior Physiotherapist Jobs

As a Senior Physiotherapist, you will play a crucial role in assisting our patients in achieving, maintaining, and recovering optimal health and well-being, including a variety of musculoskeletal disorders and post-operative cases.

You must be registered with the Health and Care Professions Council and hold a Bachelor of Science in physiotherapy or an equivalent degree. The salary range for senior physiotherapists is £31,365 to £37,880.

Engineering Jobs in the UK 2024

Electrical Installation Engineer jobs

Their duty is to provide the office staff with regular updates and recommendations. To become an electrician in the United Kingdom, training, practical experience, and an examination are required. The average salary of an electrician in the UK is £32,540.

Medical Engineering Technician jobs

This professional test maintains and repairs sophisticated medical equipment. They will participate in workshop schedules.

A-levels or level-3 equivalent credentials
You can enroll in the NHS Practitioner Training Programmed (PTP) if you earn a validated BSc in healthcare science with two or three A-levels in science subjects and a solid mix of GCSEs with grades A to C. (medical engineering).

Beginning salaries in medical engineering range from £27,054 to £32,934. (Band 5). Band 6 ranges from £33,706 to £40,588 for income. The salary range for seasoned professionals is between £41,659 and £47,670.

Energy Manager Jobs

The energy manager implements trust-wide strategies for energy, building, and environmental management controls and contracts energy management of outsourced CHP Energy Center operations.

A minimum of four years of related experience is required. Management experience is required. A degree in engineering or a relevant science is required. Energy Managers can earn up to £61,730 per year in the United Kingdom.

Civils and Drainage Engineer

They are always prepared to manage all aspects of your landscaping, extension, and fencing projects. In addition to high-quality landscaping, they can bring your garden to life. Responsible for designing water and sewage transport systems that are as safe and efficient as possible.

The position in civil engineering requires a master’s or bachelor’s degree in engineering. In the United Kingdom, the average annual salary for a civil engineer is £41,155, or £21.10 per hour.

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Aviation Management Jobs in UK 2024

Aerodrome Operations Stand Planner Jobs

The AOSP is accountable for communicating operational decisions to Aircraft Operations and Ground Handlers, maximizing available capacity, and ensuring the effective allocation of aircraft stands.

In order to work in this industry, you must possess a bachelor’s degree or an associate’s degree and relevant work experience. The expected annual salary is 30,358 dollars.

Account Manager Aviation Jobs

Its objectives are to serve as a mentor to the entire team and a true partner to the client. In addition, you will train a team of account coordinators to become your reliable recruitment business partners.

Associate’s degree or higher in business, customer service, or a closely related field. Minimum of two years experience in a sales or customer-focused role. In the United Kingdom, the average annual salary for an airport manager is £30,000, or £15.38 per hour.


For foreign students and graduates, the job market in the UK in 2024 has a wide range of options. Individuals can find jobs that match their skills, such as specialized roles in the medical area, engineering, and aviation management. The UK is a great place to go for short-term projects, internships, or long-term careers because it has a lot of international companies and pays well. To get the most out of your career in the UK, stay up to date on the most popular jobs, qualifications, and pay levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What professions will be in demand in the United Kingdom in 2024?

    List of Nine In-Demand Jobs in the United Kingdom for 2024
    Developers of software and programmers.
    Cyber Security Experts.
    Residential Care and Health Services.
    Designers of visual interfaces.
    Scientists who study the physical world.
    Sales Assistant.
    Operations Director.

  2. Which jobs will be in demand in the future in UK?

    Construction Project Managers.
    IT Business Analysts.
    40 jobs of the future.

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