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Apprenticeship In South Africa 2023-24 – How To Apply


Apprenticeship In South Africa 2023-24: What the world lacks are not intelligent and eloquent diplomats with theoretical knowledge in their respective fields of study, but rather men with practical knowledge of their fields of study.

Apprenticeship is a system in which a person referred to as an “apprentice” receives training in the occupation or trade he wishes to acquire knowledge of while also earning a wage.


Apprenticeships enable learners who are passionate about a trade to obtain the technical, practical, and theoretical training necessary to become certified in that field of work. A typical apprentice in South Africa takes home an average monthly wage of R11,712.


Apprenticeship is similar to leadership, with the exception that leadership is more formal, whereas apprenticeship is vocational and focuses more on acquiring a trade. Apprentices are generally expected to be proficient in their chosen field of trade after the required number of months of training.

Requirements For Apprenticeship In South Africa 2023-24

I am aware that you may have questions regarding entry requirements. Where can I obtain information? What typically comprises the contract or terms of the agreement? All of these will depend on the organization under which you will be learning; therefore, you will need to email or visit their offices for more information.

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How Long Does the Apprenticeship Program Take?

The average duration of an apprenticeship program is three to four years, but formal training or prior work experience could be an advantage.

Before they can apply for a trade test, however, they must complete a minimum of 122 weeks of training in the following areas as outlined in the apprenticeship plan:

30 weeks of off-the-job practical training and 77 weeks of on-the-job learning in a real workplace under the supervision of a coach would constitute the fundamental

How To Apply For Apprenticeship In South Africa 2023-24

In some organizations, apprentices are accepted on the basis of a signed contract between the employer and apprentice. In some cases, you may be required to complete a form and send it to the organization.

You will be required to pay tuition for the duration of your studies, after which you will receive a letter confirming your acceptance.


People Also Ask

  1. How do I find an apprenticeship opportunity in South Africa?

    The key to successfully obtaining an apprenticeship is to locate an employer whose workplace is open to apprentices. Some employers advertise apprenticeship opportunities on their websites, such as the Automobile Association of South Africa (aa.co.za) and SA Airways (fly.com) (click on careers in the footer).

  2. How do I submit an apprenticeship application?

    Application Procedures for Apprenticeships
    Discover an apprenticeship…
    Investigate the apprenticeship…
    Prepare your resume.
    Complete the application for an apprenticeship.
    Personalize your application.
    Describe your background.
    Include a cover letter.
    Check your application for typos.

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