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Factory Jobs in UK For Foreigners 2024 – Apply Now

You have come to the right post if you are a foreigner looking for manufacturing jobs in the UK since all of your inquiries about the requirements to work in the UK and the openings will be answered here. This article will outline all the continuing factors in the UK factory as well as the website where factory employment applications may be made.
It is strongly advised that, while you browse this article in quest of a factory job, you confirm your eligibility to work for the individual company providing the employment opportunity.

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Information on Factory Jobs in UK For Foreigners

  • Many foreigners hope to work in the UK, and if you belong to this group, then this post is for you. A factory job is an unskilled position you can readily obtain in the UK, regardless of your level of education.
  • You must, however, be aware of the procedures necessary to obtain this employment, from the work visa to the residency permit, as well as the qualifications needed to contribute to the team you are going to join.
  • Some firms may need you to have GCSEs in grades 9 to 3 (A* to D) when applying for jobs. Equivalent credentials or prior experience working on a production line would also be advantageous.
  • You might be required to take a test to demonstrate your practical skills during the interview. These skills include the capacity for patience and the capacity to maintain composure under pressure, the capacity to operate and control machinery, the capacity to work well with your hands, and the understanding of manufacturing production and processes.

Benefits of Factory Jobs in UK For Foreigners

  • Employment Opportunities: The United Kingdom’s manufacturing sector is robust and there is a consistent demand for factory workers, which presents a plethora of employment opportunities for foreign nationals.
  • Visa Sponsorship: A significant number of factory positions provide visa sponsorship, which can facilitate the legal employment and residence of foreign laborers in the United Kingdom.
  • Competitive Wages: Factory jobs in the United Kingdom frequently offer competitive wages, which guarantee financial stability and the capacity to provide for oneself and one’s family.
  • Job Security: The UK economy is significantly influenced by the manufacturing sector, which provides stable employment opportunities and job security.
  • Skill Development: The opportunity to cultivate a variety of technical and practical skills in a factory setting can improve the employability and career prospects of employees in the future.
  • Career Advancement: Numerous factories provide opportunities for career advancement, such as promotions to supervisory or managerial roles and access to training programs.
  • Employment Experience: Acquiring work experience in the United Kingdom can be advantageous for a resume, offering a competitive advantage when applying for future employment in the United Kingdom or other countries.
  • Employee Benefits: Factory jobs frequently include supplementary benefits, including health insurance, retirement plans, paid holidays, and medical leave, which enhance overall job satisfaction.
  • Cultural Integration: The opportunity to learn about British culture, integrate into British society, and enhance English language skills is provided by working in the UK. This can be advantageous in both personal and professional contexts.
  • Work-Life Balance: Numerous factories provide employees with consistent working hours and shift patterns that facilitate a positive work-life balance, enabling them to take advantage of their holidays and explore the United Kingdom.
  • A Multicultural Workplace: Factories frequently employ a diverse workforce, which fosters a multicultural environment by allowing employees to interact with individuals from a variety of backgrounds and cultures.
  • Union Representation: Trade unions offer support and advocacy for the rights and working conditions of many factory workers in the United Kingdom.

Factory Positions That Are Open To Foreign Workers In UK

  • Foreigners are invited to apply for the more than 30 industrial jobs that the UK government is now hiring for, provided they follow the proper procedures outlined above.
  • For ease of understanding, these factory positions are highlighted below with the relevant employers and salaries;

1. The Employee of Powder Coatings Ltd:

  • To assist in a busy metal finishing operation, Powder Coatings Ltd. needs a permanent, full-time manufacturing worker. Candidates must possess the following skills and qualifications;
    must have previous experience working in a plant.
    A background in metal finishing, such as powder coating, plating, anodizing, etc., would be advantageous.
    Hard labor, handling different parts, lifting, lugging, and packing.
  • Salary ranges:  £10 to £10.75 per hour.
  • Additional information on Salary: Rate is based on experience and bonus structure.
  • Location: Erdington, Birmingham, United Kingdom

2. Factory Worker – Workchain:

  • The work chain needs permanent and full-time manufacturing workers in two locations to perform general warehouse tasks including picking, packaging, and machine handling (they must also be available to work shifts).
    The candidates will also be in charge of a variety of everyday duties including stocking shelves, taking orders from customers, processing and packing them, counting inventory, and making sure goods are delivered on schedule.
  • Salary: 9.5 to 10.5 pounds per hour, or 19 300 to 23 160 pounds annually
  • Location: BA8 0TN – B79 7UW

3. Worker in a factory for Quay Fresh & Frozen Foods Ltd:

  • Quay Fresh & Frozen Foods Ltd is a family-run seafood manufacturer looking for outgoing, enthusiastic, and dedicated individuals to join our team.
  • You will need to submit to the organization a brief cover letter and your most recent CV. Keep in mind that the company is accepting applications for both full-time and part-time positions.

Foreigners Requirements

  • possess the right to work in the UK and possess identity documents that can be inspected
  • Own a complete, current UK driver’s license, and use it to get to work in your car.
  • Although it is not required, having a forklift license would be ideal.
  • Be accessible to work at least three days every week.

Salary: £10.50 for each hour

4. A worker at Pan Artisan Limited in a factory:

An employee for a plant making baked goods is wanted by Pan Artisan Limited. Your responsibilities will involve handling food via various production processes, from weighing to packing, as well as other tasks.

Qualifications Needed by Applicants

  • pride and attention to detail.
    the capacity to operate independently and uphold standards.
    On-site operations are conducted in English.
    physically capable of carrying out the necessary activities.
  • Salary: £10.35 for each hour
  • Location: West Sussex’s Midhurst

5. Factory Worker – ERSG Ltd:

  • To join our assignment working in a factory of one of the biggest companies in the world, The ERSG Ltd is looking to hire a large number of temporary but full-time employees.
  • Only the proper attitude is needed; no experience is necessary.
  • Salary: between £11 and £13 per hour
  • 1st Location: West Yorkshire’s Leeds
  • 2nd Location: Wakefield, Yorkshire, West

6. Factory Worker in Food Production – Iman Casing & Foods UK LTD:

  • Iman Casing & Foods UK LTD is seeking team members who are dependable, diligent, and honest. The job entails processing offal using various machinery.
  • This is a contract-based full-time position with the potential for tremendous rewards (i.e., it is not a permanent job type)
  • Location: LD1 6EF

7. Worker in Manufacturing for MEDesign Limited:

  • MEDesign Limited is looking for full-time, permanent factory workers to help with the production and assembly of healthcare products. These individuals will receive comprehensive training over a six-week probationary period.
  • Salary: weekly cost of £380
  • Additional advantage: After completing the probationary period, employees are qualified to join the company-nominated contributory registered pension plan.
  • Location: Merseyside’s Southport

8. Working as a Production Operative for a Sandwich Company in a Factory:

  • To ensure that the preparation of the product is done properly and efficiently, as instructed, On a Roll Sandwich Company is looking for a factory production operative worker.
  • Salary: £9.40 or more per hour
  • Location: TS2 1RY

9. Key Recruitment Ltd., Packers:

  • For a sizable food production facility located close to Chichester, Key Recruitment is presently hiring full-time and temporary industrial workers.
  • On a three-on, three-off shift, you will assist with various facets of food processing and packing in a “state of the art” production plant.
  • Hourly pay ranges from £10.10 to £12.63.
  • Location: Chichester and Tangmere

10. Working in a warehouse – Ambitions Personnel:

  • Although you do not have to come from a warehouse background to apply for this position, The Ambition Personnel is looking for warehouse workers with a background working as a warehouse operator, production operative, factory worker, order picker, or packer.
  • For more information, contact Charlie Taylor at or by calling 01206 560523.
  • Salary: Hourly rate: £9.5 to £9.75
  • Location: CO16

How Can Apply For Factory Jobs in UK For Foreigners

  • To apply, click on the aforementioned application URL.
  • To apply for the desired position, click on it.
  • Afterward, if you have a GOV.UK account, you will be required to enter your email address.
  • An email with a verification link will be mailed to you if you don’t already have one.
  • Make sure to use a valid email address, and then use the link right away because it expires in 24 hours.
  • Look in your spam or junk email folder if you can’t find the email there.
  • Your account will be created via the aforementioned procedure, and you will then be led to the particular position you intend to apply for.
  • Supply all the needed information alongside your CV and submit it.

More Info

  1. How much does a factory worker earn in the UK?

    Average £11.23 per hour.

  2. How many hours do factory workers work in the UK?

    Maximum working hours of ‘eight hours per day and 48 hours per week’ are recommended. As a result of the campaigning, the Factories Act of 1937 limited the working hours of women and young people (under 18) to no more than 9 hours per day and 48 hours per week. Adult men’s working hours remained unregulated.

  3. Is there work in the UK for foreigners?

    The UK has many international communities, so as a foreign worker, you’ll be in good company. With the UK’s diverse job sectors, good working conditions, and numerous employment opportunities, it’s no surprise that it’s a popular destination for international graduates wanting to kick-start their careers.

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