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Latest Civil Engineering Jobs in Canada – Apply Now


Latest Civil Engineering Jobs in Canada Apply Now: Civil engineers are considered to be the primary forces behind global economic and physical development. In terms of employment opportunities, Canada, a nation with a rapidly growing economy, is experiencing a simultaneous rise in demand for qualified civil engineers. Many successful immigrant civil engineers choose to live and work in Canada permanently as Canadian Permanent Residents, taking advantage of one of the most lucrative and well-paying job markets in the world.

One of the broadest groups of engineering specialties is civil engineering. Despite being well-liked, Canada is experiencing a severe lack of qualified civil engineers for a number of infrastructural development projects. This is brought on by a variety of elements, including an increase in development and construction projects across the nation and a workforce that is aging more slowly and approaching retirement than in other engineering fields. Few Canadian graduates choose to pursue a career in civil engineering, so many employers are looking to hire foreign workers to fill the gap in the Canadian civil engineering workforce.


2021 will bring many excellent opportunities for the civil engineering job market in Canada, regardless of whether you are a recent civil engineering graduate, someone looking for career development, or a new Canadian. Due to a shortage of qualified civil engineers and an abundance of retiring engineers, there are many job opportunities available. According to many labor market analysts, 2021 will be a prosperous year for civil engineers across Canada.



Canada is a popular place for civil engineers because of its beautiful scenery and well-built infrastructure. With the construction business growing so quickly, skilled civil engineers are always in demand all over the country. This article will show you the latest opportunities and trends in this fast-changing area.

Overview of the Canadian Civil Engineering Landscape

In Canada, civil engineering includes a wide range of tasks, such as designing infrastructure that will last and managing building projects. There are different parts of the field, and each has its own needs and possibilities.

Details About Civil Engineering Jobs in Canada

Job TypeEngineering, Civil
Work environmentAll over Canada
Number of openings10 Job Openings
NationalityAll Nationalities are Acceptable
Educationequivalent degree or diploma
ExperienceCandidates with experience are preferred.
Employee advantagesAttractive Job Perks & Benefits

Working Conditions:

Civil engineers develop and manage projects for the building or repair of earth structures such as roads, rapid transit facilities, tunnels, canals, bridges, dams, ports, and coastal installations. They also plan and design buildings, airports, and railways.

The Canadian government is currently accepting applications from foreign nationals seeking immediate full-time employment in the field of civil engineering and who have the necessary education and experience to do so. Therefore, civil engineering has a lot of potential for foreign workers in Canada.

The fast-track working visa programs provide qualified applicants and their family members with immediate temporary entry into Canada on the basis of an offer of full-time employment that has been approved by the government and is consistent with their qualifications in civil engineering.

After immediate entry into Canada with their family members who are dependents, qualified applicants will receive work permits. After that, qualified candidates and their families may apply for permanent residence in Canada.
Employers in Canada provide generous benefits packages that can total more than CAD $104,500.

Most Recent Positions in Civil Engineering in Canada for 2023

1. TWD Technologies Limited:

LOCATION: Sarnia (ON) 



LOCATION: Hamilton (ON)


3. itec Group, Inc:

LOCATION: Cambridge (ON)


4. Tryon Engineering Inc:

LOCATION: Fort St. John (BC)

SALARY: $35.00 to $45.00 hourly


LOCATION: Brampton (ON)

SALARY: $38.00 hourly

6. Parkwood Associates Inc:

LOCATION: Mississauga (ON)

SALARY: $71,000.00 to $89,000.00 annually


LOCATION: Calgary (AB)

SALARY: $44.00 hourly


LOCATION: Edmonton (AB)

SALARY: $47.07 hourly

9. Libra Envelope Investment Ltd:

LOCATION: Port Coquitlam (BC)

SALARY: $31.00 to $39.50 hourly

10. Township of Esquimalt:

LOCATION: Esquimalt (BC)

SALARY: $40.56 hourly

Canadian Civil Engineering Job Requirements

The following prerequisites must be satisfied in order for potential candidates for Civil Engineering jobs in Canada to be considered:

  • A bachelor’s degree in civil engineering or a closely related engineering field is required.
  • You must have at least two years’ worth of relevant experience.
  • English or French language proficiency is required.
  • You must have your drug-free status attested.
  • You must have had no arrests in the previous five years (excluding speeding offenses).

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Civil engineers’ responsibilities and duties in Canada

If you fulfill the aforementioned minimum qualifications, you must have prior experience performing the majority of the following tasks:

  • To ascertain the needs of the project, consult with clients, other engineers, and other team members.
  • Plan and create large-scale civil projects like the construction of structures, roads, bridges, dams, water and waste management systems, and fabrications of structural steel.
  • Create construction guidelines and specifications
  • Evaluate and recommend appropriate building and construction materials
  • Survey and civil design work should be interpreted, reviewed, and approved.
  • Perform field services for civil construction
  • Make sure construction plans adhere to the requirements of building codes and other laws.
  • Create and keep track of construction work schedules
  • Perform feasibility studies, economic analyses, municipal and regional traffic studies, environmental impact studies, or other research
  • Assess the quality of the air, water, and soil, and create procedures for contaminated site cleanup.
  • Prepare reports by performing technical analyses of survey and field data for the creation of topographic, soil, hydrological, or other information.
  • Serve as a project or site supervisor for construction or land survey work.
  • Prepare contract documents, as well as look over and assess construction project bids.
  • In addition to supervising technicians, technologists, and other engineers, you should also review, approve, and comment on designs, calculations, and budgets.

Canadian Civil Engineers’ Average Salary in 2023

In Canada, a civil engineer makes an average annual salary of $60,000, or $30.77 per hour. In Canada, the starting salary for entry-level civil engineering positions is $37,050 per year, while most experienced civil engineers can earn up to $102,000 per year. The average salary for civil engineers in Canada is shown in the following general manner:

Civil EngineerBritish Columbia$86,444
Civil EngineerQuebec$62,449
Civil EngineerAlberta$62,015
Civil EngineerOntario$60,000
Civil EngineerNova Scotia$60,000
Civil EngineerNew Brunswick$55,244
Senior Project ManagerNew Brunswick$111,820
Senior Project ManagerNew Brunswick$100,000
Senior Civil EngineerNew Brunswick$90,645

How Do I Become a Civil Engineer in Canada?

Certain immigration programs in Canada, like the Canada Express Entry program, do not require receiving a genuine job offer in order to immigrate to Canada as a civil engineer. A job offer, however, can improve your chances of receiving a permanent residency (PR) authorization because it boosts your immigration profile by 50 PR points, or 200 PR points if you are hired as a senior manager in the field of civil engineering. An eligible job offer must be received before a foreign civil engineer can enter Canada as a temporary worker, and they must also obtain the required work authorization from the Canadian government. For civil engineers to immigrate directly to Canada as permanent residents, there are numerous other options as well.


In conclusion, Canada has a lot of chances for people who work in civil engineering. With the right education, skills, and drive, you can start a rewarding career in this area, which is always changing.

People Also Ask

  • Are civil engineers in demand in Canada in 2022?

    Opportunities abound for civil engineers who want to immigrate to Canada. Even recent civil engineering graduates with little professional experience can locate rewarding positions. One of the highest entry-level salaries in Canada is found in this industry.

  • Which nation will have the greatest need for civil engineers in 2022?

    The demand for civil engineers is highest in Canada.
    Canada is in need of civil engineers. With a growing economy, there has never been a greater need for civil engineers in Canada.

  • How will civil engineers be used in 2025?

    By 2025, people will already consider their research and products to be standard, which will change how people view civil engineers and their role as technology integrators and innovators. Civil engineers must make the necessary adjustments to their use of new tools and methods.

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