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Hungary Work Visas 2023 – Eligibility Criteria


Hungary Work Visas 2023: You must be looking for high-paying jobs abroad in 2023. Because of this, I want you to also think about Hungary as your next job destination. You may not have known this, but Hungary is one of the top 10 countries with the most skilled worker shortages. This means that it would be easy to find a job in Hungary that pays well.

List of Hungary Work VISA in 2023

Now, if you’ve decided to look for work in Hungary, the first thing you’ll need to do is figure out which Hungarian work visa is right for you. To help you do that, let’s look at this article together to learn about the work visas and work permits that international job seekers from EU and non-EU countries can get in 2023.

Hungary Work Visas 2023 - Eligibility Criteria
Hungary Work Visas 2023 – Eligibility Criteria

Joint Work permit for Hungary (90 Days+)

If you’re going to start a job in Hungary that will keep you there for more than 90 days, you’ll need to get a Hungarian joint work permit.


Individual work Permit of Hungary (Less than 90 days)

If you get a job in Hungary that will let you stay and work there for less than 90 days, you will need to apply for a Hungary individual work permit.

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Seasonal Employment VISA of Hungary

You might not know this, but most of the Hungarian population is getting older (Aging Trends in Hungary, published by the Journal of Cross-Cultural Gerontology). This is a big reason why there aren’t enough skilled young workers in Hungary for jobs like gardening, fishing, farming, and caring for animals.

All of these jobs are seasonal, and I think that if you have a degree and work experience in any of these fields, it will be easy for you to find work in Hungary. The next thing you would need to do before going to Hungary is to apply for a Hungarian seasonal work visa.

Residence Permit of Hungary

The Tartózkodási engedély is basically Hungary’s work pass. It lets workers from outside the EU and Hungary stay in Hungary for up to 90 days. This residence permit from Hungary is also given to outsiders who want to study or work in Hungary, who want to reunite with family, who want to take part in a traineeship program, or who want to get medical care from Hungary.

Single Applicaiton Process

This option is actually open to citizens of EU member countries, who can use a single application process to get a 180-day permit to live in an EU country if their employer is also registered with EU member government officials.

European Union (EU) Blue Card for Hungary

Hungary’s government also lets people with EU blue cards apply for a Hungary residence permit. This means that if you are a skilled worker or have a job on Hungary’s list of jobs for which skilled workers are in short supply, and you have an EU blue card, it will be easy for you to move to Hungary and live there.

Schengen Business or Work VISA

Now, this is another way for highly skilled workers from EU countries to legally enter and live in Hungary. Hungary is also a Schengen member country, so if you have a Schengen business or work visa, you can easily enter Hungary for business or work.

People Also Ask

  • Is Hungary open for a work permit?

    Can I work in Hungary without a visa? European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA) citizens don’t need a work visa or work pass to work in Hungary. On the other hand, people who are not from the EU/EEA do need both. Everyone who wants to work in Hungary needs a pass to live there.

  • How do I get a work visa for Hungary?

    After meeting many requirements, you must get work permits for all of your workers. First, post the job for 15 days in the Hungarian Labor Office so that jobless Hungarians can apply. Then, send a legal manpower request to the labor center’s regional branch.

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