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The Logistics team is a crucial component of DynaLIFEDx, providing direct services to numerous clients including Specimen Processing, Patient Care Centers, Health Authorities, and medical professional workplaces in addition to secondary services to other Health Authorities in the Northwest Territories and also Saskatoon. A greater quantity is required.

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About Company

DynaLIFE offers a patient-centric culture, as well as many of our employees are members of the same associations as social sector personnel. Every day, our staff strives to improve the lives of Albertans. Our people are not merely members of the broad public; they are members of our family, our close friends, and our community.


DynaLIFE, an Alberta-based healthcare research laboratory offering a broad range of analysis screening services since 1995, provides expert, care-driven results to individuals, healthcare facilities, the federal government, and other corporate clients.

Details of Driver Jobs in Canada

  • Jobs TitleDriver Jobs in Canada
  • Jobs Type: Regular Part-time (0.4 FTE) Hourly, In-Scope, CUPE
  • Salary:19.67 – 23.91 CAD
  • Location: Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada
  • State: Alberta
  • Company: Medicine Hat Patient Service Centre
  • Categories: Driver, CUPE
  • Shifts: 31 hours Bi-weekly, 7.75 hours per day, shifts to be scheduled on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Vacancies: 10
  • Country: Canada

Benefits of Driver Jobs in Canada

  • Job Stability: Canada’s substantial size and heavy dependence on transportation to deliver products and services contribute to a consistent demand for drivers. This ensures employment security and stability for those employed in the sector.
  • Competitive Compensation: Particularly those who possess specialized expertise or experience, such as long-haul vehicle drivers, delivery drivers, or specialized equipment operators, are generally remunerated competitively.
  • A Diverse Array of Employment Prospects: The transportation sector provides an extensive selection of driver positions, encompassing taxi, truck, delivery, and chauffeur positions. This assortment enables people to select positions that correspond with their abilities, inclinations, and professional aspirations.
  • Flexibility: Numerous driver positions provide opportunities for full-time, part-time, and contract employment, in addition to the ability to choose between various periods or schedules. This adaptability may accommodate those with diverse lifestyle requirements or additional obligations.
  • Travel Opportunities: Specific occupations involving drivers, such as long-haul vehicle driving or courier delivery, offer prospects for journeying and discovering various regions throughout Canada. This may appeal to those who take pleasure in traveling and discovering new locations.
  • Independence: As they are accountable for the management of their vehicles’ routes, schedules, and operations, driver roles frequently afford a feeling of autonomy and independence. For those who prefer to operate independently, this degree of autonomy may feel empowering.
  • Development of Skills: Employment in the driving industry provides prospects for the acquisition of advantageous proficiencies, including but not limited to secure driving methodologies, adept navigation, vehicle upkeep, and customer engagement. These are transferable abilities that can be implemented in a variety of other contexts.
  • Job Satisfaction: Job satisfaction can be an inherent benefit for individuals who derive pleasure from operating motor vehicles and being in motion. Providing transportation services, transporting passengers, or delivering products all contribute to the efficient operation of society and may also provide a feeling of achievement.
  • Employment Development: As a result of technological advancements and alterations in consumer preferences, the transportation sector persistently transforms, generating fresh prospects for chauffeurs. The expansion of e-commerce, for instance, has increased the need for delivery carriers and courier services.
  • Health Benefits: Certain driving positions may provide drivers with health benefits, such as health insurance coverage or financial assistance for medical expenses. These perks have the potential to enhance drivers’ overall welfare.

Main Capabilities and Tasks

  • Deliver and collect mail, specimens, lab supplies, mail, and blood products to and from Rapid Response Laboratories, Patient Care Centres, and client offices in Calgary and adjacent areas in a timely manner and according to a set schedule.
  • Utilizes approved handling and storage practices to preserve integrity.
  • Adheres to all safe driving regulations and vehicle maintenance practices.
  • Maintains the hygiene of company vehicles, as well as refrigerators and shipping containers.
  • Takes course from and effectively interacts with the Courier Dispatcher or designee.
  • Notifies Courier Dispatcher of vehicle breakdowns that require vehicle maintenance and obtains instructions for the required action.
  • Describe DynaLIFEDx with professionalism and courtesy.
  • Display prudence and confidentiality in all situations.

Required Abilities for Driver Jobs in Canada

  • The ability to work independently, accuracy, consideration of elements, and adherence to the schedule are crucial.
  • Excellent customer service, organizational, interpersonal, decision-making, and judgment skills are necessary.

Required Expertise

  • Current courier expertise is an asset.
  • Good data on the Province of Alberta.
  • Data of TDG in relation to the moving of biohazardous supplies.
  • Data of WHMIS.

 Minimal {Qualifications}

  • Excessive Faculty Certificate or equal.
  • Must possess a valid driver’s license and an acceptable driver’s summary.

 Different Data

  • Placement, dates, and/or hours of employment may be altered based on fluctuating workload demands and operational requirements.
  • Applicants hired for this position will be required to provide a 5-year Driver’s Summary as a condition of employment.
  • Driving is required in all weather conditions, as well as during the day and at night.
  • DynaLIFE is committed to establishing and sustaining an inclusive and accessible workplace for all of its candidates and employees by addressing their accessibility and accommodation needs throughout the employment life cycle. To ensure that all applicants are able to fully participate in the recruiting process, we request that they identify any accommodation needs by sending an email to
  • Prior to beginning employment, all newly hired DynaLIFE employees must produce their SIN card and a government-issued photo ID to Human Resources.
  • All DynaLIFE employees should be authorized to work in Canada for any company.
  • All employees are required to provide documentation of their greatest level of education.
  • New employees at DynaLIFE may be subject to a safety clearance requirement.
  • New employees to DynaLIFE might be required to get a safety clearance with a weak sector accomplishment.

More Info

  1. How can I apply for a driver in Canada?

    The completion of a three-month recognized driver training course from a trade school or community college may be necessary. Class 3 or D driver’s licenses are necessary to operate straight-body trucks. To operate long combination vehicles, a Class 1 or A license is required.

  2. Are drivers in demand in Canada?

    Canada has approximately 55,600 available truck driver positions. The labor supply prediction predicts, that about 36,000 people will retire and an additional 136,600 will leave their positions for reasons other than retirement.

  3. What is the salary of a driver in Canada?

    How much does a driver make in Canada? The average driver salary in Canada is $41,925 per year or $21.50 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $35,100 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $58,105 per year.

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