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A good life requires good health care. Banner Health understands this, which is why we work so hard every day to make a difference in people’s lives. Do you like the idea of making a difference in other people’s lives as well as your own? If so, this may be the ideal opportunity for you.

Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center Clinical Trials Office is Banner Research’s oncology service line. Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center and Banner Gateway Medical Center house the department. The department conducts Phase I-III treatment clinical trials across all disease groups, to assist physician investigators and provide trial treatment options to patients safely and ethically, all while adhering to FDA and institutional regulations.


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This position is available Monday through Friday. There are no weekends or holidays!

At Banner Health’s cutting-edge hospital, Banner Gateway Medical Center, you’ll find cutting-edge technology and exceptional opportunities for growth and development. Banner Gateway provides you with the innovative resources you need to provide the best care to your patients, including comprehensive electronic medical records, physician order entry, digital radiography, and proprietary advanced patient monitoring.

Our dedication to nursing excellence has earned us Magnet??? status from the American Nurses Credentialing Center. Banner Gateway Medical Center, located near Phoenix in Gilbert, Arizona, has 176 private rooms, eight operating suites, and a 37-bed emergency department, and shares a campus with the Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Oncology, obstetrics, bariatric surgery, emergency care, and other services that focus on meeting the changing needs of the dynamic and growing community we serve are among our key specialties. Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center Information The center, located on the Banner Gateway Campus in Gilbert, Arizona (the Phoenix Metro area), provides world-class care for oncology patients, both inpatient and outpatient, and has also brought leading oncology programs, such as stem cell transplantation and comprehensive head and neck cancer care, to the Banner Gateway campus.

Five linear accelerator vaults, a brachytherapy vault, an advanced diagnostic imaging suite with PET/CT scan, more than 50 infusion bays, a cryopreservation lab, and other services are available. Our inpatient medical oncology unit also includes a program that uses the electronic surveillance partnership in patient care, where remote nurses can interact with patients via two-way audio-video to assist the bedside nurse with patient care.


This position is in charge of coordinating and/or carrying out assigned protocols. This job entails gathering and recording medical data and history, assisting with patient assessments, and keeping study files.


  • Provides study information and obtains relevant information from patients participating in clinical studies, which includes: assisting in the recruitment and screening of volunteers; registering patients; providing timely and helpful information on clinical trials and protocols to interested participants; obtaining relevant medical history on candidates by phone and in person; collecting previous relevant medical records data on the patient; explaining the procedure
  • Performs protocol-required tasks such as obtaining patient medical history, system review, phlebotomy, EKG, and cognitive assessment of patients. Takes vital signs. Maintains quality control on specified protocols. As needed, collects data and assists in interpreting and evaluating results.
  • Triages adverse events and communicates with the research physician about their occurrence. As needed, collect information on indicated medical follow-up with the subject and collateral informants.
  • Patients and their families are given educational materials. By being a consistent point of contact within the clinical research program, he serves as a resource and support person for patients and families. Provides information to the patient and family about the patient’s healthcare, such as health maintenance, prevention, and anticipatory guidance for study-related diseases.
  • Ensures consistent protocol implementation by completing required documentation in a consistent, accurate, and timely manner. Assists in the accurate and timely preparation of appropriate IRB (Institutional Review Board) forms, informed consents, correspondence with sponsors, and so on. Participation in the annual IRB approval and update process is permissible.
  • Assists other departments, programmatic areas, and community agencies as a liaison.
  • Ensures that primary referring physicians are kept up to date on the patient’s diagnosis and treatment.
  • Knowledgeable and collaboratively, may assume primary responsibility for the implementation and management of new clinical trials.
  • Departmental accountability Some jobs may require frequent contact with patients, families, visitors, physicians, and other clinical departments.


Must have knowledge of clinical research methodologies, which is typically obtained after completing a Bachelor’s Degree in a healthcare field. Applicants must be working toward Clinical Research Coordinator Certification (CRCC). Typically, two to four years of clinical research experience is required. Knowledge of medical and clinical terminology. Excellent organizational and task management abilities are required. Capability to keep patient and study information confidential. Knowledge of federal and state regulations governing practice, as well as Institute policies and procedures governing medical and nursing practice, is required. Excellent interpersonal, organizational, and communication abilities are required.

Benefits of Clinical Research Coordinator Jobs USA At Banner Health

  • Contribution to Medical Advancements: Clinical Research Coordinators are instrumental in the advancement of medicine through their contribution to the development of novel medical treatments, therapies, and protocols. Banner Health provides employees with the opportunity to participate in innovative research endeavors that may enhance patient outcomes and propel the field of medicine forward.
  • Professional Development: Banner Health, a reputable healthcare organization, is recognized for its dedication to the professional development and education of its employees. Clinical Research Coordinators are provided with opportunities to expand their expertise and understanding of clinical research methodologies and regulations through participation in training programs, seminars, and continuing education endeavors.
  • Competitive Compensation: Banner Health customarily provides competitive remuneration and benefits packages with the intention of attracting and retaining highly skilled professionals within the healthcare sector. Clinical Research Coordinators are eligible for benefits including paid time off, health insurance, and retirement plans, in addition to competitive compensation.
  • Opportunities for Career Advancement: Promising Prospects for Professional Development Banner Health offers employees prospects for career progression and enhancement of their expertise. Clinical Research Coordinators may advance to Clinical Research Manager or Director of Clinical Research positions, among others, at a higher organizational level.
  • Meaningful Work: Banner Health Clinical Research Coordinators are entrusted with the responsibility of effecting substantial change in the realms of medical research and patient care. Their efforts contribute directly to the advancement of novel therapies and treatments, which have the potential to enhance the well-being of both patients and communities.
  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Banner Health cultivates an environment that promotes interdisciplinary collaboration, wherein healthcare personnel hailing from diverse disciplines cooperate harmoniously in pursuit of shared objectives. Clinical Research Coordinators conduct research studies and clinical trials in collaboration with physicians, nurses, scientists, and other healthcare professionals.
  • Work-Life Balance: Banner Health understands the significance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance and provides its employees with flexible scheduling options. Clinical Research Coordinators might be granted the option to operate with flexible schedules or engage in telecommuting, thereby enabling them to efficiently manage the demands of both their professional and personal lives.
  • Access to State-of-the-Art Facilities: Banner Health, an organization at the forefront of the healthcare industry, provides access to cutting-edge facilities and research infrastructure. Clinical Research Coordinators are provided with state-of-the-art resources, technology, and instruments to facilitate their research endeavors.
  • Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion: Banner Health is dedicated to cultivating an environment that is both diverse and inclusive, ensuring that every employee feels esteemed, treated with respect, and encouraged to offer their distinct viewpoints. Clinical Research Coordinators have the privilege of operating within an environment that fosters diversity and equality while also providing support and inclusivity.
  • Job Satisfaction: Banner Health’s clinical research coordinators express considerable job satisfaction on account of the significant contributions they make to the organization, the constructive atmosphere that fosters development, and the worthwhile tasks they perform.


Certification as a Clinical Research Coordinator (CRCC).

Banner Health Careers

What might entice you to work at Banner Health? Of course, it’s a fantastic healthcare career—and a fantastic place to live at any age. There is a healthcare career for everyone in the West, from big city living in Phoenix to friendly small towns in the mountains and plains. Banner Health, as one of the largest nonprofit health systems, provides both the stability that comes with success and the opportunity to explore new areas of the country. If you want to be a key contributor to a forward-thinking organization, you’ll gain a variety of professional benefits:

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  1. Is it hard to be a clinical research coordinator?

    As a CRC, the day is going to be hectic, which involves conducting the clinical trial as per the protocol timeline and GCP guidelines. Morning: You rush to the site, and the subjects start arriving at the appointed time.

  2. How much does a clinical research coordinator make in the US?

    Clinical research coordinators are well-compensated professionals. A clinical research coordinator will usually earn a salary of around $71,400 to $208,000, depending on tenure and industry expertise.

  3. How do I become a clinical research coordinator in the USA?

    A bachelor’s degree is generally step one for anyone who wants to work as a clinical research coordinator. A Bachelor of Science in a relevant subject, such as clinical research administration or a matter under the umbrella of health sciences, public health, or microbiology, is recommended.

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