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Cheapest MBA in Australia 2023


Cheapest MBA in Australia 2023: In the midst of our efforts to obtain an MS in the United States, we frequently find ourselves asking this simple question. “What are the chances of getting a job in the United States after completing an MS there?”

The answer to this question is dependent on a number of elements and conditions. There is no doubt that getting an MS degree in the United States is a fantastic alternative that will enhance your profile.


This gets us to drawing two angles of this question:

  1. Is the degree sufficient for finding work in the United States?
  2. What is the average wage after completing an MS in the United States?
Cheapest MBA in Australia 2023
Cheapest MBA in Australia 2023

So addressing the first question, is your degree really enough? Let’s dive into this step by step:

  1. First and foremost, you should think about the field in which you want to pursue your M.S. Why? Because it will influence many aspects of your future work possibilities. Because of the strong or low demand in the sectors, if you major in CS, mechanical engineering, or MIS, your chances of landing a job are higher than in other fields.
  2. Second, your qualifications will be quite important. It may interest you to know that career prospects in the United States are considerably more individual-centric than institute-centric. To impress the company, you will need to have strong credentials as well as additional study or project experience. The crucial thing to grasp here is that your university’s huge name will not be supported. As a result, the better you are as an individual, both personally and professionally, the more likely you are to get a job in the United States.
  3. Finally, one cannot entirely dismiss the significance of the college from which you obtain your MS because campus placements can undoubtedly assist you in landing a great job, provided you are from a reputable institute with good credentials.

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A few more things that can enhance your probability of securing jobs after MS in the USA are:

  • A ring of vast networks. The more you network during your studies, the better your chances of landing a job.
  • Sorted immigration concerns, such as an H1B work visa or a green card, can help you find work faster.

In response to the second question, what is the typical wage following MS in the United States?

There is little doubt that pursuing an MS from the United States can be a significant step forward in your career. However, studying in the United States incurs significant costs, which students typically cover with a loan. As a result, in order to pay off their debts, they must find something that pays well and has a good ROI. Furthermore, working in the United States is the only method to clear such massive debts with less trouble.

With an MS in the United States costing more than $70,000 (INR > Rs 40,00,000), the student would undoubtedly want a job that pays enough to cover the expense in the first two years. Let’s compare the average starting pay to the fields.

Job DescriptionAverage Salary (Starting)
Computer Science$72,080
Mathematics and Sciences$67,891
Social Sciences$52,333

Similarly, the salary you make is also directly proportional to your field of MS in the USA.

As you can see, careers in business pay quite well. However, STEM areas like computer science can also provide excellent wages and ROI if supported by a Doctorate degree. Then you may easily expect a typical income of around $100,000, as opposed to the negligible increase to $75,000 for Business Doctorates. Overall, an advanced degree not only looks nice on your CV but also leads to good income and job advancement chances.

What one must realize is that the likelihood of obtaining a job and the average starting pay are factors that must be thoroughly researched and evaluated before enrolling in a certain course at a university or institution. Because there is no going back once you have earned your degree!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  •  Is it easier to find work in the United States after graduating from MS?

    The M.S Specialization you choose will impact your employment options after MS in the United States. Some fields are in higher demand than others and hence provide more possibilities. Organizations, for example, are constantly looking for graduates in subjects such as computer science, mechanical engineering, management, and so on.

  • How do students in the United States find work after completing MS from college?

    Other characteristics that may help you find work following MS in the United States include: A huge network ring. The more you connect while studying, the higher your chances of getting a job.

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