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Australian 8-Years Work Visa from July 2023 – Visit Here

Australian 8-Years Work Visa New immigration options will be available soon under the newly approved Mobility Agreement between Australia and India.

According to recent reports, the Australian and Indian governments have signed an agreement to encourage academic professionals and graduate students to immigrate. As a result, they can now live and work in Australia and India.
Beginning July 1, Indian students graduating from Australian colleges and universities will be able to choose from post-study work visa options with a maximum eight-year validity.

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Furthermore, Indian nationals will be eligible to apply for the Mobility Arrangement or Talent Early Professional Scheme, abbreviated MATES, a new trial program that will allow them to live and work there.

Australian 8-Years Work Visa from July 2023
Australian 8-Years Work Visa from July 2023

It’s worth noting that MATES will be available to 3,000 Indians working in the following occupations.

  • Engineering of Artificial Intelligence
  • Mining in the field of renewable energy
  • Agriculture Technology
  • Financial innovation
  • The technology of Information and Communication

Indian officials plan to make more information about the reciprocal system public soon. Continue to follow us to learn more, and we’ll keep you up to date on the latest developments.

People Also Ask:

  1. Is the Australia visa going to change in July 2023?

    Both requirements limit the number of hours a visa applicant can work when classes are still in session. When their course is in a meeting, pupils are limited to forty days of paid employment every week. From the beginning of July 2023, this schedule will be increased to 48 hours each week.

  2. What is the new immigration rule in Australia in 2023?

    The Australian Government stated on May 9, 2023, that the level of planning for the 2023-24 annual Migration Program would be set at 190,000 spots. While Australia is working to create its own pipeline of highly skilled individuals, the Temporary Immigration Program will help in one of the following areas: building resilience and Improving productivity.

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